Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Denial aint a river for liberals, its more of an oceanic world

mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball 

The left and its allies the main stream corporate media have denied till their throats were hoarse that Europe in particular countries like Sweden have a growing crime problem thanks to Muslim immigrants. Despite years and years of no-go zones, riots, demonstrations, chants of allah-akhbar in the streets of Malmo and Stockholm, speeches by clerics and refugees advocating violence and abuse towards women and non-muslims ad nauseum, the far left wont own up.

In Europe the problem is much worse... Leftist governments have banned news outlets from reporting rapes and murders, police are forbidden from mentioning ethnicity and religious orientation on reports, criticism of Islam or mentioning its darker aspects are criminalized as "hate speech," and when someone has the guts to call out the Muslim refugees for their violent BS, they respond back with their violent BS.

So when President Donald Trump decided to stand up and call out The Muslims of Sweden and other places for their atrocities and point out how dangerous Europe has become thanks to the influx of Muslims from Africa and the Middle east, it came as no surprise to us that the liberals would scream bloody mayhem. Despite being fact checked, despite showing the statistics that show that Europe is a dangerous hell hole thanks to Islam.

And the Muslims? They objected to President Trump's remarks of that Islam is violent by being violent, launching riots all throughout Sweden and other countries in Europe.

As usual, the leftist media wont report it and wont tell us who's causing it. If they are telling us about it, they say its somehow Trump's fault that Muslims are being violent because he said in Florida that Islam is well... violent.

All the leftists and their bloodthirsty muslim allies have done is convince us once more how great it is that Donald Trump is our president. America made the right choice.

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