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The Left’s Endgame Hits the Wall (Wow! What an article!) ^ | 1/14/16 | Dan Gorski 

If there is such thing as a "hockey stick" graph, it charts the disappearance of freedom, opportunity, prosperity and hope of the American middle class during the last 50 years. In 2008 Americans sleepwalked to the polls and elected a man who by his history, family, friends and even his own words left little doubt that his mission was to destroy everything that America has traditionally stood for. We entered the steep part of the graph.
The slow motion suicide that America has been committing since the mid 1960's is no longer slow motion. In 2012 with Republican help they did it again. He has been remarkably successful and, astonishingly, it was a bi-partisan effort. Honesty, intelligence and common sense seem to have completely fled the field and are nowhere to be seen. Nothing being said or done by the so-called leaders and opinion makers computes with what we see going on right before our eyes. With fresh blood still on the floor in Paris, the three stooges, Obama, Kerry and Al Gore tell us that global warming is the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. We see millions of ignorant, unskilled, inassimilable people from dysfunctional third world societies flooding our country.
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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Head Fearful of Inability To Influence Donald Trump... ^ | 1/14/16 | Sundance 

There is a myriad of entities, self-interests and parasitic entities who corrupt the entire U.S. body politic. However, at the epicenter of all of them is one man, Tom Donohue, the head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Coc is the legislative influencing firm behind all of the crony capitalistic and Wall Street schemes.
In a recent article, Donohue steps out from behind the mahogany door and decries the frontrunner of the presidential race.
(Via Wall Street Journal) The head of the nation's biggest business lobby inveighed against presidential candidates singling out immigrants, ethnic or religious groups, highlighting divisions among supporters of the Republican establishment and the party's leading candidate Donald Trump.
"There are the voices, sometimes very loud voices, who talk about walling off America from talent and trade and who are attacking whole groups of people based not on their conduct but on their ethnicity or religion," Thomas Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said in a speech on Thursday. "This is morally wrong and politically stupid." (link)
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not even remotely similar to the local Chambers' of Commerce that most people might be familiar with. The U.S. CoC sets the legislative priorities for congress and tells Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan what to do.
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Judicial Watch Uncovers New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling "Cells"

Judicial Watch ^ | JANUARY 13, 2016 

Judicial Watch Uncovers New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling "Cells," Al Qaeda Leader in Mexico.
For more than a decade the U.S. government has known that "Arab extremists" are entering the country through Mexico with the assistance of smuggling network "cells," according to State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch that reveal among them was a top Al Qaeda operative wanted by the FBI. Some Mexican smuggling networks actually specialize in providing logistical support for Arab individuals attempting to enter the United States, the government documents say. The top Al Qaeda leader in Mexico was identified in the September 2004 cable from the American consulate in Ciudad Juárez as Adnan G. El Shurkrjumah. The cable was released to Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act.
The new intelligence records were released as a result of an ongoing JW investigation into the critical national security threats on the southern border, specifically those created by Islamic terrorists teaming up with Mexican drug cartels to infiltrate and attack the U.S. In response to JW's reporting in the last two years the Obama administration—through various spokespeople, including FBI Director James Comey—has vehemently denied that Islamic terrorists are operating in Mexican towns near American cities or entering the U.S. through the famously porous southern border.
The State Department documents, which include substantial redactions supposedly to protect classified and personal information, contradict this. JW obtained them as part of an investigative series into Shukrijumah, an Al Qaeda operative also known as Javier Robles. In December, 2014 Shukrijumah was killed by the Pakistan Army in an intelligence-borne operation in South Waziristan. But before he died Shukrijumah helped plan several U.S. attacks, including plots to bomb Oprah Winfrey's studio and detonate nuclear devices in multiple American cities. For years Shukrijumah appeared on the FBI's most wanted list and, despite being sought by the agency, he crossed back and forth into the U.S. from Mexico to meet fellow militant Islamists in Texas. JW has reported that, as one of the world's most wanted terrorists, Shukrijumah piloted an aircraft into the Cielo Dorado airfield in Anthony, New Mexico.
The new State Department records show that U.S. authorities knew Shukrijumah was in Mexico because they say that the Regional Security Office (RSO) at the consulate in Ciudad Juárez used newspapers to distribute information throughout Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico about the Al Qaeda operative at the request of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in El Paso. This appears on page 17 of the documents, which are linked above in their entirety. Of interesting note is that the government uses an exemption that applies to classified information to continue to withhold some of the records when the entire file was already declassified back in September, 2014.
Information about Middle Eastern terrorists entering the U.S. through Mexico appears in a September 2, 2004 cable—declassified 10 years later—titled "CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT, A PROVEN CI TO USG IN THE PAST, REPORTS ARAB CELLS WITHIN MEXICO." It explains that a reputable government informant went to the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juárez and provided information pertaining to suspect Arab extremists who have been smuggled into the U.S. through the Mexican border. "The confidential source (SUBJECT) stated his family member, who is a human trafficker, knows the exact whereabouts of three Arabs who are currently being hidden in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico," the State Department cable reads. "Although not absolutely positive, one of the three is likely Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, alleged to be a Saudi Arabian terrorist cell leader thought to be in Mexico. SUBJECT also provided information on two smuggling networks, "cells," that specialize in providing logistical support for Arab individuals attempting to enter the United States."
Many questions remain about the U.S. government's relationship with Shukrijumah, but last spring JW obtained records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) that indicate he was a Confidential Source/Informant for the government. Shukrijumah lived in South Florida's Broward County and graduated from Broward Community College with a degree in computer engineering. Four months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks Shukrijumah fled the U.S. He was one of the suspected actors in a number of planned terror attacks in the U.S., including a plot to simultaneously detonate nuclear devices in several U.S. cities. Convicted terrorist Jose Padilla claimed to have trained with Shukrijumah to blow up U.S. apartment buildings using natural gas explosions.
In 2010 Shukrijumah was indicted in the Eastern District of New York for his role in a terrorist plot to attack targets in the United States—including New York City's subway system—and the United Kingdom, according the FBI. The plot against New York City's subway system was directed by senior Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan, the FBI says, and was directly related to a scheme by Al Qaeda plotters in Pakistan to use Western operatives to attack a target in the United States.
A year earlier Shukrijumah helped plan a terrorist truck-bomb targeting Winfrey's Harpo Studios in Chicago as well as the iconic Sears Tower. Two of his fellow conspirators—Emad Karakrah and Hector Pedroza Huerta—were arrested in 2014 for unrelated state crimes in different parts of the country. Karakrah got busted in Chicago on charges of making a false car bomb threat after leading police on a high-speed chase with an ISIS flag waving from his vehicle. Huerta, an illegal alien twice convicted for driving intoxicated, got nabbed in El Paso for drunk driving. Both Karakrah and Pedroza were released from custody in 2015 under highly unusual plea deals.
The men formed part of a sophisticated narco-terror ring, exposed in a JW investigative series, with connections running from El Paso to Chicago to New York City. The operation includes an all-star lineup of logistics and transportation operatives for militant Islamists in the United State, drug and weapons smugglers for the Juarez drug cartel in Mexico, an FBI confidential informant gone rogue and two of the FBI's most wanted terrorists. Shukrijumah was one of them and, though he's dead, he is an important part of the puzzle and extremely relevant when connecting the dots in the narco-terror ring.

Poor Sleep Tied to Hardened Brain Arteries in Older Adults ^ | January 14, 2016 09:39pm ET | Agata Blaszczak-Boxe 

The researchers had shown that fragmented sleep - which is sleep interrupted by frequent awakenings or arousals was linked with an increased risk of dementia and cognitive decline, Lim told Live Science. "However, there were gaps in what we knew about underlying brain changes that may link sleep fragmentation with these neurological outcomes," he said.
In the new study, the researchers looked at the brains of 315 people who underwent autopsies after they died. The people were 90 years old, on average, when they died, and 70 percent were women. At some point before they died, the people in the study had had their daily activity and sleep monitored for at least one full week. Based on the data from the monitoring, the researchers assessed the quality of the people's sleep.
Of all the people whose brains were examined, 29 percent had had a stroke and 61 percent showed damage in their blood vessels in the brain, which ranged from moderate to severe.
The researchers found that the people whose sleep was often interrupted were 27 percent more likely to have hardened arteries in the brain than people who slept without interruption.
The people whose sleep was often interrupted were also 31 percent more likely to have damage to brain tissue due to lack of oxygen, compared with those who slept without interruption.
The study found an association, not a cause-and-effect relationship, between poor sleep and brain problems. It's possible that interrupted sleep could be either a cause or a consequence of the hardening of blood vessels in the brain and damage to brain tissue, or that some other unknown underlying factor contributed to both sleep problems and the damage in the brains, the researchers said.
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Obama Wants to Spend $4 Billion to Fill Our Roads With Driver-Less Vehicles!

Gizmodo ^ | 1/13/2016 | Bryan Lufkin 

The American government is officially putting a giant vote of confidence behind self-driving cars. And the cash to back it up.
Today, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is announcing a nearly $4 billion plan that’ll help manufacturers and tech companies develop safe, automated vehicles in the next ten years with real-world pilot projects. It’s all part of President Obama’s plan to make American transportation as futuristic as possible.
The funds, which have been set aside in the proposed federal budget for 2017, will go toward pilot programs in specific transportation corridors in the US. The government will then work with industry leaders to kick the development of automated vehicles into high gear. The goal is to make sure that those robo-cars are safe, and that American infrastructure is ready for them.
Secretary Foxx will revealed the huge game-changer at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this afternoon with Ford, Google, Delphi and others. In a statement from the Department of Transportation provided to Gizmodo before the announcement, he said this about the plan:
“We are on the cusp of a new era in automotive technology with enormous potential to save lives, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and transform mobility for the American people. Today’s actions and those we will pursue in the coming months will provide the foundation and the path forward for manufacturers, state officials, and consumers to use new technologies and achieve their full safety potential.”
Secretary Foxx’s announcement will also update the policy guidance on self-driving vehicles developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2013. This is crucial as it now points to autonomous vehicles as a valuable tool for creating safer streets and highways.
NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind said today, in the same provided statement:
“NHTSA is using all of its available tools to accelerate the deployment of technologies that can eliminate 94 percent of fatal crashes involving human error. We will work with state partners toward creating a consistent national policy on these innovations, provide options now and into the future for manufacturers seeking to deploy autonomous vehicles, and keep our safety mission paramount at every stage.”
How will this change start to roll out? Within the first six months of 2016, the government will hit two major milestones.
First, the NHTSA will collaborate with the industry to finalize guidelines for “safe deployment and operation of autonomous vehicles,” plus state partners, and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators on the state level that can help guide a consistent framework on the national level.
Next, to accommodate the folks on the engineering side, Secretary Foxx wants manufacturers to submit “rule interpretation requests” so that the technology aligns with the law. The Department of Transportation points to one example of when BMW inquired about the company’s remote self-parking system, and whether it met federal safety standards.
Self-driving cars are coming to American roads, ready or not.

Iran’s Propaganda Victory in One Illegal Image

NR Online ^ | 1/14/16 | David French

The sight of members of the American military, disarmed and under Iranian control, is of enormous propaganda value in Iran’s ongoing war against the United States. To its allies in the Middle East, the photo demonstrates Iran’s strength – how many jihadist countries have had this many American servicemembers under their power? – and it demonstrates American weakness.
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GOP debate crowd goes wild as Hillary is described as 'enabler' of Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct

Daily Mail ^ | 1/14/16 | J. Taylor Rushing 

In one of his few early openings during Thursday's Republican presidential debate, Ben Carson said marital infidelity by a candidate's spouse - Bill Clinton - was indeed a legitimate question on the campaign trail.

Asked about front-runner Donald Trump's recent claim that Clinton's checkered sexual past was 'fair game' for discussion as long as he campaigns on her behalf, Carson said he agreed.

Carson was also asked by Fox Business News debate moderator Maria Bartiromo whether Hillary Clinton was an 'enabler' for her husband's misconduct, which brought a roar from the Republican audience.

'There's no question that we should be able to look at any past president, whether they're married to somebody who's running for president or not, in terms of their past behavior and what it means,' he said.
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The Media Shaped Primary ^ | January 15, 2016 | Erick Erickson 

We now know that there was no mechanical problem with the two U.S. Navy boats the Iranians captured. Our sailors were treated like prisoners while the American president refused to even acknowledge the incident in his State of the Union address. The Obama Administration claimed that Iran's quick release of our sailors was proof of a new and better relationship with the Iranians. Please pay no attention to the number of Americans being held in Iranian prisons for, among other things, reporting on Iran for American newspapers.
Were there a Republican in the White House, the American media would provide wall-to-wall coverage in an attempt to shame the President and his Defense Department. Instead, the media has begun picking winners and losers, just like Washington. We see that in this presidential campaign cycle.
Bernie Sanders is a man who once wrote rape fantasy fiction. He is a self-avowed socialist who laments Americans having so many choices in deodorant. He has been very pro-gun, but also very anti-capitalist. On twitter and in his public statements, Bernie Sanders has poured forth a hodgepodge medley of second grade level economics. The supply and demand curves are to Bernie Sanders conjoined boomerangs of no meaning.
A cursory review of the American media, as Bernie Sanders surges ahead of Hillary Clinton in several early states, would reveal none of this. The media has amped up its glowing coverage of Bernie Sanders while ignoring Hillary Clinton's growing scandals. The American press corps seems to have decided that for the sake of ratings, the Democrats need an exciting primary too.
On the Republican side, the press continues to push Donald Trump to the nomination. In prior years, most consultants would deny media coverage helps candidates surge and sustain them. But this year, most everyone is willing to admit the coverage of Trump, which was disproportionate before his polling surge, has only gone up. Not only do all the networks give Trump wall-to-wall coverage, they grant him entitlements other candidates have never been given. He can call in on a phone without ever having to go in studio.
For six months, as Texas Senator Ted Cruz has gone up in polling, the media all but ignored him. Several studies showed Cruz was getting less attention than Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie, all of whom were polling far less than Cruz. But now that Cruz is eating into Donald Trump's lead, suddenly the media cannot stop talking about Ted Cruz, and it is all negative.
The American media has decided Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump should be the front runners, and the press corps is ignoring damaging stories while playing up positive stories, cutting the candidates breaks, and shaping coverage to harm anyone who comes close in order to keep the races close.
Conservatives should be concerned. The media has only given cursory coverage to Donald Trump's prior positions, business deals, and his personal life. Should Trump get the nomination, conservatives and the Republican Party will find themselves under a constant barrage of savage attacks from the American press. Before it is over, the Republican Party will be begging for a concurrent colonoscopy and root canal as less painful than the mass media exploration of Donald Trump's record.
As more and more Americans have tuned out from actively paying attention to the political process, the media has begun to excel at shaping stories for passive consumers. Narratives come before facts and reporting. Facts that harm the narrative are either ignored or explained away.
Once the media has sufficiently built up a hero, the press corps immediately begins tearing that hero down. Their bias is always against the right, so the hero Donald Trump in primary 2016 will become the villain Donald Trump for the general election. Conservatives smirking, thinking Trump will find away around it, should consider the number of low information voters who will go vote after months of passive listening to a news media that knows who it wants to win and who it wants to lose.

Time to IMPEACH Obama and Hillary Clinton for Treason!

Malkin: Time to IMPEACH Obama and Hillary Clinton for Treason, Dereliction of Duty,
and Non-Stop Benghazigate LIES

'Well, there are many constitutional provisions for recourse on this and I think that they have to be contemplated. I also think there needs to be grass-roots, nationwide PRESSURE.

...this administration -and this candidate- and this president was forced to see signs from people reminding them that they will not forget the seven hours of hell that the murdered Americans went through before they perished in Benghazi!

And it’s the same thing with the Camp Bastion attack, which I’ve raised questions about on behalf of murdered Marines in that case and the lack of security, questions about rules of engagement that have been compromised by this politically-correct, jihadi-coddling administration...' Michelle Malkin 

Naturally, Team Obama says that only mean Republicans
care about any of this yucky Benghazi stuff, and official WH spokesman and all-round toady Jay Carney had the unmitigated gall to unilaterally proclaim he and Susan Rice's blatant dishonesty 
 a 'non-event'.

But while indeed there's plenty of willingly-ignorant sheep helping the Obama Administration to get away with all-they-do, it's more than just some fringe smattering that constitutes the growing chorus of voices now calling for justice for the victims of Benghazi... not to mention a long-overdue re-application of some constitutional constraint on this noxious,  power-drunk regime:

Tom TancredoImpeach Obama for Treason

Baltimore SunObama Should Be Impeached

Roger Simon @ PJM: 'How much more treasonous 
can you get? Benedict Arnold was a piker...'

KT McFarland -former Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense ('Cap' Weinberger) in the Reagan Administration- also had a thing of two to say on Fox about Benghazigate...
  • 'They lied throughout... and they've continued to cover-up about it'
  • 'They've had so many different stories, you don't know whathappened'
  • 'WHY did they feel like they had to cover-up from the very beginning?
    Because their entire Middle East policy has turned-out to bean abject failure...'
  • (re. any possible Susan Rice confirmation hearing): 'WHO wrote those talking points for you? Why did you go out -even days later, when it was obvious to every housewife in America it was a terrorist attack- WHY did you go out and continue to claim it was a YouTube video... WHY did you go out and say it was a flash-mob that got out-of-control?'




100 Billion

Hillary the Benghazi Bimbo

American Thinker ^ | January 15, 2016 | Russ Vaughn 

Hillary Clinton and her allies furiously and famously defended her husband's sexual predations by targeting the women Bill victimized with media campaigns designed to portray Bill's victims as lying, conniving bimbos. The best example of such targeting was the memorable television interview with James Carville, a longtime Clinton hatchet man, where he made this statement in regard to the sexual harassment from Bill reported by Paula Jones, an Arkansas state employee: "Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."
That dismissive, condescending statement epitomized the theme of the Hillary-directed media response to the Bimbo Eruption, as it came to be known. Quite simply, these working-class, ordinary American women had no credibility due to their station in life. They were nothing more than low-class hustlers, looking for their fifteen minutes of fame by making accusations against a charismatic Democrat politician.
The operative term there is "Democrat." Had these women come forth with their charges against a Republican presidential candidate, he would have been immediate toast in the mainstream media. But Bill and Hillary were Democrats, so the media went along with the bimbo portrayals even though Bill ultimately paid Paula Jones $850,000 to settle her lawsuit, in the process perjuring himself and losing his law license. And of course there was then the spectacle of Monica Lewinsky.
So why rehash all that? Well, it appears that Hillary is embarked on a new campaign to portray some ordinary Americans as deliberate liars regarding conversations she held with them on the tarmac at Andrews AFB, as the military was returning the bodies of the men killed in the Benghazi assault to their families.
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