Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mainstream Media: You better win this one and get Trump impeached or you are finished!

10 June 2017 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin 

The media needs to understand something. They are colluding with the Democrats and the Federal Agencies in an attempt to get Donald Trump impeached or somehow force him to resign. I have friends who work in a VERY large Federal Agency and they say this is all just the beginning, a "process" they call it that will continue until Trump is out of office. And, they say it with total confidence which chills me to the bone.

Be careful what you wish for. The media especially apparently has miscalculated not only the end result of the recent Presidential elections, but also the absolute (fill in the blank with the most intense dislike word you can come up with) that the general public has for them. Dear Media, if you succeed, you could lose everything. If you lose, you MUST be sued for libel for the printed word and slander for what you only said in public that was not true.

There is no way at all that this whole thing can just be dropped or end well. It's impossible now. Either one side wins, or the other side wins and whoever loses has hell to pay. The liberal leftists have pushed the stakes so high that they have left no room for compromise. We now know you want to kill us and you most certainly want to kill our leaders. There exists no doubt when we have examples like Alec Baldwin saying as far back as 1998 that the people should stone Henry Hyde AND his wife and children to death and then went on to say the Republican congressmen should also be assassinated. Others have put rifle scope cross hairs on Bush. Others have PUBLICLY stated their intent to assassinate Trump. Then, Kathy Griffin pulled the severed head stunt.
There is no going back now. Either you accomplish that or someone with enough influence and "House b__lls big enough" (pardon my French) is going to go after you because we KNOW you want us dead now. How foolish to have pushed it this far. Stop and think about how foolish all of the lying has been. Mark my words (whether they leave them here or not), someone is going to pay dearly for this entire mess if not all of us. Sooner or later, momma always said, "Everyone has to sit down at a banquet of consequences."

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