Saturday, August 19, 2017

Will Another Democrat Mayor Allow A Riot In His City? Watch Boston Today.

DB Daily Update ^ | 8.19.2017 | David Blackmon 

More than a dozen times this year, in cities with Democrat Mayors, the George Soros-funded and Democrat Party-supported thugs in Antifa and Black Lives Matters have been allowed to turn peaceful protests into outright riots. Property has been destroyed, political enemies have been attacked, and yes, people have died – most recently in Charlottesville – as a direct result of these actions.
These cities have names: Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Berkeley, California; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Ferguson, Missouri; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Charlottesville, Virginia. It’s happened multiple times in some of these cities. All of these cities have Democrat mayors. This is not a coincidence.
None of these events are accidents. None of them are organic outpourings of emotion by upset citizens. All are carefully planned, organized and allowed by public officials to take place, regardless of the consequences.
Here’s the playbook: identify a date and time in one of these cities when a peaceful demonstration, or even better, a gathering of right-wingers, has been permitted by a city or university campus to take place. Use social media networks to issue a call to arms for agitators to volunteer to show up and turn the peaceful demonstration into a riot, or the gathering of right-wingers into a street fight.
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