Friday, March 3, 2017

The Great Projectionists: Democrat Party Ties to Russia are Criminal ^ | 3/2/17 | Jim Hoft 

Projectionists – A projectionist is a person who operates a movie projector. It is also the term used to refer to those who participate in an illegal or unethical activity but rather than recognize their own errors, choose to redirect their errors on others to deflect their own illegal or unethical activity. Projectionists are cowards and frauds.

Democrats are master projectionists. They are currently making up false stories about the Trump Administration participating in illegal activities with the Russians. The Democrats are blaming their loss in the election on the false narrative that the Russians stole the election for Trump.
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Kellyanne Conway to Hillary Clinton: ‘Stop pretending you’re a feminist’

The Washington Examiner ^   | March 15, 2018 | Caitlin Yilek  White House counselor Kellyanne Conway laughed off Hillary Clinton’s comment...