Saturday, August 12, 2017

Democrat Debbie’s Stunning Fall From Power. Dems Want Her to “Go Away” (she's political poison) ^ | Aug 11, 2017 | S. Noble 

EXCERPT--- There is no place for Debbie Wasserman Schultz in House leadership or statewide office amid stories about the infamous Pakistani IT clan. More egregiously, she won’t explain why she kept Imran Awan on her payroll six months after she was told about the investigation into him, his family, and friends. She finally fired the grossly overpaid tech July 25, just one day after authorities arrested him on a seemingly unrelated mortgage fraud charge.
Dems don’t understand D/W/S's puzzling statements and political missteps....claiming she was a victim of “right wing media” and Awan was a victim of Islamophobia. “We wish she would go away and stop being so public by doubling down on negative stories,” said Nikki Barnes.
The Florida progressive believes D/W/S left the national party “in shambles” while chair, culminating with the hack of DNC servers and the release of embarrassing WikiLeaks in the 2016 campaign. As for Wasserman Schultz’s defense, Barnes said “none of this makes sense. It doesn’t sound like racial profiling … there must have been something in it for her.” Barnes said the Awan case is not just hurting D/W/S, it’s drawing negative attention to a party trying to recover from the losses and for the Bernie-DNC battle.
"DNC now means a lot of things, all negative, because of her reign," Barnes said. “This adds to D/W/S being rebranded as the Democrats’ disastrous destruction. Those of us on the DNC know we have to rebrand ourselves and earn the people’s trust. And unfortunately Debbie’s name does not scream trust. It screams power. It screams limited access. It screams WikiLeaks now. DNC lawsuit. It screams a lot of negative things to the public. That’s not how we want to rebrand ourselves.”
Barnes said she couldn’t understand why Wasserman Schultz made herself a target of attention by becoming the lone Democrat to employ Awan and then publicly threatening the US Capitol Police chief with “consequences” in a dispute over a secreted office laptop under investigation.
“Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still a national figure, but unfortunately for her it’s because so many people around the country see her as playing a devastatingly bad role in the last election,” said R.T. Rybak, the former mayor of Minneapolis and former DNC vice -chair who clashed with her. “I mention her name and it gets a viscerally negative reaction In Minneapolis and in other parts of the country. Sadly, I think she deserves the negative reputation.”
“In politics, you’re as strong as your friends. And she doesn’t have as many as she used to. And that’s her fault,” Morgan said. Who added that the power went to her head and the more she was criticized, the more paranoid she became.
To Democrats like the DNC’s Barnes, she’s a distraction the party can ill afford. “Everything that’s going on right now is taking away from what success we’re seeing in the grass-roots movement. No one’s hearing our good news because the headlines are focused on D/W/S, her misplaced laptop and consequences,” Barnes said, referring to her threats to the Capitol Hill police chief.

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