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A TEXAS picture worth more than a thousand words!

Twitter | 01 September 2017 

You Lefties Keep Using these Words. I do not Think they Mean what You Think they Mean.

Flopping Aces | 08-31-17 | Brother Bob 

Don't ever change, Washington Post. Even when you get an issue really right I know I can count on you to screw it up in the end. I was impressed with the short op-ed from last Sunday's paper that was critical of Cuba. It was a mixture of the author's artwork as well as a few short passages, and with a title like "As a boy, I fled despotism in Cuba. Now I’m fighting it here in America," you know it's just itching to open a can of stupid.

Edel Rodriguez starts the narrative of the childhood of a boy born in Havana in 1971, and with it describes some of the harassment that his family received at the hands of the Castro regime. I was somewhat surprised to see an account like this being in the Washington Post, providing narrative and imagery that shows the brutality of this regime that so many members of the Radical Left idealize.

He continues with a brief passage on how the government monitored its citizens and how easy it was to be snitched on by the local government agent (Attack watch, anyone?) His family tried to escape, was discovered, and punished accordingly. They finally managed to escape with the 1980 flotilla, and Rodriguez continues with adapting to life in America. And then it goes off the rails - this is one of the two anti-Trump images he uses in his post. Here is what he had to say:

Over the past year, though, I’ve sometimes strained to differentiate my adoptive country from the dictatorship I fled. Violence at political rallies, friends watching what they say (and noting who is in the room when they say it) and a leader who picks on society’s weakest — this has felt all too familiar. I began making art about what I saw, to bear witness. I wanted to hold up a mirror to the president’s daily abuses of the Constitution, test the rights given to me by that Constitution. I wanted to find out if this is really the land of the free, the home of the brave.
I'd be lying if I said my jaw didn't drop when I read this.
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Proof Obama Wanted to 'Choke' Every Business Owner in America ^ | August 31, 2017 | Wayne Allyn Root 

I mentioned in a recent column that the news was filled with stories about the protest-turned-riot in Charlottesville, the KKK, Neo Nazis, white supremists and let’s not forget Confederate statues.
These are all WMD's- Weapons of Mass Distraction. They don’t affect the average American's life on a daily basis.
What matters are high-quality jobs, the economy, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the health of small business (which creates most private sector jobs), and the survival of the middle class (because they buy most of what everyone is selling).
Like 63 million other Trump voters, I voted for President Trump to rescue the dying U.S. economy. To lower my taxes. To repeal the disaster known as Obamacare (aka the horribly Unaffordable Care Act). To bolster small business. These are simple things. But the media ignores them all. They want to distract you away from what matters.
A great example is “Operation Choke Point.” I’ll bet good money 99% of Americans have never heard of it. You didn’t know President Obama created it. And you didn’t know President Trump killed it only days ago.
Why didn’t this story make headlines? Why isn’t “Operation Choke Point” more important than a disturbance in Charlottesville, or the KKK, or a handful of toothless, brainless, racist Neo Nazis?
“Operation Choke Point” was another socialist scheme cooked up by Comrade Obama to make it much harder to do business in America. To damage capitalism. To “choke” the economy. To kill middle class jobs. To put obstacles and challenges in front of every private sector business owner.
And here’s the hidden goal: to starve, strangle and “choke” the life out of conservative talk radio and conservative web sites like FoxNews, DrudgeReport and Breitbart.
Can you imagine running a country just to wipe out your political opposition? To make more people dependent on government? Isn't that what socialist tin-pot dictators do? But that’s exactly what Obama did for eight years.
“Operation Choke Point” was a program dreamed up by Obama to cut off bank accounts, credit, loans and credit card merchant accounts to LEGAL businesses in America. Yes, the federal government tried to strangle and “choke” LEGAL business that Obama deemed “undesirable.” Even liberal lawyers called it a terrible violation of the United States Constitution.
After all, who but a tin pot socialist dictator, or the Big Brother “morality police” has the nerve to try to put LEGAL businesses, out of business, simply because he doesn’t approve of what they’re legally selling? Well Obama did. At least he tried.
It must have been pure coincidence the LEGAL businesses that Obama chose to “choke” out of business were all advertisers on conservative talk radio and on popular conservative web sites. The list includes gun dealers, firearm sales, ammunition sales, gold dealers, coin dealers, “get rich products” (to Obama it was a crime to teach people how to make more money), Pyramid-type sales (would that happen to be Multi Level Marketing?), lottery sales and other legal gambling-related businesses, credit repair services, payday loans, debt consolidation, surveillance equipment and telemarketing (among a dozen others).
Interesting list.
First, they are all 100% legal businesses. Whether you like them, or not, government has no right to try to bankrupt them, or force them out of business. Unless of course, Obama thought we’d become a communist dictatorship.
Secondly, they all just happen to advertise on conservative talk radio.
Third, they all just happen to advertise on conservative web sites.
Fourth, I'm a witness they just happen to all be advertisers on my specific conservative talk radio and TV shows.
Fifth, many of these are businesses I’ve either been in, or made money off of my entire life. Coincidence? I’m the proto-typical independent small businessman who wants no help from government. I've never worked for big government, or big business in my life. I've never had a government contract. I've never accepted a government handout.
Obama’s goal was to make people like me extinct. "Operation Choke Point" was a part of the puzzle- along with high taxes, thousands of new regulations, IRS audits, Obamacare and climate change. This is how you wipe out small business, independent contractors and the middle class. By attacking the private sector.
It's no coincidence that "Operation Choke Point" went after only mom and pop business owners with 1 to 100 employees. It just so happens, none of these are industries that are built around big business, or billion dollar multi-national companies (Obama’s biggest donors and best friends in Martha's Vineyard).
Typical Obama. Obama choked the economy...
Typical Trump. Trump rides to the rescue...
Typical media. They covered it all up with fake news and WMD (Weapons of Mass Distraction).

All the president’s men (he can’t fire) (#NeverTrump Alert)

NY Post ^ | August 31, 2017 | Rich Lowry 

President Trump told us he’d hire the best people. He didn’t mention that he’d be unable to fire them.

The president is experiencing a bout of insubordination from his top officials the likes of which we haven’t seen in the modern era. It’s not unusual to have powerful officials at war among themselves, or in the presidential doghouse. It’s downright bizarre to have them publicly undercut the president, without fear of consequence.
The new measure of power in Washington is how far you can go in criticizing the president you serve. The hangers-on and junior players must do it furtively and anonymously. Only a principal like Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson or James Mattis can do it out in the open and get away with it.
First, it was chief economic adviser Cohn saying in an interview that the administration — i.e., Trump — must do a better job denouncing hate groups. Then, it was Secretary of State Tillerson suggesting in a stunning interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News that the rest of the government speaks for American values, but not necessarily the president. Finally, Secretary of Defense
Mattis contradicted without a moment’s hesitation a Trump tweet saying we’re done talking with North Korea.
In a more normal time, in a more normal administration, any of these would be a firing offense (although, in Mattis’ defense, he more accurately stated official US policy than the president did). Tillerson, in particular, should’ve been told before he was off the set of Fox News Sunday that he was only going to be allowed to return to the seventh floor of the State Department to clean out his desk.
That this hasn’t happened is an advertisement of Trump’s precarious standing, broadcast by officials he himself selected for positions of significant power and prestige.
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