Monday, June 5, 2017

Finally: Time for Trump to Put Whining Democrats in Their Place

American ^ | June 4, 2017 | Rabbi Dov Fisher 

In the synagogue business, the few rabbis who are unfortunate enough to practice at one of the few undesirable congregations with grumbling and carping congregants (probably not at all different from what some similarly unfortunate pastors encounter among those outlier church flocks pocked with sociologically pathological congregants) are told that nothing puts the grumbles to an end like a successful building campaign. Just get everyone absorbed with raising funds and building something – anything: a wing, an annex, a revamp of the whole building, a re-furnishing of the sanctuary...just get them all busy on a project, building something, doing something. Keep them busy with something constructive, and they will stop grousing.
We call it the "Edifice Complex."
No fair observer can doubt that President Trump is a victim of a merciless witch hunt, with no end in sight until he is back hosting The Apprentice. Remarkably, his approval ratings remain steady around 39 percent, the same number from before "Comey" this and "Flynn" that, before head counts at inaugurations and leaked phone calls to Australian and Mexican heads of government. All the witch-hunting has solidified his base, and it has moved mild supporters into his camp. Recently, Ann Coulter titled a weekly column "Every Time I Try to Be Mad at Trump, the Media Pull Me Back."
As the president continued his travels abroad from the respective centers of the world's three most influential religions to NATO world leaders, the media followed, seeking to portray him as a rube on foreign affairs, much as they have tried to depict him on domestic matters.
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