Monday, November 28, 2016

Colleges delay classes and exams, offer stress-healing therapies after Trump victory! ^ | Nov. 12, 2016 | not stated 

As Americans comes to terms with the election results, students seem to need extra time and care to cope with Donald Trump’s victory. Colleges across the US have canceled classes and exams, offered disaster counseling and dog and coloring book therapies. '
Since Wednesday, schools have been trying to help students recover from election day, which for some ended in a shocking outcome.
Classes were canceled or postponed the morning after the elections at some colleges due to understanding that students had stayed up late to wait for the results. Some professors even decided that holding exams would be counterproductive because students complained about “serious stress.”
One University of Michigan psychology professor postponed an exam until November 16. “However one feels about the results of this important election, it’s clear that it (and the period leading up to it) is/has been very distracting and upsetting to many students,” professor John Snodgrass wrote in an email, cited by the College Fix. “I’ve been receiving many emails in recent hours from students requesting to delay the exam due to associated serious stress.”
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