Sunday, January 24, 2016

Are Global Warmers Intellectually Challenged?

By reasonmclucus

If a person with normal intelligence enters a warm room with a fire in the fire place, he will say the fire is heating the room. A global warmer will say that the room is warm because carbon dioxide is trapping heat.
Before you say warmers couldn’t be that dumb consider that they make the same claim about earth’s temperature. If their calculations indicate earth is getting warmer, they ignore the fact that humans keep increasing the amount of heat they produce and claim that the increase must be because of minute increases in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Any average person knows that if you turn up the heat in a room it will get warmer unless someone opens a door or window to let in cooler air. It would be logical to think adding heat to the atmosphere, such as by increasing the number of vehicles producing hot exhaust gases, would raise air temperature. Simply increasing the number of people can raise temperatures because, except in desert and tropical areas, the human body usually has a higher temperature than the air.
Unfortunately the global warmers seem to lack the intelligence necessary to understand that adding heat can make a room or the atmosphere warmer. They believe carbon dioxide has a magical power to control the temperature of the air. If the temperature of the atmosphere goes up the only reason they can conceive of is an increase in carbon dioxide.
Some people have accused the warmers of using inflated temperatures. It doesn’t make any difference whether their temperature figures are accurate or not because the most logical explanation for a temperature increase is the increased heat produced by human activity.