Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bill and Hillary’s sleazy road to riches (exploiting the presidency was key)

NYPOST.COM ^ | 10/7/16 | NY Post Editorial Board 

Everything about the Clinton’s sleazy drive to enrich themselves is a 2011 memo, ex-presidential aide Doug Band openly boasted about raising millions for the foundation from his business clients—and even more for Bill Clinton personally. Band’s 13-page memo actually described the arrangement he’d set up as “Bill Clinton Inc.” — “dedicating myself” to helping the Clintons use their government service to feather their own nest.

And what a gravy train: Band’s clients at his Teneo consulting firm were pressed to give millions to the foundation — and millions more to Bill. Teneo had raised $8M for the foundation and $3M in paid speeches for Bill. Band boasted, it had also set up “more than $50M min for-profit” Clinton business deals, with contracts worth $66M more. And that doesn’t even include loads of “in-kind” freebies, like vacations and private jets.
The foundation claims there was no unsavory link between its donors and Hillary’s job as secretary of state. Yet other e-mail dumps and investigations show that giving to Clinton's do-good causes could win you face time,State Dept jobs — and preferential treatment in Haiti-relief work. Plus suspicious favors outlined in “Clinton Cash” and elsewhere.
An internal investigator concluded that corporations were “paying Teneo for connections with Clinton” — not to mention with Secretary Hillary and potential future president. And when Hillary aide Huma Abedin needed help making ends meet, Hillary got her three jobs---at Teneo, as a salaried foundation worker — and US govt paychecks at State. The circle of enrichment was a one-hand-washes-the-other arrangement. All nice and cozy — and mutually lucrative. What more proof do we need that as far as Bill and Hillary Clinton are concerned, the rules don’t apply to them?
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