Sunday, July 9, 2017

FINALLY!!! Someone raises the possibility that Russia was rooting for Hillary!!!

Fox and Friends Saturday | self 

Sara Carter at about 7:30 am this morning raised the possibility that Russia might have interfered with the election to help Hillary NOT Trump.
I know that many FREEPERS have thought this since last year but what besides common sense being rare explains the paucity of this suggestion in the news?

I'd suggest that the left merely has to suggest the possibility of something and everyone runs it without question. On the right, if you don't have evidence that would hold up in court, you get attacked for even mentioning anything. Trump has experienced this already with the birth certificate debate.
Anyone else have any theories as to why the common sense things like duh, intel has been politicized so maybe we question this? Or, humm, Clapper and Brenner are the main people saying this, and their credibility is on par with Susan Rice...huh. Or even TRUMP thought Hillary would win. Wonder how the Russians picked the winning side on this? Why is no one asking this?
Here is my common sense argument to support this.
Russia DID try to influence the election but they did so to help HILLARY get elected, not Trump.
The people whom you have evidence of illegality on are the ones that you TRY to get elected. For example, China-Clinton. The Trump-Russian narrative doesn’t support this.
None of the deleted or damaging Hillary emails besides DNC or Podesta ones have surfaced suggesting people that have them like the FBI or enemies want to leverage them.
Didn’t she delete over 30,000 of them? I am going out on a limb her but I think Russia HAS these deleted emails. If they were trying to damage her, why didn’t they leak them?
But think of other Russian interests.
They would like us to remove tactical nukes from Europe.
They would like us to let the military deteriorate.
They would like us to NOT develop our energy resources. A drop in oil price would have a massive impact on Russia economically.
They would not want us to build up our military intelligence.
They would not want us to develop our military technology.
They would not want us to be secure from terrorist attacks.
On each and every one of these issues, the candidate the Russians would NOT want to get elected would be Donald Trump.
I think most people who believe this story was falsified by a politicized intel community instinctively know this, but I think it is worthwhile to state it unequivocally.
Also, who do you think Russia thought would GET elected?
Almost all news including Fox thought Hillary had an 85% or higher chance. Putin doesn't have his own people taking polls so he relies on ours.
Wouldn't it make more sense to get the goods on her and wait until she is elected before rocking the boat?

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