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Bernie Sanders and His Communist Followers

Coach is Right ^ | 2/12/16 | John C. Velisek USN (Ret.) 

Bernie Sanders placed second in the Iowa caucus, edged out by .6% and a half dozen suspicious coin flips by the Hillary camp. He then crushed Hillary in New Hampshire. Though I believe electing either would be a mistake, Bernie Sanders is of the greatest concern to me.
Bernie Sanders is a Communist who admits to being a Democratic Socialist, a term that has little if any meaning to most people. Socialism as a pure definition means the control of all production by a central government. It has been a massively destructive failure everywhere it has been tried. Democratic Socialists point to Scandinavia as an example of a “successful” experiment. Yet even countries like Sweden and Denmark are pulling away from the principles that define Democratic Socialism. In those countries, capitalism is used as a safety net for the populace. But with the influx of refugees-read Muslim invaders-currently overwhelming the “everything is free” mentality of these nations, the social safety net is unraveling, national GDP is plummeting and debt is mounting. Even with a 70% tax rate, Sweden is falling behind on social payments required to keep the economic model alive.
The original ideas for socialism were put to paper by Karl Marx, who wrote a few pages of the moral blueprint for a moral society. The major architect of Socialism was Vladimir Lenin who attempted to work out the practical challenges of an economic system without the incentive of profit or any constraints not implemented by the government.
Just 4 years after the 1917 revolution, production in Russia had fallen to 14% of its pre-socialist levels, a trend which lasted until the forced collectivization of Stalin. Control of production was given to a central planning agency which set directives for...
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The Muslim Man’s Sexual “Rights” Over Non-Muslim Women

Jihad Watch ^ | Feb 12, 2016 | Raymond Ibrahim 

In word and deed, in Islamic and non-Islamic nations, Muslim men appear to think that non-Muslim women--impure "infidels"--exist solely to gratify their sexual urges.
First, consider the beliefs and actions of those committed to waging jihad for the cause of Allah, such as the Islamic State:
In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old [non-Muslim] girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her -- it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted. He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her. When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion. "I kept telling him it hurts -- please stop," said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands. "He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to" Allah.
Yet such behavior is not limited to fanatical jihadis, who have "nothing whatsoever to do with Islam," as most fools and liars will assure us; rather it permeates the totality of Islamic culture.
Consider recent events in Pakistan: three Christian girls walking home after a hard day's work were accosted by four "rich and drunk" Muslims--hardly ISIS candidates--in a car. They "misbehaved," yelled "suggestive and lewd comments," and harassed the girls to get in their car for "a ride and some fun." When the girls declined the "invitation," adding that they were "devout Christians and did not practice sex outside of marriage," the men became enraged and chased the girls, yelling, "How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing: the pleasure of Muslim men." They drove their car into the three girls, killing one and severely injuring the other two.
Or consider the words of human rights activists speaking about another Muslim man's rape of a 9-year-old Christian girl: "Such incidents occur frequently. Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. According to the community's mentality it is not even a crime. Muslims regard them as spoils of war."
Once relegated to third world countries like Pakistan and ISIS-controlled areas, the subhuman treatment and sexual abuse of "infidel" women is becoming a common fixture in the West.
Thus recently in Germany, a group of Muslim "refugees" stalked a 25-year-old woman at night, hurled "filthy" insults and taunted her for sex. One told her that "German women are there for sex," before reaching into her blouse and trousers and groping her.
These recent stories from Germany and Pakistan are identical--Muslim men harassing non-Muslim women on the assumption that it's their Islamic right and privilege--except for one difference: the German "infidel" escaped with her life, whereas the Pakistani "infidel" was murdered for refusing to gratify the sexual desires of her Islamic accosters. As Islam's presence continues to grow in Europe, this difference will quickly fade.
Already there are other, more subtle similarities between "third world" Pakistan and "first world" Germany. In the report about the manslaughter of the three Christian girls in Pakistan, we find that "Other girls in the local area are now too scared to travel at night and are being accompanied by the men in their families." In Germany, "The latest reports from Dortmund [where the "German-women-are-there-for-sex" anecdote transpired] paint a terrifying picture of a city where it is now unsafe for women to go out at night for fear of being attacked and raped by refugees."... Indeed, less than a month earlier, on New Year's Eve, 1,000 Muslim migrants, also apparently thinking that non-Muslim women exist for one thing, went on a raping spree in Cologne and elsewhere, leaving hundreds of "infidel" women violated, beaten, and traumatized--the same way "infidel" women living in Muslim-majority nations often feel.
Of course, well before the migrant crisis, Europe had and ignored ample lessons concerning what happens when Muslim populations grow. In Britain alone, where a large Muslim minority has long existed, countless British girls in various regions have been sexually abused and gang raped by Muslims who apparently deemed it their Islamic right. Said one rape victim: "The men who did this to me have no remorse. They would tell me that what they were doing was OK in their culture." Days ago a judge told 12 Muslim men that they "took such terrible and heartless sexual advantage" of a 13-year-old British girl before sentencing them.
A Muslim imam in Britain confessed that Muslim men are taught that women are "second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority" and that the imams preach a doctrine "that denigrates all women, but treats whites [meaning non-Muslims] with particular contempt."
Another Muslim convicted of rape in a separate case told a British court that sharing non-Muslim girls for sex "was part of Somali culture" and "a religious requirement."
And there it is: Whether seen by "pious" Muslims as a "religious requirement"--as cited by an ISIS rapist to his 12-year-old victim--or whether seen as part of Pakistani (Asian) and Somali (African) culture--in a word, Islamic culture--the subhuman treatment and sexual degradation of non-Muslim women and children by Muslims who deem it their "right" is apparently another "exoticism" the West must embrace if it wishes to keep worshipping at the altar of multiculturalism.

Huma Abedin and the Tangled Clinton Web

PJ Media ^ | 2/12 | Andrea McCarthy 

Ms. Abedin, a longtime Clinton confidante, served as Secretary Clinton’s deputy chief-of-staff at the State Department and is now vice chairwoman of Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the presidency.
For about a half-year toward the end of Abedin’s tenure at the State Department, which coincided with Secretary Clinton’s own departure from the State Department in February 2013, Abedin was given a highly unusual and ethically dubious arrangement. She was permitted to work simultaneously for the State Department, Teneo, the Clinton Foundation, and even in a personal capacity for Mrs. Clinton in order to manage the secretary’s transition back to the private sector (notwithstanding that Mrs. Clinton had a job waiting for her at the lavishly funded Clinton Foundation, from which she would oversee her 2016 campaign-in-waiting).
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The Hydra-Headed Monster Stalking Hillary Clinton ^ | February 12, 2016 | Suzanne Fields 

Feminism is the hydra-headed monster stalking Hillary Clinton's campaign for president. She once thought her appeal to women, as the first of her "gender" to get a real crack at the presidency, was straightforward, unambiguous and unstoppable, but now she can't hear the cheers for the cacophony of squabbling female voices.
The first wave of feminism, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, appealed to a new version of womanhood. But after winning the vote with the 19th Amendment, most of the "new women" retired to the hearth and nursery to look and act a lot like their grandmothers. Women in those bad old days were not expected to have an opinion until they married and were told by their husbands what their opinions were.
Second-wave feminism sought a level playing field with men, equals in work and sex, and led to an expansion of women's rights in education, property and professions, as well radical changes in the rules of engagement between men and women. The initial cry in Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique" in 1963 emphasized the demand for a woman's right to explore her options and opportunities, just like men. Exactly what those options and opportunities should be, however, quickly diverged, depending on a woman's social, ethnic and economic background.
The latest wave of feminists are digging up the playing field, leaving it scarred with the pot holes of varying points of view, which makes it particularly difficult for older feminists to avoid tripping on a landscape that keeps changing under their feet. That's how and why Gloria Steinem, the 81-year-old dowager bunny, once the Playboy Club sexpot in rabbit ears and a cotton tail, on a mission to expose sexism and male chauvinism, misspoke this week when she misread the motives of the latest generation of women on fire for Bernie Sanders.
When Bill Maher, the comic-cum-commentator, asked her how the former secretary of state could be losing to a man, the dowager bunny replied that women generally don't start getting serious about politics until they're older. "When you're young, you're thinking, 'Where are the boys?' The boys are with Bernie."
After a wave of outrage from young women proudly "feeling the Bern," Steinem retreated with an apology. But then Madeleine Albright, the 78-year-old first female secretary of state, amused only herself by hauling out a hoary slogan from an earlier century at a Clinton rally in New Hampshire. "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other," she said, suggesting that the bad place is where young women with defective memories, who need a good dose of the old-time religion, belong. Clinton and the old guard cheered raucously. But it wasn't funny to anyone else, and exposed a fault line in the sisterhood.
Older feminists such as Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright have a sense of earned entitlement and such thinking simply doesn't resonate with young women, nor does it dictate their politics. Defending Madeleine Albright on "Meet the Press," Clinton stressed the importance of going back two decades, reminding the new generation of young women of "what a struggle it has been, and (Albright) understands the struggle is not over."
Fair enough, but that's a reinterpretation of partisan positioning, and a lot of young women aren't buying it. They're not interested in "gender politics." Many of these young women judge candidates by a longer yardstick than mere sexual determination, and describe Bernie Sanders' "straight talk" as more in tune with their sensitivities than Clinton's strident belligerence. Trustworthiness was a bigger and more important factor in New Hampshire. Clinton won the women's vote in Iowa by 11 points, as measured in the exit polls, and Bernie Sanders won them by the same 11 points in New Hampshire. Sixty-nine percent of women under 45 voted for him.
Feminism is a loaded word nowadays, and many women use it uneasily. Values, like politics, are changing. "Bonding within the sisterhood" has only been for liberal women. Conservative women need not apply. "Pro-life" and "pro-choice" attitudes are almost evenly divided as moral and political positions in the culture, but in the ranks of feminists, being "pro-choice" is the litmus test for joining the club.
Megyn Kelly, the Fox News commentator, was asked by Stephen Colbert to make an assessment of modern feminism. She says she thinks it has been co-opted by those "who don't want you in their club unless you see certain women's issues the way they see them." That's how Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright sound to the young women hot for Bernie. They hear the aging feminists as "clueless" and "shaming." They're two of the hydra-heads ruining the cakewalk Clinton thought she had coming.

Obama Talks Income Inequality At $33k-per-Ticket Fundraiser

Townhall ^ | Feb 12, 2016 | Matt Vespa 

Last night, President Obama held a fundraiser in the San Francisco Bay area, where he told presumably wealthy donors to be concerned about inequality and the wave of populism that's sweeping the nation. Oh, and did I forget to mention that one ticket to this event cost $33,400 (via the Hill):
Obama has previously expressed surprise by the enthusiasm generated by Trump and Sanders. But he urged donors attending the $33,400-per-ticket fundraiser to understand that populist candidates in both parties are tapping into something real.
"Despite all the progress we've made ... what is true is that people are anxious,” the president said. “People are deeply concerned about inequality in the sense that the system is rigged against ordinary folks."
"And they're not wrong."
Obama's audience was full of members of the "1 percent," the type of people Sanders, a democratic socialist, has railed against.
The fundraiser was held at the home of Steve Westly - a former California gubernatorial candidate, major Democratic donor and former eBay executive - in Atherton, Ca., annually listed as one of the wealthiest towns in America.
Yet, it's the Republicans who are the party of the rich. I’m pretty sure both parties share that title.

How I Quit my Smartphone Addiction and Really Started Living

The Guardian ^ | Thursday 11 February 2016 | Jenna Woginrich 

I don't like being bothered or bossed around. I hated that anyone, for any reason, could interrupt my life, and I could interrupt my life just the same!

The phone rings: it's my friend checking to see if I can pick her up on the way to a dinner party. I ask her where she is and as she explains, I reach as far as I can across the countertop for a pen. I scribble the address in my trusty notebook I keep in my back pocket. I tell her I'll be at her place in about 20 minutes, give or take a few. Then I hang up. Literally.
I physically take the handset receiver away from my ear and hang it on the weight-triggered click switch that cuts off my landline's dial tone.
I take my laptop, Google the address, add better directions to my notes and head outside to my 1989 pick-up truck (whose most recent technological feature is a cassette player) and drive over. If I get lost on the way, I'll need to ask someone for directions. If she changes her plans, she won't be able to tell me or cancel at a moment's notice. If I crash on the way, I won't be calling 911.
I'm fine with all of this. As you guessed by now, I haven't had a cellphone for more than 18 months.
I didn't just cancel cellular service and keep the smartphone for Wi-Fi fun, nor did I downgrade to a flip phone to "simplify";he first night of a vacation.
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FIX IS IN: PBS Moderators Ignore Clinton Scandals

Breitbart ^ | 11 Feb 2016 | Peter Schweizer 

So let me get this straight: on the same day that the Washington Post reports that the State Department issued subpoenas to a family foundation bearing Hillary Clinton's name as part of a federal investigation, the PBS debate moderators didn't ask her about it.
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