Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bill Clinton: Secrets of His Mistress ('Charity' Foundation Gave $2 Million to Energizer Bunny)

Natl Enquirer ^ | May 15 2017 ast | staff report 

Bill Clinton and his womanizing ways have provided another blow to the shaky presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton — as other newspapers finally pick up The ENQUIRER's bombshell exclusive on how his charity foundation gave $2 million to his reported mistress! Insiders told The ENQUIRER that blonde beauty Julie Tauber McMahon has been an "on-and-off mistress" to the former Prez for over a decade.
Julie (pictured) has denied a romantic relationship with the former Horndog-in-Chief — but a relative who passed a polygraph test spoke to The ENQUIRER in 2011. “It became a running joke in the family,” the source said. “If Clinton traveled to London, we’d learn Julie was also visiting London. When Clinton went to France, we’d discover Julie was also in France.”
The couple reportedly would regularly sneake into each other’s homes for trysts, with the two living just five miles apart in Chappaqua, N.Y. The source said: “They even slept in Hillary’s bed!"
But the sleazy sexual antics became a lot more questionable after The ENQUIRER discovered that the Clinton Global Initiative charity had given a $2 million "Green Grant" to Nebraska-based Energy Pioneer Solutions — where Julie serves as an executive officer and director!
The ENQUIRER discovered the grant buried in an official document released by Bill's foundation in 2010 about a "Special Session on Recovery in Haiti." Now reporters at "The Wall Street Journal" have picked up on The ENQUIRER's scoop to add more heat to Hillary's troubled race to the White House!
This isn't the first time Clinton's foundation has come under fire. Earlier reports had questioned why the starstruck Clinton Foundation seemed obsessed with catering to celebrities — with the foundation even buying a first-class ticket for actress Natalie Portman as a "special guest" who brought along her dog to attend an event!
There are also federal laws designed to prevent a nonprofit like the Clinton Foundation from acting in any individual's private interest.
Insiders told The ENQUIRER that Bill first met Julie in 1998 through her father, Michigan millionaire Joel Tauber — then a top Democratic Party contributor and Clinton family friend. In a written statement to The ENQUIRER on March 3, 2011, Julie wrote: “My reply remains the same, we are friends and the allegations are false.”
The ENQUIRER visited Chappaqua in late July of that year, however, and discovered that Bill had taken “his girlfriend” to a local jewelry store and bought a bracelet for her.
Around the same time, another eyewitness spotted Bill dining with a “honey blonde” at local French bistro Le Jardin du Roi. “They even held hands at the table,” said the source. “I’d say he’s smitten pretty bad!”
This renewed attention to Bill's financial and personal relationship to Julie arrives at a particularly bad time, too — with the latest issue of The National ENQUIRER hitting newsstands with a bombshell exposé on how Hillary has used blackmail and intimidation to cover up the former President's multiple marital indiscretions!

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