Thursday, August 31, 2017

Remembering why Donald Trump was elected: Media nurtures amnesia over 28 years of failure

The Washington Times ^ | August 30, 2017 | Daniel Gallington 

If you’re one of the 63 million who voted for President Trump, you agonize as you watch the evening news — because you know it’s going to be mostly negative coverage and commentary.
The Sunday talk shows are worse — the major network (NBC, CBS, ABC) shows are loaded with anti-Trump messages. They don’t try to hide their prejudice and contempt, and they give air time to most anybody who opposes Mr. Trump, especially establishment Republicans. In short, the liberal media hates Mr. Trump more than they hate Republicans.
Because so much of the evening news is political commentary, I once suggested the Federal Communications Commission require so-called TV news “journalists” to disclose their obvious political affiliations. For example, it would be “John Dickerson (Democrat-CBS),” “Chuck Todd (Democrat-NBC),” and “George Stephanopoulos (Democrat-ABC).” These TV news readers dispense mostly liberal political commentary — and the worst of them (e.g., CNN and MSNBC) give us nothing but political spin.
What’s behind this? Both the media and the Washington political establishment want us to forget why Donald Trump was elected in the first place.
It was because of the colossal political failures of every administration since Ronald Reagan in critical domestic and national security matters....
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