Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fun with numbers: The real story behind the 4.9% unemployment report

American Thinker ^ | 02/06/2016 | Rick Moran 

On the surface, the January jobs numbers appear to be "not bad."  There were 151,000 jobs created, and the official unemployment rate dropped below 5%.

But the story inside the numbers is really, really awful.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates job creation and loss using two different measurements: the Current Population Survey and "Establishment" data from the Current Employment Statistics.  Usually, the two measurements are roughly the same. 
But how do you explain this, BLS?

Consider these BLS numbers based on household data. In January, there were 25,328,000 "foreign born" workers employed, a one-month drop of 98,000.

In January, there were 123,710,000 "native born" men and women employed, a one-month drop of 567,000.

Analysts note that there are several ways to count jobs created and lost but the losses shown among men and women, foreign born and immigrants, is significant, said a congressional expert, who told Secrets, "Maybe big thing this month is just the decline in number of native born workers drops over half million in a month?"

That means that the actual number of jobs created was about 650,000.  What kind of jobs were they?  Zero Hedge Blog refers to the "Waiter and Bartender Recovery" – an apt way to describe the fact that 70% of those jobs are minimum-wage positions.

Marketwatch thinks the numbers are "fishy":

Manufacturing mojo?

By virtually all accounts, U.S. manufacturers are struggling to grow amid a decline in exports and a big drop in demand among energy producers. Yet the industry supposedly added 29,000 new jobs in January to mark the biggest gain in 14 months.

Believable? Many economists are skeptical. And even if the job increases are real, some predict hiring will slow again next month.

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Could This Helmet Save Football From The Sport's Concussion Problem?

Forbes ^ | February 4, 2016 | Abigail Tracy 

As a pediatric neurosurgeon at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Sam Browd brought a swift end to the early athletic careers of innumerable youths across a myriad of sports due to concussions. Browd’s experience prematurely “retiring” children from athletics—most notably football—and the countless emotional conversations with parents made him question what could be done to address head injuries suffered by children while playing sports.
In 2013, Browd, an associate professor of neurological surgery at the University of Washington, connected with Dave Marver and Per Reinhall—both of whom also had ties to the Seattle-based university and backgrounds in medical technology and mechanical engineering, respectively–about the systemic problem of concussions among athletes. Within a matter of weeks, Browd, Marver and Reinhall founded VICIS. Latin for “change,” the name VICIS fit the trio’s ambition: to reimagine the football helmet and reduce concussions in the sport.
After two years of development and just shy of $10 million in funding, VICIS launched its Zero1 helmet last month in collaboration with the University of Washington. Whether the helmet will effectively address the concussion quandary remains to be seen, but for VICIS’ credit—the helmet is unlike any other on the market.
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Ted Cruz Shuts Down Martha Raddatz’s Cheap Gotcha on North Korea

1,17During Saturday night’s ABC News debate, co-moderator Martha Raddatz, a personal friend of Barack Obama’s, asked:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
 an incredibly dumb gotcha question premised on the idea that Cruz is some kind of war-monger, but only when he wants to be. Cruz was first to speak about the news that, in violation of a treaty, North Korea fired a long-range rocket Saturday.
Cruz gave an impressive and detailed answer about the North Korean threat that included legitimate criticism of President Clinton’s mishandling of his failed nuclear deal. Raddatz then attacked:
RADDATZ: If you were commander-in-chief tonight, would you have ordered the U.S. military to destroy that missile pre-emptively on the launch pad to prevent North Korea from becoming an even graver threat?”
CRUZ: At this point, I’m not going to speculate on that without the intelligence briefing that any commander-in-chief would have knowing what exactly is there. One of the real problems–
Barack Obama’s personal friend then interrupted…
RADDATZ: Senator Cruz you have talked tough about this, you have talked tough about the Mideast — you haven’t gotten intelligence briefings about that. Why not tell us if you would pre-emptively strike a missile on a lunch pad that threatened the U.S.?
At this point, Cruz shut Raddatz down:
CRUZ: With due respect, I have gotten intelligence briefings on the Mideast. Those have been going on for many years. I haven’t gotten the intelligence briefings tonight on what North Korea is doing because I’m here in New Hampshire. And when you are responding to an immediate incident, you need to know the intelligence of what’s occurring.



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