Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jeff Sessions Takes Corrupt, Clueless Democrats To School

DB Daily Update ^ | 6.14.2017 | David Blackmon 

Some observations from AG Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence (pardon the oxymoron) Committee on Tuesday:

- Sessions’ tone was perfect, his righteous indignation completely appropriate under the circumstances, his defense of his honor compelling and believable. All in all, a great decision by him to insist on public testimony when the committee Democrats wanted to question him out of the public eye. Given their own performances, which ranged from disingenuous (Mark Warner), to imperiously strident (Kamala Harris), to buffoonish (Ron Wyden), it’s easy to see why they wanted to do this one in private. Too bad. - If California Sen. Kamala Harris is, as many claim, the Democrat Party’s “rising star”, then the Democrats have no future. She was out of her league, and transparently dishonest. But hey, Democrats love voting for transparently dishonest candidates, which explains why she’s a Senator now. - A social media scandal broke out when Sen. Harris was shut down by the Chair because her time had run out as she was repeatedly interrupting AG Sessions in order to prevent him to give a full answer to a stupid question. Fake journalists and leftist trolls tisk-tisked all over Twitter about how Republicans just love to shut down women. Trouble with that was that it was actually ranking Democrat Mark Warner who shut Ms. Harris down, as Chairman Richard Burr had temporarily left the room. D’oh!
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