Friday, May 5, 2017

‘Lazy’ Woman, 23, Sues Parents Who Refused to Support her Financially

Heatstreet ^ | 5/5/17 

A 23-year-old woman from Spain sued her parents after they refused to continue to support her financially.
The woman, who has not been identified, lost her case after a judge ruled she was “too lazy to earn a living”.
In a ruling made public this week by the provincial court of Cantabria in the town of Castro Urdiales, in the north of the country, the woman was told she had wasted the opportunities available to her and was not owed anything by her parents.
The ruling recorded that parents are only obliged to provide food and shelter to their children until they are financially independent “unless that need is of the own child’s making”, reported Noticias de Navarra.
The woman took the legal action after her parents put pressure on her to take control of her own life, which she considered unfair. But the judge concluded that she had no money “through her own conduct” because she didn’t finish her school education or get any qualifications subsequently.
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