Saturday, July 15, 2017

Democrat Party will collapse in 2018!


I predicted the Trump POTUS victory from the day Trump announced his candidacy. I predicted that the industrial "blue collar" union folks would go massively for Trump, they did, I said Trump would get over three hundred electoral votes, he did.

I now predict the Democrat Party will lose between 8-10 Senate seats and, 12-20 House seats in the upcoming 2018 Mid-Term elections. The Senate losses could even be larger.

If the attempts to repeal Obamacare fail and Senate Democrats do not support the Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare, the Democrat Party will lose Senate seats in Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Montana, Nevada, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and many more!

I warn and caution many have set yourselves on a road to doom and defeat with your leadership and ill advised political quests.
I realize, and expect to be mocked and laughed at....but, none of that bothers me. for I have been right on the money all along!!! We shall see, come November, 2018... Hello, Senator Joe are going down in West Virginia, & Debbie Stabenow is going down in Michigan!!!

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