Thursday, August 31, 2017

PRESIDENT TRUMP Gave The Gift Of Leadership Back To The American People During Hurricane Harvey

IWB ^ | Ruby Henley 

PRESIDENT TRUMP and First Lady Melania Trump have been a light in the dark for the American people during this tragedy in Texas and now Louisiana.  They stepped out of Air Force One in Texas, giving back to the American people what Barack Obama had taken away during Hurricane Katrina.  Obama played golf during Hurricane Katrina leaving the American people alone in the dark.

The following image was found on Twitter supposedly of Obama feeding citizens at a shelter during Hurricane Harvey.  Snopes proved the photo was not taken of Obama during Harvey.  In fact, Obama played golf during Hurricane Katrina.  As far as we know, he never viewed the flooding during Hurricane Harvey.  The following photo was praised online, although a fake.

This photo was in fact taken of Obama in 2015 during Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen.

The following article proves how the people of Louisiana needed President Obama during Hurricane Katrina, but he was never there for them or for the Country.  This is the real Obama.
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Trump Gives $1 Million, Still Can’t Win!

Powerline ^ | August 31,2017 | John Hinderaker 

Today the White House announced that President and Mrs. Trump are donating $1 million to Harvey relief. But there is no satisfying the White House press corps. The Associated Press can’t report on the president’s contribution without taking a dig at him:

The White House says President Donald Trump is pledging $1 million in personal funds to Harvey storm relief efforts.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement at a briefing Thursday.
And she says he’s calling on reporters to help decide which specific organization he will give to.
So far, so good. But now the AP interjects commentary, in a weaselly passive voice:
Trump has been criticized in the past for giving far less of his income to charitable causes than many other multi-billionaires.

Did the AP ever criticize miserly contributions to charities by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or John Kerry, or ever report on the fact that conservatives are consistently more generous, on the average, than liberals with similar incomes? Of course not. Trump pledges $1 million, and for the AP it is just another opportunity to take a partisan shot at him. In other words, it’s business as usual.
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IRS won't warn a half-million victims about undocumented workers stealing Social Security numbers

NBC News Local ^ | August 30, 2017 | by Bob Segal 

Washington, D.C. (WTHR) - Two years after WTHR exposed the Internal Revenue Service ignoring millions of cases of identity theft, the federal agency’s own inspector general says the problem is even larger than expected – and the IRS is unwilling to take steps to protect hundreds of thousands of victims.
The U.S. Treasury’s Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reviewed millions of tax returns filed by undocumented workers in 2015. The inspector general released a formal audit report this summer showing those tax returns include an estimated 1.5 million cases of identity theft. (That’s for a single year reviewed.)
After WTHR’s reporting, the IRS pledged to better identify victims, to place a warning on their accounts and to notify them of suspected identity theft. But the TIGTA audit reveals that did not happen in hundreds of thousands of cases.
According to the inspector general’s review, more than 830,000 victims were not identified even though identity thieves electronically filed tax returns with evidence that they used the victims’ Social Security Numbers to gain employment.
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A list of those who aren’t helping with victims in Texas

Texas is suffering a major disaster due to Hurricane Harvey and countless people are volunteering and donating. The Cajun Navy in particular, has done wonderful work:
One volunteer rescuer with the Cajun Navy, identified only by his first name, Brandon, told local ABC Houston station KTRK-TV that he came from Hammond, Louisiana, in order to assist with the rescue efforts, adding that he hopes to “give back.”
“Because Louisiana has always had its fair share of hurricanes and everybody has always showed up for us, so it’s time to give back,” Brandon said.
“The Cajun Navy, they pretty much step up and make it happen,” he added, saying that they prioritize rescuing elderly people and children, “and then whoever else hollers they need a ride.”
Joe Martinez, another citizen rescuer and member of the Cajun Navy, told KTRK that he came from Lafayette, Louisiana, “with a group of 10 boats … and everybody went and tried to save some people.”
“We have meteorologists,” Martinez added. “And everybody is volunteer, they dispatch, calls come in, people find it on Facebook, whatever, they post a call, they just get the information out.”
Nothing else mattered – not race, not political leaning, nothing except for saving people
Houston has brought out the best of America. But there are notable absences among the rolls of those who are helping. They include:
The antifa (not any of them)
Black Lives Matter
The Clinton Foundation
George Soros
Refuse Fascism
George Clooney
Bruce Springsteen
Chelsea Handler
Meryl Streep
Kanye West (doesn’t care about black people either)
The cast of The View
Kathy Griffin
Just thought you’d like to know.

Remembering why Donald Trump was elected: Media nurtures amnesia over 28 years of failure

The Washington Times ^ | August 30, 2017 | Daniel Gallington 

If you’re one of the 63 million who voted for President Trump, you agonize as you watch the evening news — because you know it’s going to be mostly negative coverage and commentary.
The Sunday talk shows are worse — the major network (NBC, CBS, ABC) shows are loaded with anti-Trump messages. They don’t try to hide their prejudice and contempt, and they give air time to most anybody who opposes Mr. Trump, especially establishment Republicans. In short, the liberal media hates Mr. Trump more than they hate Republicans.
Because so much of the evening news is political commentary, I once suggested the Federal Communications Commission require so-called TV news “journalists” to disclose their obvious political affiliations. For example, it would be “John Dickerson (Democrat-CBS),” “Chuck Todd (Democrat-NBC),” and “George Stephanopoulos (Democrat-ABC).” These TV news readers dispense mostly liberal political commentary — and the worst of them (e.g., CNN and MSNBC) give us nothing but political spin.
What’s behind this? Both the media and the Washington political establishment want us to forget why Donald Trump was elected in the first place.
It was because of the colossal political failures of every administration since Ronald Reagan in critical domestic and national security matters....
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Clinton should do her party a favour – and vanish!

The Globe and Mail ^ | August 30, 2017 | Lawrence Martin

Hillary Clinton won't go away. In May, she formed a political action group to advance progressive causes. It's called "Onward Together." As a rallying cry, is there anything more stale and timeworn?
In a couple of weeks, Ms. Clinton is bringing out a book. It's called What Happened. Which is just what Democrats don't want to be reminded of.
Their attitude, by contrast, is "We've just gone through a stunning electoral disaster with you at the helm, Hillary. We'd rather not relive and relitigate it. Much as we've admired you over the years, we'd prefer you to drop into a sinkhole until the next eclipse. Oh, and please take Nancy Pelosi with you."
At 69, Ms. Clinton isn't planning to run again. At least we think not. But evidently, after several decades in the forefront, she wants to remain in the forefront. So does Ms. Pelosi, the House Minority leader who is 77 years old, and whose ideas are about as fresh and catchy as Ms. Clinton's. Democrats have been working the corridors to get her to go. Like Ms. Clinton, she's as stubborn as a canal horse.
Given Donald Trump's wretched presidency, the Democrats heading into next year's vitally important midterm elections should have stars in their eyes. So far, though, they are being out-fundraised by the Republicans by a wide margin. They have lost several special elections to the GOP since Mr. Trump came to power. Most Americans, according to a recent poll, don't even know what the Democratic Party stands for.
The party hasn't been idle on the policy front. In July, it unveiled a new platform under the slogan, "A Better Deal." Among its main features were a $15-an-hour minimum wage, lower prescription-drug prices and a promise to curb corporate monopolies, which, the platform said, are driving down competition.
The focus is on the economy, not identity politics. "Old-fashioned capitalism has broken down to the detriment of consumers," said the party's Senate leader, Chuck Schumer.
The Better Deal got next to no traction. The imprint of Ms. Clinton's handiwork is still too thick. She is a symbol of old politics, of elitism and now of defeat, and should be aware of it.
The Democrats do not have a shortage of potentially strong leaders. They include senators Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand. Also in the mix is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, former vice-president Joe Biden and, although she says she has no interest, former first lady Michelle Obama.
Ms. Clinton isn't clearing the stage because she can't live with the embarrassment of losing to a carnival barker. There's that, and there's something else likely gnawing at her: a point made at a Republican debate in 2015 by Carly Fiorina. "If you want to stump a Democrat," she said, "ask them to name an accomplishment of Hillary Clinton."
Sad to say, it is a good question. Ms. Clinton has been a leading promoter of women's rights and social causes and good values. She's erudite, fair-minded, dogged. But after a lifetime in the cauldron, what is there?
As first lady, she lost her big fight on health-care reform. What vaulted her status in public esteem was her stoicism in the face of Bill Clinton's dalliances. As senator from New York, she is most remembered for a vote she'd most like to forget – the one in favour of George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq. As secretary of state, she won international sanctions against Iran but what stands out is the bungling over her use of her private family computer server for official communications.
As the Democratic nominee, she will be most remembered for a deplorable campaign even though she beat Mr. Trump in the debates and won the popular vote.
Ms. Clinton was warned repeatedly about voters' fatigue, about how she had to find a fresh vision. She couldn't find one then and she's not about to find one now. She's a spent force. She should recognize it's over and make way for the others.







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