Thursday, August 3, 2017

A New Title For Hillary Rodham Clinton


Hillary has a new title.

For years, she has basked in being addressed as "The Honorable This" or "The Honorable That."

First it was the wife of the Attorney General of Arkansas, (well, someone has to be), married to some dweeb named Bill. Then it was First Lady of Arkansas, then First Lady of the United States, (although anyone who watched the Clintons knew she was not his first lady, nor on any given day his latest!)
Then the titles were Senator, then Democratic Nominee-Presumptive, Then Madame Secretary, then Madam President-Presumptive.... but now, horror or horrors, NO TITLE.

So, obviously, a bunch of us old retired DC types sitting around after a good 18 holes, decided she needed a new title.

We have a new title for her:


No, it does not refer to her drinking habits. It refers to the well-known fact that she and Bill have not done the Horizontal Mambo (also knows as "The Dance With No Steps") in years, if not decades. Despite all the PR BS about Hillary being so upset about Monica, she has known for years that Bill has his women.... as she has hers....
They kept each other's secrets, sort of. It is no secret that she and Huma are..... shall we say.... close.
So, with Bill as nothing more than her beard, the new title is: >p>

Hillary Clinton, WINO, "Wife In Name Only!"

Savor it!

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