Friday, May 12, 2017

Companies in California Admit They are Paying People to Protest Donald Trump

IWB ^ | Mark Angelides 

It was expected that protests to Donald Trump’s Presidency would last for a while, but we have past 100 days and they show no signs of abating. Many have wondered how it is that people can afford to be out protesting every day, and how the permanent protestors are actually supporting themselves.
Soon after Trump’s election, a job ad appeared on Craigslist offering $15 per hour plus gas money for “activists” to protest in different locations around the country courtesy of (a Soros funded movement). Many attributed this to a Bernie Sanders group. But the media were quick to dismiss this as a hoax.
The next suspect was Organizing for Action, a group that works for securing Obama’s legacy (Obamacare etc…), who paid for Barack’s website,, is run by former Obama staffer, Eric Holder, and boasts more than 250 offices around the country with more than 30,000 workers (foot soldiers). This group (suspiciously?) receives almost no media attention.
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