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Behold the Democrats’ Olympic-grade Flip-flops on James Comey ^ | May 14, 2017 | Deroy Murdock 

NEW YORK — Short of chomping into a cyanide capsule, there is nothing that President Donald J. Trump can do to satisfy the Left.
Precisely as I predicted on the Fox Business Network Tuesday evening, soon after news broke that Trump told FBI Director James Comey, You’re fired!, Democrats have empretzeled themselves over this matter. Until this bombshell exploded, Democrats relentlessly blamed the monstrous Comey for depriving Hillary Clinton of her birthright — to reign over America. Before the shrapnel had hit the floor, however, Democrats swiftly transformed Comey into the latest victim of Herr Trump, amid “a little whiff of fascism,” as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews put it.

  • “The American public is getting mildly nauseous listening to James Comey,” former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said Tuesday morning, via Twitter.

But after Comey got tossed, Podesta changed his tune more quickly than a jukebox. Just seven hours later, he said to President Trump: “Didn’t you know you’re supposed to wait til Saturday night to massacre people investigating you?” This was an overblown reference to President Nixon’s Watergate–era dismissal of Attorney General Elliott Richardson and Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox.

  • “I do not have confidence in him any longer,” Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer of New York said of Comey on November 2, as captured in a video montage of the Left’s reversals on this issue.
On Tuesday, Schumer told journalists, “I told the president, ‘Mr. President, with all due respect, you are making a big mistake.’”

  • “I think he should take a hard look at what he has done, and I don’t think it would be a bad thing for the American people if he did step down.” Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist – Vermont) said about Comey last fall.

On Tuesday, Sanders said: “Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey raises serious questions about what his administration is hiding.”

  • “Maybe he’s not in the right job,” House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California told CNN on November 2.

However, Comey’s dismissal “raises the ghosts of some of the worst Executive Branch abuses.”

  • “The FBI director has no credibility,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D – California) said last year.

This week: “I do not necessarily support the president’s decision.”

  • “The president ought to fire Comey immediately,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler (D – New York) on November 16.

On May 9, Nadler said: “The firing of FBI Director Comey by President Trump is a terrifying signal of this Administration’s continued abuse of power on so many levels.”

  • Representative Hank Johnson (D – Georgia) said about Comey on January 13: “He should pack his things and go…I do not have confidence in this man to lead the FBI.”

And on Tuesday: “By terminating FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump has continued his assault on our Republic.”

The Left’s Olympic-grade flip-flopitis on Comey stretches well beyond Washington.
“FIRE COMEY,” actress Rosie O’Donnell unequivocally demanded last December, via Twitter. She described herself as “furious” at Comey and “wanted him fired.”

But that sentiment is so 2016.

“He should not have been [fired],” O’Donnell told Gizmodo on Thursday. O’Donnell said that she chatted with a former FBI agent who “spoke glowingly” of Comey. O’Donnell now says of Comey: “I think he is a good man.”

So, in short, Democrats begged for someone to rid them of this troublesome FBI chief. At last, Trump did exactly this. And, now that he has done so, Democrats are more enraged at him than ever.

As he opened the Senate on Wednesday, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky sounded justifiably flummoxed:

“What we have now is our Democratic colleagues complaining about the removal of an FBI Director whom they themselves repeatedly and sharply criticized; that removal being done by a man, Rod Rosenstein, whom they repeatedly and effusively praised — when Mr. Rosenstein recommended Mr. Comey’s removal for many of the very reasons they consistently complained about.”

Some liberals now say that Trump waited too long. He supposedly would have been on safe ground had he sacked Comey soon after taking the presidential oath of office.

“I think that if the president would have fired him when he first came in,” Rep. Waters told NBC’s Peter Alexander, “he would not have to be in a position now where he is trying to make up a story about why.”


Had the president done this on January 20, the headlines would have screamed: “Day of the Long Knives: Trump Launches Dictatorship by Booting Comey before Lunch.” Given that the FBI has been sniffing around Trump’s circle since at least the transition, any time that Trump terminated Comey would have triggered hollers of “Cover up!”

Maxine Waters let the cat bolt right out of the bag when she referred this week to Hillary Clinton and Comey: “If she had won the White House, I believe that given what he did to her, and what he tried to do, she should have fired him.”

But, regarding President Trump and Comey, Waters said, “I believe that the president of the United States should not have done this in the middle of an investigation.”

Democrats and liberals who were driven by concern for the little guy now are fueled by little more than opportunism, hypocrisy, and situation ethics.

President Trump CRUSHES Obama in First Four Months Comparison

Gateway Pundit ^ | May 14, 2017 | Jim Hoft 

It’s now six months since the Presidential election which was held on November 8th, 2016 and almost four months since President Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th.

How is President Trump doing? The main stream media (MSM) and Democrat Party insist that President Trump should be impeached. But is this reasonable? Perhaps the best measurement of President Trump’s first few months in office is to compare President Trump with President Obama, the MSM’s ideal and perceived greatest President.

So here it is – a comparison between Presidents Trump and Obama in their first six months since their respective election wins and in their first nearly four months in their Presidencies.
The Economy – US Stock Market
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‘Probably more’ links between Clinton and Russia than Trump and Russia!

Hill ^ 

There is probably more evidence of links between Russia and the Clinton campaign than anyone even could imagine between Russia and people involved in the Trump campaign," he added.

King also pushed back on the criticism surrounding Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, maintaining that any investigation relating to Russia would be handled by senior officials in the FBI, not Comey.

"If you are going to be accusing the president of the United States of treason, you better know what you are talking about," he said. "So far, none of these people know what they are talking about."
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Requiring photo ID is “racist,” except when it’s done by Obama, the NAACP, unions, or other liberals!

wordpress ^ | June 6, 2015 | Dan from Squirrel Hill 

Former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee recently announced that he wants to be the Democrats’ 2016 presidential candidate.
In July 2011, Governor Chafee signed a bill that requires voters to show photo ID.
In March 2012, Obama’s Justice Department blocked Texas’s voter ID requirement, claiming that it was “racist.”
However, the very same Justice Department requires photo ID for everyone who enters.
So let’s say that someone is denied their right to vote because they don’t have voter ID, and they want to file a lawsuit at the Justice Department. But because they don’t have photo ID, they can’t get into the Justice Department in the first place!
In this video, beginning at 2:39, we see that Obama’s Justice Department requires photo ID for everyone who enters:
The same video also shows that you need photo ID in order to enter other liberal organizations which claim that requiring voter ID is “racist,” including the Advancement Project (at 1:38), the Center for American Progress (2:08), and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (2:23).
At a July 2012 NAACP event, NAACP President Ben Jealous claimed that requiring voter ID was “racist.” However, at that very same event, the NAACP required photo ID in order to get into the event in the first place!
Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Britain, India, and South Africa all require photo ID in order to vote, but U.S. liberals don’t consider those countries’ requirements to be “racist.”
In January 2012, Illinois passed a law which requires buyers of drain cleaner to show photo ID, but liberals didn’t accuse this requirement of being “racist.”
In June 2012, Michelle Obama required photo ID in order to attend her book signings, but liberals didn’t accuse her of being “racist.”
In June 2012, Barack Obama required photo ID in order to attend his campaign events, but liberals didn’t accuse him of being “racist.”
This article from Politico includes the following photograph of a labor union that requires photo ID in order for its members to vote, but liberals didn’t accuse this union of being “racist”:

In my opinion, requiring photo ID is never “racist.”
However, I would like liberals to please explain why it is “racist” when conservatives do it, but not “racist” when liberals do it.
Anyway, according to liberals’ own “logic,” Lincoln Chafee is a “racist.” Why would they want him to be president?

Trump can't win the press ^ | Eddie Scarry 

The mania over James Comey's firing would carry more weight if the press didn't behave this way every time President Trump signed an order, wrote a tweet or flushed a toilet.
Political commentators, news organizations and lawmakers on both sides had been calling for Comey's ousting for months for his bizarre, inconstant approach in conducting the sensitive investigations into Hillary Clinton's emails and then Trump's election campaign.
But now that he's gone, the media act like America just lost its favorite uncle.
Everyone is now used to the simple fact that no matter what he does, Trump cannot win the press. And that's why no one should look to it for an indication of whether he's doing anything right.
Depending on what mood the Washington media wake up in on any given day, Trump is either dumb and expected to screw up (i.e. Charles Blow wittily referring to Trump in every column as "president" in quotes) or it's, Hey, why isn't he doing everything like a normal president? Constitutional crisis!
The president's version of events is that he felt Comey was no longer up to the job and that he asked the Justice Department to make a case for his firing.
That's inconsistent with the original White House story that the president made his decision based solely on the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
The media have seized this point with a vice grip as if it proves something.
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Why working class Americans voted with their middle finger!

NY Post ^ | 5/13/2017 | Kyle Smith 

Clinton’s rhetoric about helping the poor also turned off the WWC: The have-a-littles disdain the have-nots. Working people in the middle are proud of their discipline and resent the spongers they perceive as being rewarded for having none. They don’t romanticize welfare recipients as being hapless victims of circumstance because they see them at the grocery store every week.
Even when they qualify for aid, they sometimes make a point of rejecting it: “I don’t want a government handout,” they say. “I can do this on my own.” Accepting welfare is seen as a character flaw and leads to a serious loss of social standing in the community, according to a study of rural voters in California. Without such standing, you don’t get considered when there’s a job opening.
Bill Clinton understood this kind of thinking, which is why he signed welfare reform in 1996, when he carried such states as West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Louisiana. No Democratic presidential candidate since has won any of those states, and they’re no longer even trying.
Bill famously advised his wife’s campaign to do more to reach out to the WWC, but in what will surely be recalled as one of the defining moments of hubris on Team Hillary, campaign manager Robby Mook replied, “the data run counter to your anecdotes.”
It’s just too perfect that Clinton lost the election in part because she relied on a gay, 36-year-old Ivy League data nerd rather than a two-time winner of a presidential election to show her the path to the White House. If she wants to learn some anecdotes about how to repel people you’re supposed to be wooing, this book is an excellent place to start.
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