Tuesday, July 4, 2017

62.9 Million People Voted for Trump. ZERO Voted for Anyone in the Media!

Black & Blonde Media ^ | 7/3/17 | Black & Blonde Media 

Every elected official in this country was vetted by those in their jurisdictions, the people voted for them, and they know who's representing them. Who asked the public if they regarded Brian Stelter enough of a "reliable source" to be on CNN reviewing anything? Were any of us consulted when a pouty, irritatingly nasal-voiced Brooke Baldwin was going to be an afternoon option? Anyone get a heads up we were going to have to endure a Chris Cuomo or Anderson Cooper and were we ever offered a choice between them and someone who just may have actually been qualified for the position of delivering the news to the nation daily?
Sorry folks but none of us were consulted as to any of those who supposedly deliver unbiased news to us. None of us are asked for our opinions when they screw up as to should they keep their jobs, and if not for the First Amendment press protection, many of them would've been sued for slander months ago.
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