Monday, September 28, 2015

John Boehner: Bad Speaker or Worst Speaker?

American THinker ^ | 9-28-2015 | C. Edumund Wright 

All you need to know about the failed speakership of John Boehner was exposed to the entire world by Boehner himself as he announced his resignation from Congress. The what, the how, and the why of his failures were succinctly explained when he said, “The first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution that we all love.”
Do what? Well, no wonder he was a disaster as speaker. He had no clue what the job description was. In just 15 words, everything about his disastrous reign was brought into laser-sharp focus. Never has someone so orange said so much with so few words and so many tears. When you're this out of touch and have abused this much power and wasted this many opportunities that have caused a nation great pain, there is no limit to the scorn you deserve.
And for the record, that "institution that we all love" comment may be the dumbest political statement since David Brooks proclaimed Barack Obama a great president on the strength of his pant crease. It's also a perfect bookend comment to some words he uttered through tears in November of 2010 as he was preparing to take the gavel without a clue what message the voters had just sent.
The salient point that Boehner made clear is that the country is here to serve the government. The important people are those in government. What else can his words possibly mean? When he said "the institution that we all love" – it's clear that we means the House of Cards Washington Cartel in the House. For damned sure, no one else has any love for that institution.
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