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Pathetic Democrats

American Thinker.com ^ | August 15, 2017 | Bruce Walker 

Republicans in Congress look pretty pathetic to many Americans, but even more pathetic is the Democratic Party, which is nothing these days but an anti-Trump circus. This is a direct consequence of victimology run wild, geographic myopia, and the utter sterility of modern leftism.

Consider the "leaders" of the Democratic Party in the last election cycle. Hillary Clinton, who has done nothing of consequence her entire life, won the nomination based on the fact that she was an insider and an old, angry woman. Moreover, Hillary has clearly committed a number of crimes related to her private email server and deleted files.
Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat floor leader in the House of Representatives, routinely makes egregious mistakes like referring to President Trump as President Bush. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, once head of the DNC, now faces legal problems because she hired foreign nationals who also were criminals to handle her computer security.
Lois Lerner at the IRS was an equally obnoxious and stupid woman who included in her communication with subordinates the sort of nasty and bigoted comments about conservatives that would have led to serious criminal investigations if Washington were an honest place with objective people. Loretta Lynch was just as hapless, just as bigoted, and just as silly as Lerner. Both were examples of Democrats promoting leftist women far beyond their ability and their ethics to posts of power.
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Baby boomers are refusing to sell and will age like a fine wine in their homes.

Dr Housing Bubble ^ 

Older Americans own half of the houses in the market. Many are simply refusing to sell and others have adult “kids” moving back in since they can’t afford a place to rent or buy. It is a Catch 22 and many people are looking at countries like Italy where the number of adults that live at home is enormous. Multi-generational families just don’t coincide with the “rugged American” worldview where you go out on your own and you make it with your own two hands. Of course, many house humpers had mom and dad chip in but that doesn’t make for such a sexy story. In the end, however there are many baby boomers that simply are not selling. This is actually an interesting problem that is not going away.
Refusing to sell
Housing used to be a young person’s game. The U.S. housing market and to a large extent, the economy was driven by home buying and big ticket purchases. But that has definitely changed since the housing market imploded with the 2000s. It has also changed in terms of people marrying later, having fewer kids, and basically preferring to live in city centers versus suburbs. In other words, not a big need for McMansions.
The oldies but goodies are now occupying a larger share of housing:
Over half of homeowners in the U.S. are now 55 and older. And this figure is only going to grow over time. In places like California, the Taco Tuesday baby boomers own the housing market. This is just a fact and has kept inventory to a very low level.
But housing has gotten more expensive across all U.S. metro areas so this is a much larger trend. It has absolutely crushed the available inventory out on the market:

Jesse Watters Hits One Out of the Park

americanthinker.com ^ | Peter Barry Chowka 

About ten minutes into the “A block” of The Five on Monday, Watters had his first shot:
I just want to make it clear that Trump is not the villain. The racist killer is the villain. . . Let’s look at the facts about the whole “many sides” debate. You had both sides coming into the town armed to the teeth – with clubs, shields, mace – the Antifa people, the Black Lives Matter people, the white supremacists, the Neo-Nazis – they wanted to rumble.*snip*
Using every moment of his time to maximum effect, Watters continued his monologue, glancing down occasionally at notes:
We can armchair President Trump’s responses all we want, but there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on here. Hillary Clinton waited two weeks after Benghazi to call that terrorism. If Trump had blamed Charlottesville on a video, maybe he would have gotten a free pass. President Obama waited four days during Ferguson while that city burned. And he was in Martha’s Vineyard having dinner, and when he came out then he blamed both sides, the looters and the police. When Black Lives Matter activists executed NYPD people and shot cops cold dead in the streets in Dallas, what did the president do? He didn’t condemn Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter got invited to the White House. And when he did speak about it, he goes, “It’s hard to untangle the motivations of the shooter, and we don’t want to assign blame from one kook to a larger national movement.”Obama called terrorism “workplace violence.” So it’s hard to be lectured about word games from the left.

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BREAKING: Charlotsville “Unite the Right” Organizer Was Occupy Wall St. Activist & Obama Supporter!

DCWhispers.com ^ | August 14, 2017 | DCWhispers 

Well this is fishy. His name is Jason Kessler. He is the one cited as the organizer of the now infamous “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The thing is, Mr. Kessler’s arrival on the “alt right” and/or “White Nationalist” scene didn’t occur until November 2016.

That’s right – Kessler didn’t start his white nationalist activism until after Donald Trump won the White House. Prior to that it appears he participated in the far left/socialist Occupy Wall Street movement as noted by the far-left, George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center
Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.
At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.
It also appears Mr. Kessler was actually a CNN on site correspondent during the Occupy protests: (these are being archived as it appears CNN is attempting to scrub its former affiliation with Mr. Kessler:)
—————— Wall Street protests grow after unions’ endorsement By Jason Kessler and Michael Martinez, CNN Updated 2344 GMT (0744 HKT) October 5, 2011
5 years ago Poll: Most New Yorkers side with protesters Posted by
By CNN Assignment Editor Jason Kessler
And Kessler has actually taken money as a consultant from a Democrat running for Senate:
Jason Kessler received $1,320.00 as a “Consultation Fee” for assisting a Democrat running for Senate in 2012.
In 2015 Kessler described himself as a pro-abortion environmentalist non-interventionist pro-equality atheist, among other things.
So, with all of the information outlined above, it seems that a pro abortion environmentalist atheist Democrat Party supporting Occupy Wall Street activist suddenly became a right wing protester after Donald Trump became president in 2016.
That requires something of a hypothetical. It is well known how much the DEEP STATE despises POTUS Trump. Is it beyond the realm of possibility to consider Jason Kessler and others like him are actually DEEP STATE operatives working to further divide and conqueror America? Trump is a direct threat to that plan. Why not paint Trump with the broad strokes of racism, hatred and bigotry in order to further erode his millions strong base of support?
Sound far-fetched? Crazy? Inconceivable?
Perhaps, but if you don’t already know, our DEEP STATE during the Obama administration did that very thing in Ukraine, an operation that was also strongly supported by such DEEP STATE Republicans such as Senator Lindsey Graham and John McCain. It was also proven this very same method was utilized against the Trump campaign in 2016 when paid actors were following the campaign from one city to the next and the media was repeatedly calling them “protesters” even though they knew better. These kinds of operations are nothing new. Create divisive chaos/agitation prior to an attempted overthrow of government.
That last line is worth repeating:
Create divisive chaos/agitation prior to an attempted overthrow of government.
Is Jason Kessler a misguided activist or a willing pawn in a much larger psy-ops program that is at this very moment rippling across the country? Who knows. There is certainly enough already there, though, to make one say “hmmm….”

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