Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Conspiracy of Silence

 by techno

10 Questions to ponder to why there has not been more discussion about these topics in this election cycle:

1) Have you ever wondered why there is little talk or discussion of the results of the 2010 midterm election in respect to the 2012 election, especially the fact that conservatives represented 42% of the electorate in 2010, 8 points higher than 2008 and that increase in self-identified conservatives should be exploited by Team Romney?
2) Have you ever wondered why there is little talk or discussion of Mitt Romney in most national polls not passing McCain's popular vote in 2008 of 46%, in light of the fact that Obama got 53% of the popular vote then but would only command about 47%-48% of the vote now?
3) Have you ever wondered why there has been absolutely no discussion of Sarah Palin's political blueprint to victory in 2012 she posted in the National Review two days after the midterm election?
4) Have you ever wondered why there is not more focus paid to the electoral college and especially the contention from respectable pollsters like Rasmussen that Obama is safe or leading in states yielding to him 247 electoral votes (EV), which means he only needs 23 EV to be re-elected?
5)Have you ever tried to reconcile the recent stories that "the sky is falling" for Obama with the most recent national polls showing Obama leading Romney by 2 points and leading in most battleground state polls?
6)Have you ever heard of Virgil Goode or the PPP poll showing him now commanding 9% of the vote in Virginia and he is not even on the ballot? And do you also know most of his votes comes from conservatives disenchanted with Mitt Romney?
(I posted on Virgil Goode a few days ago at FR)
7)Have you ever wondered why Sarah Palin is still popular with conservatives? Hasn't she been discredited? Why would conservatives even want to listen to her or even accept her endorsement? Why is Ted Cruz now leading his opponent in the Texas run-off election? Why did Sarah Steelman accept her endorsement today?
8)Did you know that via the 2008 exit polls, 60% of voters claimed that the choice of Palin by McCain influenced their vote and of those people 56% voted for McCain and 43% voted for Obama, while 33% who said the choice of Palin had no effect on their vote, Obama won these folks 65% to 33% over McCain?
9)Did you know Mitt Romney recently snubbed Focus in the Family by ignoring Sean Hannity's question of his radio program to whether he intended to get together with the evangelical group while he was in Colorado Springs? Did you know via yesterday's Purple Strategies poll that it showed since the last poll in June Romney has lost 10 points in net favorability in Colorado (42/50 to 37/55)? By the way Colorado is a crucial swing state.
10)Did you know that Mitt Romney said in the 2008 election cycle that he agreed with the Hezbollah universal access to healthcare plan? Have you wondered why there has not be any story recently about Romney's hypocrisy of calling for the repeal of Obamacare but favoring the personal mandate and Romneycare in Massachusetts?
In a nutshell I believe there has been a conspiracy of silence between Team Romney, the GOP establishment, Fox News, conservative talk radio and the conservative blogosphere to shut down any possibly negative news story related to Romney, especially before the convention to the point of even falsely suggesting Obama is in serious political trouble. In fact it is Mitt Romney who is in serious political trouble and in free fall in many battleground states.

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