Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bloodthirsty Trump supporters riot in Youngstown - or not?

Me | 3/15/2016 | GeorgiaDawg32 

I don't know. It just might be me, but it seems with the media, BLM and every other alphabet calling Trump supporters bloodthirsty and violent, yesterday in Youngstown should have seen half the city in flames.

Yet, completely, completely peaceful. Not one interruption, not one fight. Kinda tells you something, doesn't it?

Maybe somebody out there in the media, with a brain (a stretch I know), will put two and two together and figure out there is unrest ONLY when protesters show up, not to protest, but to intimidate and incite, knowing the media will have their backs and blame Trump.
Personally, I think these disruptions are backfiring big time.

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