Saturday, August 5, 2017

The problem with capitalist breadlines

People's Cube ^ | 08/03/2017 | People's Cube 

It is a revolutionary truth that life in the United States is awful. Workers, minorities, and Democrats are oppressed at every corner, and there is a struggle to acquire even the most basic of necessities.
So it was with some pleasure I noted today a line of well-dressed upper class people standing in line to buy bread. (Picture Starbucks)
"Ahh, here is the truth of the matter," I thought to myself. "The rich and poor alike must stand in a breadline to acquire even simple foodstuffs." Here was conclusive proof that capitalism failed to provide a proper distribution of goods.
Needing bread myself, I got into the line, and expected to be standing there for a few hours. Much to my surprise, the line moved quickly, and I figured they had already sold out of their limited allotment of bread. Instead, I grew increasingly confused. Not only was the shop well stocked, they were even baking more and had a disturbing array of luxury goods available at nominal costs to purchase. Perhaps I had wandered into a store meant only for the ruling elite of the city? No, for there was a homeless woman sitting at a table drinking coffee and eating a pastry, and being treated with the same care as every other customer.
And the bread! There were many varieties, some even made from uncommon grains, or baked for special dietary needs. Others were handcrafted artisanal loaves, and were only a dollar or two more than more standard fare.
I ran out of the shop in terror. What sort of insane world had I walked into? What kind of twisted society creates a breadline for capitalists, and then produces an abundance of low-cost goods that are both quality and within the reach of all members of society?
I am convinced it was a sort of Potemkin Bread Store - strictly for propaganda.
My quest to find a true breadline and poorly stocked store continues, and I still cannot find one. Is this all a horrible vodka-fueled nightmare of a world where capitalism has taken over? Somebody please help me!