Thursday, August 31, 2017

PRESIDENT TRUMP Gave The Gift Of Leadership Back To The American People During Hurricane Harvey

IWB ^ | Ruby Henley 

PRESIDENT TRUMP and First Lady Melania Trump have been a light in the dark for the American people during this tragedy in Texas and now Louisiana.  They stepped out of Air Force One in Texas, giving back to the American people what Barack Obama had taken away during Hurricane Katrina.  Obama played golf during Hurricane Katrina leaving the American people alone in the dark.

The following image was found on Twitter supposedly of Obama feeding citizens at a shelter during Hurricane Harvey.  Snopes proved the photo was not taken of Obama during Harvey.  In fact, Obama played golf during Hurricane Katrina.  As far as we know, he never viewed the flooding during Hurricane Harvey.  The following photo was praised online, although a fake.

This photo was in fact taken of Obama in 2015 during Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen.

The following article proves how the people of Louisiana needed President Obama during Hurricane Katrina, but he was never there for them or for the Country.  This is the real Obama.
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