Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hillary’s lame excuses for her e-mail misconduct are crumbling!

NY Post ^ | 1-29-16 | Post Editorial Board 

The State Department just knocked a gaping hole in Hillary Clinton's happy e-mail fable.
State, the Associated Press reports, won't release 22 of Clinton's messages to the public because they contain too much most-secret information.
OK: Clinton's only promised that none of her e-mails were labeled "classified" - so she's technically not a blatant liar.
But US intelligence agencies have determined these message contain enough sensitive information that even blacking out whole passages isn't enough to make them safe for public view.
These e-mails are part of a trove of 7,000 pages - the last from Hillary's private server the State Department was poring through - that were to be released this month.
But State's not done: Last week, it declared that the winter storm would cause a delay - conveniently until after Monday's Iowa caucuses.
And this week, State added another delay: It got a late start in getting clearances from various intelligence agencies, so it now won't finish until Feb. 29 - after the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.
By holding the "top secret" e-mails on her home-brew server, Clinton should be looking at 22 criminal counts. But her campaign is claiming she's just a victim - of bureaucratic overclassification.
Funny: Hillary's staffers should have no way of knowing if that's so - unless she let them view the e-mails, which would be another crime.
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