Friday, August 4, 2017

John McCain’s Right Mind Has Always Been Wrong

DB Daily Update ^ | 8.4.2017 | David Blackmon 

John McCain's latest seemingly irrational remarks make it seem as if he's not in his right mind, but that's not really the case. It's just that McCain's right mind has always been wrong.

The Democrat Party left him. – West Virginia Governor Big Jim Justice announced yesterday that he will be changing his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. This move is most likely motivated by simple political survival instincts, as Donald Trump won the state in 2016 by an enormous margin over Hillary Clinton. Justice’s shift means that the GOP now controls 34 of the 50 governor’s offices in the country, and controls both the governorship and legislatures in 26 of 50 states. This is the legacy of the abuses of the Obama years. Thanks, Barack!Et tu, Joe? – One can only wonder how much longer it will take WVA’s Senator Joe Manchin to make a similar political calculation. Manchin is without doubt the most moderate Democrat in the senate today, and would likely vote with the Republicans well over half the time were he left to his own devices and not often held hostage to hardcore partisan politics. He’d better think fast, since he’s up for re-election next year in what has become one of the reddest red states in the country since his last election bid in 2012, thanks mainly to public reaction against Barack Obama’s aggressive efforts to kill the state’s coal industry.
Are we past the Senatorial trading deadline? – Speaking of party switchers, nominally Republican Sen. From the News Media John McCain told the Arizona Republic on Thursday that he is in talks with one party’s senate leader about reviving the whole Gang of 8 Immigration “Reform” (i.e. open borders and amnesty) plan! Of course, that party leader is Chuck Schumer, not Mitch McConnell. Hey, here’s an idea, how about the Republicans just offer to trade John McCain for Joe Manchin, and call it even? At least then, both men would be inhabiting their natural environments. McCain logic 101. – Oh, but the Senator From the News Media wasn’t done. He also has decided that the whole 16 year ongoing fiasco in Afghanistan is all the fault of …wait for it…DONALD TRUMP! Yes, Senator, because everything was always great in Afghanistan for the 15 years prior to January 20, right? My goodness.
By the way, if you are sitting there thinking that McCain’s latest bits of mendacity might mean that he is not in his right mind due to his fight against a very aggressive form of brain cancer, think again. This is McCain in his right mind – it’s just that his right mind has always been wrong. 

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