Sunday, May 21, 2017

The significance of Trump’s visit (told by Muslim)

Arab News ^ | May 21, 2017 | Sheikh Mohammad Abdulkarim Al-Issa 

There is undoubtedly a positive message being sent when a US president chooses Saudi Arabia, the land of the Two Holy Mosques, as his first foreign destination. This positivity, shown by Donald Trump, deserves our sincere gratitude for choosing to endorse the moderate Islamic world.
Moderates in the Kingdom and worldwide have always wanted a serious partner to help reclaim the narrative from extremists, and a clear distinction between those who believe Islam is against terror and those who use it to justify terror. Some people with twisted minds have used our religion to create confusion and obscure its real message, which is peace for humanity.
Sadly, not many are aware that Muslims, more than any others, have been the victims of terror. We have paid the most in blood for this monstrous perversion of our religion. Yet we are the ones who bear the profanities and inanities that appear so often in Western discourse.
History is replete with examples of how the Muslim world has been a natural ally of the US. Like all good friends we have had differences in our long relationship, but we have never lost sight of the power the US can exert by standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we fight and neutralize the barbarous terrorism that has taken many shapes and forms.
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