Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Amazing Maturity of the Young Declaration Signers

Intellectual Takeout ^ | July 1, 2016 | Annie Holmquist 

THIS added more to my comprehension of our history and our founders than anything I've ever read in my life !

George Walton (Georgia), John Penn (North Carolina), and Samuel Chase (Maryland) were 35.
Arthur Middleton (South Carolina), James Wilson (Pennsylvania), and William Hooper (North Carolina) were 34.
Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) and Thomas Stone (Maryland) were 33.
Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts) was 32.
Benjamin Rush (Pennsylvania) was 31.
Thomas Heyward Jr. (South Carolina) was 30.
Thomas Lynch Jr. (South Carolina) was 27.
And Edward Rutledge (South Carolina) was a mere 26 years old!
Perhaps even more remarkable than the young ages of these signers is the young age at which many of them began what we today consider “adult life.” A number of signers entered prestigious colleges such as Harvard between the ages of 13 and 16, including John Hancock, Samuel Adams, William Ellery, Robert Treat Pain, and Elbridge Gerry. Still others, such as George Ross, John Penn, Benjamin Rush, and William Whipple, were already beginning their careers as businessmen, lawyers, and doctors by the time many modern young people are just finishing their undergrad years.

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