Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump is ‘single most honest politician’ ever

The Sun News ^ | April 9, 2017 | Ron Kurimsky 

What people like Meryl Streep, the media, and liberals in general, keep missing is that Donald Trump is not standing or functioning alone -- 63 million of us did not elect President Trump as much for his person as we elected him for his agenda and our confidence that he would carry it out.
His agenda was no surprise.
If you are being honest, you must agree that he's the single most honest politician to ever run for office. As a matter of fact, most of us thought his controversial honesty would prevent him from ever getting elected.
Most politicians run their campaign to the center and then govern to the left or the right. Trump ran his campaign to the right, and he’s governing to the right. This is unprecedented in American politics.
He didn't sneak up on anyone. He is doing precisely what he said he would do, and much more importantly what 63 million of us elected him to do.
When liberals attack Trump, they are really attacking 63 million of us who are all together and with him on a daily basis.
Now most of us have real jobs and don't have the time to go out in the streets and demonstrate. But trust me, he knows that we're (previously the Silent Majority) here, and if it ever got to the point where he needed us, we will be there just as proud and loud as we were on election day.
So Streep and the rest of the so-called celebrity crowd need to stick to what they do best, which is acting and pretending. If the rest of us, in the real world, ever needs an actor or pretender, we'll ring their bell. Until then, they can keep on acting and pretending to one another.
The rest of the real world isn’t the least bit interested in what actors and pretenders have to say about the real world.

The only thing...