Friday, March 3, 2017

Obama will get to finish his complete destruction of the Democrat Party!


Although I hate using this comment..."Read my lips", but, please read my lips!!! Very soon ex-POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama will surface from his "walled" eight thousand square foot compound home in Washington, DC, to assume and take the leadership command of the "lost-at-sea" Democrat Party.
He will bask in the glory adoration, and unending worship, of his "lost-at-sea" Democrat Party cronies like Clinton, Sanders, Warren, Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, etc., while he continues applying his political, death curse that he has bestowed so well on the coming political death of the Democrat Party!!!
Foolish & incompetent Democrats will follow his lead, like the blind sheep they are, and, will follow him over the cliff into political obscurity!!! Just as he setup the Clinton loss last November, Obama will ply his political failure mantra to the Democrats, once again, giving the Democrat Party the fatal political death that is coming rapidly in November, 2018!!! Folks that do learn from history are always doomed to repeat it again!!!
The current Democrat Party needs Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, like an unwanted bitching uncle or aunt at Thanksgiving dinner!!! Some folks, just never learn!!!