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Male cosmetics counters could hit department stores in five years, L'Oreal boss says ^ | 6 AUGUST 2017 | Katie Morley 

Vismay Sharma, L'Oreal's UK managing director, said that demand for make-up among men was growing fast
Male make-up counters could become a reality within five years, the UK boss of L'Oreal has said, as it is no longer a taboo for the "selfie generation".
According to Mr Sharma taboos are changing and make-up is becoming more accepted for men among what he describes as the "selfie generation".
It comes after online retailer ASOS this week launched a male-only beauty range from MMUK, which includes a concealer, beard and brow filler and mascara.
To cater to the growing demand for men's cosmetics, make-up artists who usually cater for women's only customer bases are starting to post tutorials on their websites specifically for men to provide them with tips and tricks.
Make-up mogul Charlotte Tilbury said: "This is a masculine approach to beauty – helping you to look and feel revived after a late night or a long winter, for a job interview or date, or when you just need a skin pick-me-up."
It is the first time that men and teenage boys are being offered a dedicated range of concealers and foundations to subtly improve their appearance and boost confidence.
And as make-up trends evolve, men could also see bolder forms of make-up such as eyeliner and eyeshadow included in mainstream cosmetics offerings.
Last year 26-year-old beauty blogger, Gary Thompson, became the first man to star in a make-up advert. Gary talks about finally being true to himself and embracing who he is. At the time he said: "I think we've come far with accepting men wearing makeup.
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Muslims appalled at 'perfect man' billboard on Indiana highway

AOL ^ | Jun 6, 2017 | Alec Laskar 

A billboard erected on a busy road in Indianapolis, Indiana, is sparking heated controversy among residents.
The sign in question, which can be seen from the southbound lanes on I-465 near the Washington Street exit, claims to list the characteristics of "the perfect man."
Among the traits listed on the contentious sign are "married 6 year old," "slave owner," "rapist," "beheaded 600 Jews in one day," "13 wives, 11 at one time" and "tortured and killed unbelievers."
By now, you've likely figure out that the traits listed here are anything but those of an ideal human being -- and opponents of the sign are saying that it degrades the Muslim prophet Mohammad.
"I was a little disappointed when I saw that," Farial Khatri of the Islamic Society of North America told WXIN.
... "We've seen them in New York and several others cities on billboards as well as other transit ads," Khatri added. "We do support free speech, but we do realize this is also rooted in bigotry."
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Refuse to Accept the Lies – Before It Is Too Late ^ | August 7, 2017 | Kurt Schlichter 

A woman gave birth the other day, and the liberal media squeed in delight, which is weird – usually the media only cares about babies in the context of waxing them in the womb. Plus, don’t the sacraments of the Weird Weather Religion deem babies bad for Mother Earth, just like pets? Yeah, you can take Bitey when you pry her leash out of my cold, dead hands. Better pry my guns out first.

But this particular birth was celebrated because the mother was pretending to be a man, and her delusion was so intense that she apparently partook of surgical mutilation and chemical intervention to (not really) conform her body to her delusion. I guess we’re supposed to marvel at her physical transformation, but that would be a lie too. She looks like a woman with some surgery and a scraggly goatee. It’s not beautiful. It’s sad. But we’re not supposed to tell that obvious truth. We’re supposed to join in the lie and praise the Emperor’s New Secondary Sex Characteristics.
Of course, the media is delighting in debasing and humiliating itself by proudly and ostentatiously announcing that “A Father Has Given Birth.” Those broken by Orwell’s villains used to exclaim, with tear-streaked faces, how they now loved Big Brother. Today, they writhe in thunderous prog-gasms, ecstatic in their submission, shrieking that they love Beard Mother.
I don’t care what you do to yourself; you don’t get to make me lie.
See, this is where we’re supposed to nod and mouth the word “father” too, where we are supposed to become complicit in what we all know to be a ridiculous falsehood. And by doing so, we are expected to cede our dignity and our sovereignty by giving them the power to make us lie. To enforce it, you get fascists like Lena Dunham waddling about, eavesdropping for heresy, pausing occasionally to remove the bran muffins from her stupid mouth to point and shout “THOUGHTCRIME!”
It’s an old totalitarian trick – you break the will and the spirit of your enemies by forcing them to say, over and over again, what they and everyone knows to be false. After all, truth-telling is the province of the free and the proud, not the enslaved and the humiliated.
That woman is not a man. She is not a father, and she never will be no matter how much she wants to be and no matter how much you threaten us in order to make us lie and say so.
See, that was easy. The truth just rolls off your tongue if you let it.
Now, the counterattack will consist of more lies, some about how sex can be determined by the power of wanting (a lie) and some about how telling the truth is hate (another lie). Someone with a gender dysphoria disorder that compels her to radically damage her body to make herself conform to her feelings has plenty of problems without us going out of our way to add to them, but the media shoved this in our faces and dared us to risk the progressives’ fussy fury by telling the truth. Not allowing ourselves to be forcibly shanghaied into a lie is not an attempt to hurt her. It’s simply telling the truth about a subject she raised when she invited reporters and cameras into her maternity ward.
We are being subjected to a blizzard of lies and a tsunami of falsehoods, all designed to break our spirit and enlist us in our own subjugation. Look at the Russia/Trump idiocy, every word of it baloney, and they know it’s baloney, and yet they stick it between slices of Wonder Bread, slathering it with the Mustard of Innuendo, and try to shove it down our throats.
This week came with a new batch of “Mueller’s Investigation Enters A New Phase!” stories. This guy enters a helluva a lot of new phases. Every week, the lying media tells us he’s entering a new phase. But you know what the media never tells us? That Mueller is new entering a phase where there’s actual evidence of Russian election hacking collusion with Team Trump. Instead, we get these scummy parasites entering yet another a new phase that consists of poking around the 2008 Miss Universe Contest because maybe Donald Trump ditched the swimsuit competition to go conspire with Vlad Putin to manipulate Felonia von Pantsuit into eight years later calling half of America “deplorable” and not campaigning in Wisconsin.
So then some bureaucrat hack announced that Mueller’s investigation is ethically good to go, and the usual lying media stopped pushing clichéd poems from a century and a half ago as our new Constitution (our Constitution apparently being such a living document that it can morph into verse when useful) to cheer the establishment’s latest assurance of its own Unimpeachable Integrity™. Let’s review.
· Mueller is investigating a claim where the main accuser is his bestest buddy
· Mueller is appointing a team consisting of Democrat donors, including the male husband (apparently I have to specify for these people) of an Obama judge
· Mueller is tolerating his team leaking confidential info to the press designed to hurt the Trump administration
· Mueller is expanding the scope of this farce far beyond his assignment
· Mueller chose to impanel a grand jury in a town where 96% of the voters opposed Trump – not quite the anti-Trump ratio of his team, but close
This is a scam, a fraud, and a farce and we should all be shouting it from the rooftops while encouraging Trump to fire this Democrat operative.
But of course, the GOP jerks are paralyzed when they have to choose whether to speak forbidden truths. So they keep mouthing the lie that this is a legal process instead of a suit-and-tie lynch mob designed to overturn the result of the election. Useless jackasses like Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake – they actually look like donkeys – are so busy braying about “principles” that they overlook America’s key principle: we get to pick our own leaders, and the entrenched establishment doesn’t.
But then, they like the entrenched establishment and they are doing their best to entrench themselves in it in all the traditional ways. They are writing stupid books no one buys to establish DC credibility, and engaging in McCainian blue falconry to win (transitory) liberal media approval by stabbing other Republicans in the back. I guess it’s hard to call out the lies when you’re repeating them.
You can’t be a father and be a woman, no matter what you do to your body with scalpels and syringes. You can’t be on the side of justice when you are entangled in grotesque and undeniable conflicts of interest, and you can’t be a conservative if everything you do is designed to conserve unchallenged progressive domination.
Time to say “No.” Time to refuse to go along and get along. Time to fight the culture war instead of surrendering to the lies. Time to fight the legal war and refuse to allow our justice system to be exploited by prosecutors so biased and dishonest they wouldn’t pass muster in 1600s Salem. Time to fight the political war against the frauds, fakes, and Flakes infecting our party.
Because if we don’t, they are going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, and they are going to demand we submit to subjugation, and then we’re going to have to fight another kind of war to preserve our liberty and our Constitution. And that would be really, really bad. Mostly for them.

In Case You Missed It

 Senate Republicans dodged a bullet Friday by failing to repeal Obamacare, when you consider the GOP won the House, the Senate, and the White House by opposing Obamacare. Why would they want to repeal it? By opposing Obamacare for one more election, they can win control of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and Buckingham Palace.

John McCain flew to Washington with brain cancer Tuesday to cast the deciding vote to put the GOP health care bill to a vote, then on Thursday he cast the deciding vote to kill the bill. Democrats hated him one day then loved him the next. He faces censure now for doing Comey's act.

The GOP health care bill failed to get to a House and Senate conference for final writing last Thursday. A poll of GOP voters favored paying for government-provided sex change operations for government workers. They wanted to install testicles on all male Republican members of Congress.

Hillary Clinton is writing a book called What Happened, explaining why she lost to President Trump. It's said to blame the FBI Director and Russians, not herself for destroying her official e-mail. Hillary may have five-to-ten years to write the book if Attorney General Jeff Sessions can take a hint.

Congress faces a government shutdown in September if the debt ceiling isn't raised to pay for their spending. It was ever thus. If this annual play were an action movie, the closing film credits would read, The Government Shutdown returns next year in The Government Shutdown Never Dies.

Dunkirk is a movie hit about the British Army's heroic evacuation across the English Channel after the French Army collapsed before the German army in World War II. America's own future was at stake in the conflict. If Hitler had won the war we would be German today, instead of Mexican.

President Trump hired John Kelly to run the White House Friday. So far Trump has fired the acting Attorney General, his National Security Advisor, FBI Director, the White House Chief of Staff and Communication Director. Everyone agrees this is the wildest season of The Apprentice ever.

North Korea's Kim Jung Un applauded the successful test-flight of another long-range missile Friday. Experts say by next year Kim could keep his promise to mount a nuclear warhead on top of an ICBM missile and land it in downtown Los Angeles. That could put over fifty U.S. citizens at risk.

President Trump dismissed communications director Anthony Scaramucci Monday. It follows his dismissal of Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, his National Security Advisor, the FBI Director, and ten years as host of The Apprentice. President Trump has fired more times than a Civil War cannon.

President Trump hired a Marine Corps General to bring order to the White House Monday to end the staff warfare that's been relentless, vulgar, and public. It's been chaotic. There's been so much fighting going at the White House that the Oval Office has been converted into an Octagon.

The Border Patrol cited a huge drop-off in illegal immigration to California this year. I don't think we're giving North Korea's missile program enough credit for it. With each successful long-range missile launch, a million Mexicans make a group decision that there's no place like home.

Playboy magazine cited an annual public health survey which shows that Washington D.C. led the nation among all U.S. cities in the number of sexually transmitted diseases reported in the last year. That makes perfect sense to me. You cannot screw that many taxpayers and not catch something.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ripped Congress Tuesday for passing sanctions on Russia and worsening relations with the Kremlin. They're being goaded by the media. Anonymous sources told CNN Tuesday that Russia was behind all the missing socks from our dryers over the past decades.

Venezuela's dictator Nicolas Maduro celebrated his sham election victory by having his troops forcefully pull opposition leaders out of their beds, drag them down the street and throw them in jail. What a scene. Maduro's theme song is, I'm a Little Bit Hitler, and a Little Bit United Airlines.

-- Argus Hamilton

Today, President Trump officially removed Anthony Scaramucci as his communications director. And this was a little awkward -- when Scaramucci called an Uber to pick him up at the White House, Sean Spicer was driving.

Trump is also being criticized for his conversation with the president of Mexico, where he called New Hampshire "a drug-infested den." New Hampshire says it's furious, while Colorado says it has to find a new nickname.

-- Jimmy Fallon

Kelly is the polar opposite of Reince Priebus, the former chief of staff. Kelly is military, Priebus is a Washington insider. Kelly's from Boston, Priebus is from Wisconsin. John Kelly has two first names, and Reince Priebus has no recognizable names at all.

-- Steven Colbert

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DOJ Releases 400-Plus Pages of Lynch-Clinton Meeting Emails – After FBI Said No Records Existed

CNS News ^ | 8-7-17 | Zenny Phuong 

The Department of Justice on Friday released 413 pages of emails related to a controversial private meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the FBI’s investigation into then-presidential-candidate Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails. The FBI said earlier such records did not exist.

This discharge of information is the result of a lawsuit filed against the DOJ by the American Council for Law and Justice (ACLJ) in November 2016.
The newly-released emails mostly include DOJ officials’ conversations with reporters, who were seeking comment on the meeting between Lynch and the former president on an airport tarmac in Phoenix, Ariz. in June 2016.
The encounter raised concerns about the impartiality of the DOJ’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton episode, and became a significant issue in the presidential campaign.
  The ACLJ notes that under the leadership of then-Director James Comey the FBI had originally denied the existence of such records.
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