Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Left's Descent into Fascism

American Thinker ^ | 18 Mar, 2017 | Shari Goodman 

Long before the creation of ghettos and concentration camps, the demonization of Jews began in 1933 when Germany elected Adolf Hitler as Chancellor. Following his election, Hitler created a fascist dictatorship which eventually led to the Holocaust and the extermination of six million Jews whose only crime was their Jewish identity. The dehumanization of Jews was a necessary requirement for Hitler and his fellow Nazis and they did so with a campaign of demonization, ridicule, and blame. Hitler's election provided Germans a daily dose of anti-Semitism and gave it legitimacy while providing a rationalization for the extermination of six million Jews.
The persecution of European Jewry was gradual. At first Jews were no longer welcome at schools and universities. Later, they were no longer able to own their businesses and homes. With time, public transportation was unavailable to them, public restrooms were forbidden, hospitals excluded them and eventually they were no longer able to use public streets or go outdoors. They were complete outcasts in a land they called home. By the time the crematoriums were running, Jews were no longer viewed as humans, but as vermin to be stamped out for the good of humanity.
Today, the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency has provoked the fascist Left to reject the election results. Taking a page from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radials, in which Alinsky advised his followers in Rule 13 to "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it," the Left is now resorting to the fascist tactics of targeting Conservatives much like the Nazis who targeted European Jewry for their economic and social ills. Conservatives and Trump supporters are reluctant to identify themselves and conceal their support for fear of a backlash from the Leftist elites.
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