Saturday, June 17, 2017

Barack Obama: “The US Must Give Up Some of Its Freedoms to the UN” (what a fool)

Sources News ^ | 6/12/2017 

Former President Barack Obama in Montreal this week warned the world against income inequality and the concentration of wealth, all while pulling down $7,700 per minute at his $400,000 speech. Obama’s first post-presidency address on Canadian soil was loaded with anti-Trump, anti-capitalism and anti-American rhetoric. Big surprise there.
Obama said that the concentration of wealth fans fears that governments exist solely to benefit the powerful, NBC reported and noted that Obama is now “striving to be an international community organizer.” He said the U.S. and other nations showed there was a better way “in creating an international order that was based not just on self-interest but also on principles.
But urging the US and other nations to give up their sovereignty to a global order is nothing new for this guy –
Fact is, what people like Obama and Hillary want is a One World government. If you don’t believe me, just listen to what the president told world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in November:
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