Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why They Hate Trump So Much

Townhall ^ | July 5,2017 | Lawrence Meyers 

Thus, we witnessed the first stage of the Kübler-Ross grief cycle, hallmarked by avoidance of the truth (he won), confusion (that he won), fear (that he was Hitler and would club baby seals), numbness (the faces on network anchors were gold), and blame (those stupid Americans, like 83,000 unemployed coal workers, who voted for him)
Yet it’s more than just the stages of grief that Leftists are exhibiting. Another major reason they hate him is because he fights back. Not only that, he is skilled at media jiu-jitsu, and fights back in an effective manner. And when he does so, all they can do is call him even more names, and that his tweets are “un-presidential”.
What did they expect? Trump is a New Yorker, who didn’t build an empire by wearing a pink pussy hat to every real estate closing. Trump has always been a pugilist. He’s always been crass. Why would anyone expect him to suddenly change? This is the behavior that got him into the White House, and will keep him there, for better or for worse.
And the more he fights back, the more the Left rages…and the more the media exposes themselves as being utterly corrupt, and how truly hateful the Left has become. Nor is this a fringe element. This is the Left. They are putting on a show for all to see, and are too stupid to realize that everyday Americans are paying attention. You think Democrat losses in 2016 were bad? Just wait.
I can only hope that stage three – depression and detachment -- will never arrive. It will be much less entertaining if the Leftist all just shut up.
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