Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Annual emissions from Keystone pipeline would be one-tenth of what’s produced by … cow farts!

Hotair.com ^ | 5/5/2014 | alphapundit
I was torn between posting this animal-themed instant classic from WaPo and the news today about scientists reverse-engineering aging in mice by using young blood. But then I remembered an ironclad rule of blogging: When in doubt, go with the news story that involves farting. Besides, we cover stuff about elderly vampirism of the young all the time. Given the “creative” uses to which infant tissue is already put, it’s too depressing to spitball where a “young blood” industry might lead. So let’s stick with cow farts. I’m not even going to quote from WaPo’s story. Just eyeball this graph they made to grasp how high the stakes are environmentally in killing off a few thousand jobs to protect the tar sands.
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