Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Government Owes Taxpayers Billions for Wasted Russia Investigation

PJ Media ^ | 10 Jun, 2017 | Roger L Simon 

How much have the congressional investigations into possible Russian meddling in our election and collusion between Trump & Co. and the Russians cost so far and how much are they going to cost?

I doubt we will ever know -- specific figures on such matters always seem to get smudged in the bookkeeping. But, although billions may be an exaggeration, I'd bet my house and everybody else's that when you added it all up, the number would be staggering on legal fees and research alone, not to mention the extraordinary waste of legislative time better spent on myriad topics far more consequential to the public. It would be fascinating if some eager investigative reporter would take it on her/his self to explore this, especially with infrastructure legislation about to battle its way through the House and Senate. Exactly how many bridges, highways, airports, hospitals, schools etc. could have been built for the cost of these investigations? If it's even one, it's a scandal.
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It’s Undeniable: Trump Is Blessed With Really Stupid Enemies

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