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Media Form A Human Shield Around Democrats ^ | January 10, 2016 | Derek Hunter 

It must be nice to be a Democrat. Aside from the being an idiot part. And the hating America part, the loathing the military part, the despising success part, the envy, the hatred and the anger parts too.

The fact that so many of them are mutant, economic illiterates and save a fortune on their water bills by avoiding showering aside, I'm not talking about your drum-circling, living off of mommy and daddy's money, social justice warrior Democrat.  I'm talking about the filthy rich, suckle government power, tell everyone how to live while living exactly the opposite way type Democrat - the ones giving the orders from the Ritz; not the grunts.

The grunts have it pretty easy too, don't get me wrong. Remember Occupy Wall Street? They were going to change the world, according to the media, and bring about a "fair" Utopia that would reinvent our economic system. All they did was defecate on police cars, contribute to the resurgence of lice and bring the heretofore-unneeded concept of "rape-free tents" into the public consciousness. They were the "North African and Middle Eastern migrants" of their time - anything awful they did was ignored by the mainstream media to avoid upsetting the narrative. The narrative is everything.

The narrative of Occupy Wall Street faded because it didn't catch on. In spite of the media's help, the American people simply couldn't be manipulated into believing they had less because someone else had more. The trust fund troubadours of Zuccotti Park, even with all their bongo playing and poetry slams, could not turn the have-somes against the have-mores. The world simply moved on.

The world would have moved on much sooner, or never have noticed in the first place, were it not for a media as interested in the agenda of the privileged poster-board-and-Sharpie set's "economic justice" agenda as they are in adding another zero to their salary in their next contract negotiation.

In 2011, I broke the story of how "occupiers" discouraged the reporting of sexual assaults in their camps because reporting them would not reflect well on the movement. It was a story that got some attention, but it quickly faded. Not because it wasn't newsworthy, but because it was.

The truth about the behavior of people in the "Occupy" camps across the country was appalling, but the "message" of economic inequality they were supposedly representing was precisely what progressive leftists wanted. What's a few broken souls compared to the greater good?

In ways unthinkable to normal people, leftists use and dispose of people like smartphones - and there's always another where that one came from.

That's the mentality that has allowed Bill and Hillary Clinton to succeed as they have. The trail of broken souls, bloodied lives and discarded women are a small price to pay for the greater glory. Only, in the case of the Clintons, as is always the case with the Clintons, the only real glory is theirs.

The media spent this week protecting Bill and Hillary from the actions of Bill and Hillary. And they were happy to do it.

The re-emergence of Bill's women, both willing and unwilling, is being ignored by the media and being spun when they can't ignore it.

With Juanita Broaddrick's courageous return to the national scene, reporters are presented a choice: treating her how they've demanded all who claim to be victims of sexual assault should be treated, or ignoring her to protect the narrative of the Clintons being champions for women. Naturally they chose the latter. Progressives are progressives first and always.

Don't get me wrong. I believe Bill is a misogynist, but not in the traditional sense. He trusts some women. He supports women. He'd do anything to help some women. But the rest he sees as non-entities existing for his pleasure and amusement.

Being a governor, attorney general and president afforded Bill the opportunity to appoint women to positions of importance and authority, and he did just that. The other women, those he didn't view as equals worthy of admiration, he used as he saw fit.

Believe it or not, in the '70s, '80s and '90s, this flew in politics. As long as the women could be kept silent and you "didn't embarrass your wife," by "screwing around, playing grab-ass" with someone who was uninterested, it was just part of another day that ends in "y" for politicians. But it's not that way anymore.

The media just finished obsessing over a woman who carried a mattress around campus to draw attention to her unsubstantiated claim of rape, then ignored her making a re-enactment porn video. Rolling Stone published an outrageous and ultimately false charge of a gang rape because it was such a good story that whether it was true had to be ignored.

Yet a woman has believably claimed for almost two decades she was raped by Bill Clinton, and the very same media asks the accused and his presidential candidate wife if they think the subject is fair game. They weren't made to answer the specifics - Bill's lawyer dismissed the allegation with a couple of sentences in the '90s and, aside from the reiteration of that dismissal, has never spoken of it again. Because he's never been asked.

By asking if Bill's past if fair game, the media can pretend they aren't ignoring the story. But that's exactly what they're doing.

They focus on Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers, lumping them in with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Broaddrick like they are all the same. They are not.

Lewinsky and Flowers were willing and active participants in affairs with Bill; the others were unwilling victims of a man who'd been getting away with it for so long he had no reason to believe he couldn't with them. And he did.

After swearing he was innocent and would never settle, Bill paid Jones $850,000. Willey got nothing because she didn't sue. Broddrick is still haunted by what happened to her. And Bill and Hillary are marching right over all of them, and untold others, right back toward the White House.

This wouldn't be possible with an honest media.

Herman Cain was driven from the 2012 race by accusations that look like a schoolyard prank compared to what the Clintons are accused of and have done. What happened to those sexual harassment charges? After Cain left the race, they appear to have left the planet.

The media was extremely interested in old allegations just four years ago; now they seek permission even to ask if they can talk about them. The only things that have changed is the seriousness of the allegation – they've gotten much more so – and the target of them.

Rather than ask the tough question and demand real answers, TV news presenters (because it's rude to actual journalists to use the same term to describe them) now talk amongst themselves about whether claims against Bill should be relevant when it's Hillary who's running.

Considering the fact she lists being First Lady as one of her top qualifications for the job, in addition to him campaigning for her while she awards herself the mantle of "Champion for Women’s Rights," she also led the campaign to protect Bill from "bimbo eruptions" in 1992. Hardly the act of a put-upon women who was wronged by her husband, especially when we now know she knew most of the women she smeared to protect the Clinton machine were telling the truth.

Meanwhile, the New York Times regales us with nearly tales of Marco Rubio's wife's driving record, and we've just spent a week discussing whether a child born to an American woman is a "natural born citizen."

So are spouses fair game? You're damn right they are.

There are more than 40 million voters this year who weren't registered, or even alive, the last time a Clinton's name appeared on a national ballot. They know about Monica, and they may have heard some of the other names. But they do not know the stories. They need to be educated. Sadly the media is too busy forming a human shield around the Clintons to bother asking the relevant and important questions.

According to a recent Gallup poll it's our government that is the problem! ^ | January 10, 2016 | Paul Jacob 

What is the biggest problem facing Americans? The economy? Unemployment? Terrorism?

According to a recent Gallup poll it's our government.

Maybe I should say "the government." For the second year in a row, Gallup pollsters reveal that few think it represents us. Which is sort of a serious problem for what, after all, is supposed to be a "representative government."
Presidential candidate Donald Trump has emphatically declared that our leaders are "stupid" -- to thunderous applause and likely widespread agreement.
Were that the case, it would be far easier to correct: simply replace this bunch of bozos with new people who aren't so bozoish -- or, as Trump would say, "great people, the best people."
The reality, however, is far worse. Oh, sure, the things that politicians in Washington have done for decades indeed appear foolish, ridiculous, brainless, insane -- you pick the word. But that's only from a public perspective, from the vantage point of others, taxpayers, regular people.
Meanwhile, the president and the hifalutin folks in Congress making all those boneheaded moves aren't suffering one whit. They're doing swell. The entire weight of their lack of competence seems to fall not at all upon them, but entirely upon our households, our businesses, our heads.
Sheer stupidity is never that lucky.
We don't have a stupid problem in government; we have an ethical problem. Those entrusted to represent us are, instead, representing themselves. Charged with creating a level playing field where we can all succeed through our own smarts and hard work, our elected officialdom have tilted that field harming us all . . .
. . . except, ahem, THEM. And, of course, politically powerful special interests and their well-connected cronies.
If you have the ear of the political class, or the power to help enrich them or perhaps deliver to them a block of votes to keep their schemes going, your suffering can be ever-so-easily alleviated, and, perhaps, the tax-money spigot can even be turned on to shower you with rewards.
Can you spell Solyndra?
From Washington to our state capitols, the gravy train flows as a constantly rushing river of goodies. For insiders' benefit. Politicians have hiked up their pay, finagled perks, per diems and other bennies, and rewarded themselves with lavish pensions -- while often exempting themselves from paying Social Security taxes. Meanwhile, most Americans lack even a 401K to help save for retirement, much less a pension beyond a meager (and politician-imperiled) Social Security safety net.
If we want legislators to feel what the people feel, let's stop taxing the people lacking pensions and struggling to pay for health insurance to provide lucrative pensions and lifetime healthcare to politicians.
Congress is no longer even required to vote on their automatic pay increases.
And it's not any better in most states. Arkansas legislators were simply handed a 148 percent pay raise last year.
How? In 2014, they placed a measure on the ballot to create an Independent Citizens Commission, which would evaluate pay and decide on any changes. But the word "independent" was a bald-face lie. Legislative leaders chose a majority of the commission, which unsurprisingly then decided that the legislators should be paid better for part-time work than most Arkansans make full-time.
Beware this trick in your state.
And be aware there's a good, common sense way to prevent it. Back in 2012, Alabama voters enacted a constitutional amendment that sets legislative pay at the median household income in the state. Amendment 8 passed with 69 percent support.
Heavens, actually connecting legislators' income with the income of those they're supposed to represent and serve! This needs to happen in every state, and for the Congress.
Transparency? You and I see it as a no-brainer -- the very least we expect from government. But politicians consider it a dirty word.
Again and again, those working for us hide from us their wheelings and dealings, using private emails and personal cell phones, so the public cannot see what's going on. And it's not just Hillary Clinton who has conducted public business privately. Even while her scandal loomed in the headlines, Defense Secretary Ash Carter brazenly did likewise. So has Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The list goes on and on.
Let's change the rules so that those who work for the public, cannot do their -- no, wait -- our business privately.
Lastly, no law should ever be enacted, nor any statute on the books be permitted to stand, which affects the public while exempting politicians. This is basic equal protection of the laws, without which our servants in government become our masters.
Can we count on our elected representatives to rectify their ethical lapses? Not on your life.
We must do it ourselves, using ballot initiatives to put ethics first.

The GOP establishment has ruined the Republican brand ^ | 1/8/15 | Brent Bozell 

In Politico Tuesday, Republican elites warned that if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz become the nominee it would ruin the Republican brand.
How's that for party unity and loyalty?
More to the point: What brand?
The GOP brand is already ruined. And they ruined it.
For years the GOP elites, along with their high-priced consultants, have cynically manipulated the Republican base, constantly promising to deliver on one issue after another, in order to get elected, yet delivering on nothing because there was never the intention of doing so.
Time and again since 2010, the Republicans have pledged to defund Obamacare. They've had countless opportunities to do so with meaningful legislation. Every time the opportunity has arisen, they've headed for the tall grass. Fail.
Republicans ran tens of thousands of ads in 2014 promising to stop Obama's executive amnesty overreach. The moment to opportunity presented itself – they funded it. Fail.
The Republican leadership declared its intention to stop federal funding of Planned Parenthood for once and for all. No serious effort has been enacted. Fail.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

MSNBC Spikes Video Of Bill Clinton Being Asked About Juanita Broaddrick

Published January 8, 2016

By Tim Graham, Newsbusters
Conservative journalists simply won’t play by the liberal media’s bizarre rules about being vague on Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct – especially when asking him a question. On Thursday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Daily Caller’s Kerry Picket (an MRC alum) asked the former president directly several times how he felt about “Juanita Broaddrick’s reemergence.”

The Dems, Not the GOP, in Disarray This Election

Real Clear Politics ^ | January 10, 2016 | Salena Zito 

Last Tuesday, Bloomberg political reporter Sahil Kapur tweeted from a Donald Trump rally in Massachusetts that an undecided New Hampshire voter said he will likely vote for the Republican businessman.
The mans second choice was Vermont Democrat-Socialist Bernie Sanders.
Tweeted Fox News contributor Michelle Fields the next day: “My cab driver in Iowa says he's an independent. His first choice is Trump. Second choice? Hillary.”
Many registered Democrats in those regions now self identify as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents. Trump has captivated these voters, resulting in his commanding lead in the Republican field.
“In essence, Trump and the other outsiders haven't as much splintered the Republican Party but, rather, have taken advantage of the splintering of the Democratic Party,” Brauer said.
This could be good news for Republicans and not-so-good news for Democrats. These mostly disgruntled voters are turning away from their Democrat roots and are finding some solace with Republican outsiders, which could add noteworthy numbers to the GOP base.
We are seeing the end of the long, slow exodus of citizens with traditional (as opposed to cosmopolitan) values from Democrat ranks to the Republican Party.
Brauer says widening divisions are appearing in the Democratic Party, especially with its working-class members.
Thus far, those divisions haven't been as evident because the Democrats' less competitive primary is overshadowed by the Republicans' very competitive race.
So while Democrats still have significant demographic advantages in presidential politics,” Brauer said, “one of the main stories of this election cycle may very well end up being the ongoing disarray and rifts in the Democratic base.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

The US Marines, KIA

US Defense Watch ^ | January 9, 2016 | Ray Starmann 

It seems like it’s something new every day now.
It seems like it’s something worse every day now.
Every day, another directive emanates from the Kremlin at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue concerning the absolute evisceration of the US military. Feminist, left-wing social engineers smell blood and they are intent on the complete destruction of our armed forces.
These social engineers don’t care if readiness is destroyed.
These social engineers don’t care if unit cohesion is destroyed.
These social engineers don’t care if combat power is destroyed. They have but one goal, to create some kind of gender neutral fantasy land that is propped up by mythical and twisted Orwellian double-speak.
We are in serious danger. The national defense is in tatters. We know it. Veterans know it. Military personnel know it. Conservatives know it. The brass in the Pentagon damn well know it.
Ash Carter knows it. Anyone with an ounce of sanity knows it.
The US Marines know it better than anyone after what happened to them this week.
“In a Jan. 1 memo Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus ordered the Corps to send him a detailed plan by Jan. 15 for making boot camp and officer training coed. He also requested that the Marines provide him with a “subject matter expert” on the issue.”
A subject matter expert, being some leftist crackpot working for the White House.
Mabus is nothing more than a lackey, a minion doing the dirty work of the Obama administration. He refused to examine the Corps’ 36 million dollar study, which indicated that all male units performed better in simulated combat conditions than coed units.
The Secretary also ignored the fact that women went 0 for 26 at the Marine Infantry Officers Leadership Course.
So now the Marines have been ordered to conduct coed basic training, something they had vehemently fought against for nearly two decades.
“To date, the Marines have strongly defended their choice to keep enlisted boot camp segregated by gender, even though all the other services conduct coed recruit training.”
“The Marines hold that that dividing boot camp by gender allowed recruits to learn from same-sex role models, limited distractions, and created a safe space to discuss topics such as sexual assaults that had occurred prior to enlistment.”
“In general, [recruits] arrive with immature, undeveloped and unfocused thoughts on professionalism and professional conduct,” Marine Corps Training and Education Command spokesman Anton Semelroth said at the time. “The only thing they have in common is their desire to be a Marine. By capitalizing on that desire, recruit training transforms these individuals from many diverse backgrounds into Marines imbued with a common set of values and standards.”
“Mabus also included a memo for Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller requesting that he review Marine Corps job titles and remove “man” from applicable job titles to make them “gender-integrated.” This means military occupational specialties ranging from 0311, infantryman, to 0321, reconnaissance man, could soon get new names. Mabus demanded this be done and a report submitted to him no later than April 1, 2016, the services’ final deadline for opening all jobs to women.”
This is the same crazy, politically correct nonsense that has permeated the country’s colleges. To the feminist, leftist wing nuts there are no longer any genders. We are all the same and apparently as inter-changeable as automobile spare parts.
Of course our enemies know the truth. You know the guys that are going to kick our butts and win the next war.
So, the age old titles of infantryman or rifleman are apparently out, to be replaced by infantry person or infantry thing or rifle it.
“You two rifle things go clear that room!”
“Roger, gunny.”
The social engineers want us to believe that this is all normal and it is only because of society’s backwardness that we haven’t done this previously.
No, we haven’t done this before because previous presidential administrations were sensible enough to understand reality and weren’t being controlled by feminist whack jobs.
The Navy Secretary also sounded a warning about a list of critical information requirements the Corps included in the integration plan submitted to Carter this month.
That list of developments to be monitored closely include:
–Indications of decreased combat readiness or effectiveness
–Indications of increased risk to Marines in previously closed units, including incidents of sexual assault and harassment, and hazing
–Indications of a lack of career viability for female Marines in newly opened ground combat jobs
–Indications that Marine commands and culture is unreceptive to the inclusion of women in ground combat units
–Indications that moral or cohesion is degrading in newly opened units.
Any idiot knows that combat readiness is about to go down the proverbial head toilet in the Marine Corps. Of course unit cohesion will be degraded. There has never been a military unit in the history of the world that didn’t have cohesion degraded by coed integration.
But, what we really need to worry about is career viability for the half of one percent of female Marines who want to become Sergeant Stryker. That’s what our national security should be centered around.
Mabus doubled down on this insanity by stating that, “None of those potential problems should serve to hinder the rollout of the new integration policy.”
Sure, don’t worry about a thing Mabus. It’ll all work out splendidly. After you retire, you can sit back and collect your pay and watch what was left of the US Marines get crucified in the next war.
But, you won’t care, will you?
At the end of the day, Mabus doesn’t give a hoot what kind of directive he sends down to the Marines. He could be ordering them to dress like Vatican guards for all he cares. He knows and cares about nothing. He is an enabler, someone doing the White House’s dirty work for them.
Mabus and Obama and Ash Carter are in the process of destroying the United States Marine Corps. Unless a miracle happens and this is all reversed, the United States Marine Corps is KIA (Killed in Action).
Of course one day, when the merde hits the ventilateur, the same kind of people that have done so much to destroy the Corps will wish that the old Marines were back to do the kind of things the Marines have done splendidly for over 200 years…
Things like winning wars.


WaPo: 'Ted Cruz is the Most Underrated

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) speaks to guests at the Iowa Freedom Summit
on Jan. 24 in Des Moines. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A prominent Republican consultant — who isn't working for any of the 2016 presidential candidates and who has been right more times than I can count — said something that shocked me when we had lunch recently. He said that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had roughly the same odds of becoming the Republican presidential nominee as former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Jaw-dropper, right? After all, the conventional wisdom is that Bush, the son and brother of presidents, is the frontrunner to be the Republican standard-bearer, while Cruz, a conservative's conservative, is a factor, sure, but not someone who could actually win the nomination.

How, I asked this guy, could he say such a thing? He explained it this way...

continued >>>

State Democrats Facing 2014 Obliteration in Vital National Swing State Ohio

Does anybody get the feeling the Dems are increasingly 
desperate to find new talent that doesn't implode

Mr FitzGerald with fine Irish lassie he was found
parked-with at 4:30 in the morning

Weak bench if you ask me... and telling

There's plenty of similarities between the way they promoted a poorly-vetted Wendy Davis in Texas -and now gubernatorial candidate (and political goober)
Ed FitzGerald in Ohio-  only to collapse in a utterly failed effort. The Buckeye state Dems blame a firm they hired to vet him, so typical of leftists to point the finger when they screw something up.

Both of these Democratic Party 'rising stars' didn't fly, despite the hype- and all but guaranteeing the Republicans will not only retain the state executive branch, but deliver a substantial coat-tail effect to GOPers all the way down the ticket- can't hurt at all for 2016, mind you.

The FitzGerald case might even be more disastrous/damaging than
Abortion Barbie's spinout, coming in Ohio which (statistically) tends to 'decide' national elections.

Furthermore, Kasich was far more vulnerable than the GOP in Texas, but that opportunity was completely blown when police reports (2010) surfaced that had found the former FBI agent and Cuyahoga County Executive (Cleveland area) in a car with an attractive woman who was not his wife at 4:30am in a Clevo suburb parking lot. Neighbors had called the police when they saw the car with 'something moving back-and-forth... something fishy'... the gal was from a visiting Irish delegation with whom FitzGerald had spent the evening.

But even for those willing to suspend disbelief and still give FitzGerald the benefit-of-the-doubt on that episode, it then was discovered that he hadn't had a driver's license in over a decade, yet had in fact been driving all over the place- including throughout his two-year stint as Cuyahoga County Executive, and apparently on nights-out partying, too.

Understandably, Kasich has opened up a 30-point-lead... I'd be more excited about it if he wasn't one of the GOP gubs that refused to stand like a conservative and caved on Obamacare. Perhaps actual Reaganite leadership from the White House in 2017 would help to get his mind right on that.

What happened?

So What Happened to the 'Islamic Video' Benghazi Scapegoat?

The Fate of Basseley Nakoula...

The wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time: Nakoula was out on “supervised release” for a federal bank fraud conviction. 

He was $700,000 behind on restitution payments and operating under an alias when he made “The Innocence of Muslims,” a crappy movie that got turned into a YouTube video clip that in turn became the pretext of riots in Egypt and then -it is now generally acknowledged- was utilized as a flimsy excuse by the State Department in an attempt to distract from its embarrassing failures in the September attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya...

Continued @ The Other McCain

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