Saturday, August 19, 2017

We're Going to Need a Bigger Moat

Kakistocracy ^ | 8/17/2017 | Porter 

As a companion piece to the prior post, I wanted to talk more about fascists. As you will recall a fascist is whoever a leftist attacks. I mean they don’t just rabidly attack anyone, right? The Cossacks surely had their genocide coming. And so if you don’t want to be a fascist, it’s well worth your time to not make leftists angry.
Unfortunately not many people at all are in a sufficiently vegetative state to achieve this end, and thus the ground is stained by copious fascism anywhere leftists gaze.
And that means you better put on a show when they look.
Of course I mean the abysmal republicans, who have been defensively denouncing at such a pace I’m surprised they haven’t held all-night filibusters just to prove their bonafides. This having the electoral effect of annihilating their 2018 congressional prospects. Ask yourself how many liberals are going to say: “I think I may just vote for that fascist now,” compared to how many conservatives are rolling their eyes in contempt at the cucking. Constituent memories are very short, but if they linger it’s going to be a libslide next November.
Elections aside, it is truly a spectacle of self-delusion to watch republican performers deliver thunderous denunciations of “white supremacists” without the vaguest realization of whom the left is directing that ubiquitous imprecation toward. They’re talking about you, idiots.
Though I don’t think these politicians are actually so dumb as to not realize they’re the “fascists” too. It’s simply a matter of field mice leaping to out-sprint their fellows running left once they think the Bolshevik cat may have escaped its bag. The initial question is not can you outrun the cat, but whether you can outrun the other “fascists.” And god help us have the republicans gotten out to a lead.
I’m inclined to say it’s a temporary respite. The left never leaves a buffet voluntarily. And being the last bete noir eaten is hardly a satisfying ambition. But for some reason so many conservatives seem to wear the same glasses that cause rather than correct myopia. Otherwise I think they would see clearly that sacrificing the guy on your right only increases the left’s appetite for devouring you next. Do you think statues of Stonewall Jackson are where they’ll stop?
So conservatives should take note of precisely whom the left claims are nazis. Because in repeatedly expressing their intent to kill all nazis, a prudent man takes his political taxonomy seriously. To aid in that endeavor, I’ve listed below several prominent nazi entities.
John Kelly and Jeff Sessions are both nazis.
Ronald Reagan was a nazi enabler.
George W. Bush is a nazi.
And Prescott Bush was a nazi.
Ted Cruz is a nazi.
John McCain is a nazi.
Steve Scalise is a nazi collaborator.
Paul Ryan is a nazi.
Charles Murray is a white nationalist, which is more than the normal four letters used to spell nazi. And he’s worse things besides.
Donald jr, Eric, Ivanka, and Tiffany Trump are nazis.
Mike Pence is a nazi. Really.
Mitch McConnell is a nazi.
Ron Paul is a nazi.
Mitt Romney is a nazi.
Marco Rubio is a nazi collaborator.
And The Chronicles of Narnia are nazis.
But those are all just individuals, and if you aren’t any of them then what’s the fear of bolsheviks turning your hands into skin gloves–as bolsheviks have historically done? Well, the answer to that is that there are also numerous nazi groups. And if you’re not in one, just keep reading until you are.
We already know that white southerners are nazis; that hardly bears repeating. But that still leaves about 235 million people in America who might not be. So who else?
NRA members AND conservatives are nazis.
Traditional marriage advocates are defeated nazis.
Border control is nazis.
Patriot groups are nazis.
Conservative Christians are nazis.
And–of course–63 million Trump voters are nazis.
Do you get the feeling American communists are hungrily eyeing Mao’s murder record? Maybe not. Maybe the nazis they want to silence, imprison, or bury in shallow graves are only those and not these. Or they and not them. Though honestly I’m fairly motivated to keep from finding out either way.
I’m motivated because, contra the dead Third Reich, communist horrors persistently return. Like the same movie with different accents, the plot always features pronouncements of anathema. Only the names ever change. From “counterrevolutionary” to “white supremacist,” every generation of leftist totalitarian is convinced he has alighted upon the ONE TRUE EVIL. And what does true evil necessitate if not some egg breaking?
Though that’s probably all just paranoia. Nothing like that could ever happen here. Hey I just had the feeling someone else has said that before…weird.

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