Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why the Democrats Can't Stop Calling the GOP Racists

American Thinker ^ | November 30, 2016 | Karin McQuillan 

President Obama, Democrat politicians and the mainstream media are still calling Trump KKK.  They’re tarring his team as anti-Semites and racists.  The electoral map would stop any normal politicians in their tracks, but Democrat hate speech is only getting louder and more hysterical.  A major course correction is not going to happen for three reasons:

1. Democrat leadership;

2. Democrat donors;

3.  Democrat voting blocks.

There is no force in the party that wants to change.

Democrats don’t debate Trump on the issues, because their agenda is a turn-off.  Under the leadership of Alinskyite Barack Obama, the Democratic Party has degenerated from liberalism to progressivism.  It has not been pretty.   A focus on preferential treatment for blacks has given way to a war on cops.  Caring about Hispanic Americans suddenly means America shouldn’t have borders and should have sanctuary for rapists and killers -- as long as they are here illegally.

Browbeating college kids by empowerring feminists and black activists with Title IX money has turned college campuses against freedom of thought and speech.  Women’s issues have bizarrely turned into a war on masculinity.  Gay rights has morphed into men in women’s bathrooms.  Pro-choice turned into third-trimester infanticide and lawsuits against the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Physical violence against Republicans is encouraged by President Obama and Clinton under the euphemism ‘protest.’

Democrat progressive politics is weird and ugly and dangerous, and people across the country have recoiled from it.  As Marc Thiessen says with his usual eloquence, “You can drive some 3,000 miles across the entire continental United States — from sea to shining sea — without driving through a single county that voted for Hillary Clinton.”
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