Sunday, February 26, 2017

ALERT: Obama’s Post-Presidential Website Online… Campaign Image Spotted

Conservative Tribune ^ | Feburary 25, 2017 | Staff 

Barack Obama is America’s political houseguest who won’t go away. During his tenure, Democrats lost both houses of Congress, scores of governorships and state legislatures, and finally the White House. Despite that record, the former president has decided that, much like the Foo Fighters, he’ll stick around.

If you doubt this, close examination of his new website proves just how politically involved the former president wants to stay. Yes, the former first family already has a website, titled ( The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama. (I hear they got a good deal on used servers from Hillary Clinton.) Take a little bit of a closer look at the bottom, however, and you might notice something a little disconcerting.
 The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama.
At first glance, the website looks innocuous enough. You’re greeted with a clip from Obama’s farewell speech, where he recites his “achievements” while saying, “Yes, we can. Yes, we did.”
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