Thursday, July 13, 2017

How coddling and cocooning today's youths can lead to violence!

The San Diego Union-Tribune ^ | July 8, 2017 | Fred Dickey 

The thugs were egged on by government indifference. That’s all they needed to have a holiday of riot.
They smashed windows. They burned. They attacked opponents and sent bystanders scurrying in fear. And the police stood by. And the authorities that had the power to discipline them quailed in their offices.
The ideas the goons rioted to suppress had to slink away unheard. A victory for the bad guys, if we can play loose with the term.
That happened in Berlin, Germany in 1937, right?
Similar things, yes, but this particular travesty happened at UC Berkeley in 2017.
It did not turn into a book-burning because the Nazis had made that tactic unfashionable, so it was off the table.
Think I’m being overly dramatic? Maybe we shrug in disbelief because “it couldn’t happen here.”
Well, it did, and for an un-American reason: A provocative, conservative speaker had been invited to address a campus club in February, and leftist extremists, mainly students, decided they had to suppress “hate speech” by any means available — including clubs and fire......
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