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CNN’s Don Lemon Walks Off Show After Guest Accuses Him Of Reporting Fake News (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit ^ | 2/18/2017 

CNN has come under heavy fire from many people for reporting fake news including President Trump who called CNN ‘very fake news’ at his last presser. CNN can dish it out, but they can’t take it! After bullying Trump and colluding with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle they are finally getting a dose of their own medicine.
Of course CNN was blathering on about the cost to keep President Trump safe and how to make it fiscally better for the American people…all of a sudden liberals want to watch pennies and be fiscally responsible. I guess we’ll just have to suspend reality for a moment to forget about the trillions of debt Obama racked up.
Don Lemon: “Paris, what do you think?”
Paris Dennard: “I think this is fake news. This is not…this is not a news story.”
Don Lemon: “What about it is fake, Paris? Are we going down this road again?”
Paris Dennard: “Yeah we are! The President is not breaking any laws.”
Don Lemon: “…Please stop with that stupid talking point that this is a fake news story!…”
Paris Dennard: ” Don this is a fake news story in my opinion….”
This is where Don Lemon couldn’t take it anymore, cut off his guest and walked off his show!
Don Lemon: “Ok, thank you very much everyone. Thanks for watching. Have a great weekend. Good night all.”
What’s really funny is watching Don Lemon try to lecture someone on what the definition of fake news is. Congrats to CNN for being promoted from ‘fake news’ to ‘VERY fake news’!

'Fake news' CNN: Time to take 'em out

WND ^ | 02/17/2017 | Larry Klayman 

Exclusive: Larry Klayman demands FCC pull license from 'Communist News Network'

My column will get right to the point. CNN, which has morphed from the “Clinton News Network” to the “Communist News Network” under the stewardship of its ultra leftist, Harvard-educated, 5-foot-6-inch dwarf of a president, Jeff Zucker, was sued today before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The complaint, which is self- explanatory, is excerpted below.
"Freedom Watch and its Leftist Media Strike Force hereby respectfully demand regulatory enforcement action against CNN to fine, discipline and revoke any and all licenses from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for CNN, or any other legal and appropriate remedial action.
"… inciting assassination of the elected President and Vice President, and the Speaker of the House, amounts in effect to treason against the U.S. Constitution and the peaceful transition of power. This is an indictable criminal offense or series of offenses, and it surely violates the regulatory right of CNN to operate under Federal Communications Commission, its enabling statute and regulations.
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In case you thought Trump was imploding . . .

Angry Bear Blog ^ | 10 February 2017 | New Deal democrat 

For those of you who may be cocooned in the liberal blogosphere, I’m afraid I must administer a cold slap in the face.
Here is the graph of Gallup’s Economic Confidence Survey from its inception nearly 10 years ago. Notice that spike to new highs right at the end?

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Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants

Washington Post ^ | February 18, 2017 | David Nakamura 

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly has signed sweeping new guidelines that empower federal authorities to more aggressively detain and deport illegal immigrants inside the United States and at the border.

In a pair of memos, Kelly offered more detail on plans for the agency to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, expand the pool of immigrants who are prioritized for removal, speed up deportation hearings and enlist local law enforcement to help make arrests.

The new directives would supersede nearly all of those issued under previous administrations, Kelly said, including measures from President Barack Obama aimed at focusing deportations exclusively on hardened criminals and those with terrorist ties.
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NAACP Leader Balks At Idea Of Congressional White Caucus [VIDEO]

The Daily Caller ^ | February 17, 2017 | Ian Mason 

Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP, was at loss for words Thursday night as former Reagan adviser Jeffrey Lord injected a hypothetical Congressional White Caucus into a debate on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.
The racially charged exchange began during a discussion of President Trump having asked an African-American reporter from a black-focused new radio outlet if she knew the leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus.


“Frankly I used to think the Congressional Black Caucus, when it was first formed, was a good thing,” Lord began. “I changed my mind on this. I don’t think there should be any caucuses in the House of Representatives that are divided by race. I mean, heaven forbid, if David Duke got elected and wanted to form a Congressional White Caucus, that would be appalling,” he said, explaining his change of heart.
“Sir, Jeffrey, that is…I’m looking for a word here. Beyond…it’s completely preposterous. To compare the Klan to the Congressional Black Caucus,” Brooks smilingly replied, visibly upset by the analogy his fellow panelist drew.
“You would be okay with a Congressional White Caucus? Really?” Lord shot back, interrupting Brooks’ explanation of the Black Caucus’s purpose. “I didn’t say that,” was Brook’s immediate reply.
Not content with a mere explanation of the differences between the CBC and this hypothetical White Caucus, Brooks demanded an apology for the comparison. “Frankly, sir, you should apologize for even putting the Klan and the Congressional Black Caucus in the same sentence,” he told Lord.

Poll: Americans want Democrats to work with Trump (73%)

The Hill ^ | February 18, 2017 | By Jonathan Easley 

A strong majority of Americans say Democrats should look to cooperate with President Trump to strike deals, according to the inaugural Harvard-Harris poll provided exclusively by The Hill.

The survey found that 73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move.

The findings are significant as Democratic leaders in Congress are under growing pressure by their liberal base to obstruct the president's agenda. The poll shows the party is divided on how to deal with Trump: 52 percent of Democrats polled say they should cooperate with him on areas of agreement and 48 percent saying they shouldn't.

Those figures are nearly identical when the question is flipped – 68 percent of those polled say that Trump should be willing to compromise and find ways to work with Democrats in Congress. Thirty-two percent said Trump shouldn’t bend at all, even if it means finding ways to achieve his agenda without congressional approval. . .
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America Is Safer, in Less Than a Month!

Real Clear Politics ^ | February 18, 2017 | Robert E. Heiler 

Consider this: What can we predict about the immediate political fallout if a substantial jihadist attack on American soil were to happen tomorrow?
Answer: As we saw following 9/11, the visceral response is to rally around the flag; to see clearly the truth that despite our diverse spectrum of interests and opinions, there is much more connecting us than separating us. But the partisanship of the moment would profoundly affect the internal contours of that response.
For starters, the response of President Donald Trump would mostly likely be predictable, somewhat juvenile, and entirely correct: “I told you so.” It is not hard to imagine a tweet consisting of precisely these words, despite their impropriety.
Such a response, would present all those vigorously resisting his leadership -- which is to say nearly all Democrats and some Republicans -- with a stark and unavoidable choice: double down or shut up. The atmosphere and national mood would encourage the latter; some converts might have a genuine change of heart, and others merely a keen sense of self-preservation.
The point of this thought experiment is to illustrate what Trump has already accomplished: he has, to no small degree, hamstrung our enemies. A large-scale tactical success for them would risk strategic disaster. Trump campaigned on the strategic advantage of unpredictability. The popular response to a large attack would, simply put, elevate him. That is a thing that the jihadists devoutly want him not to have, for reasons that should be obvious.
This is true because of the asymmetric nature of our conflict. We are the conventional power, clearly superior in resources and technology. They are the guerrilla force, relying on concealment, surprise, and a low-intensity conflict to neutralize those advantages....
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In 1 Chart, What Your Favorite Fast-Food Items Would Cost With $15 Minimum Wage

The Daily Signal ^ | February 17, 2017 | Melissa Quinn 

For Americans hitting the drive-thru at their local McDonald’s, a $15-an-hour minimum wage could hit them in their wallets.
According to a January report released by James Sherk, a former research fellow in labor economics at The Heritage Foundation, fast-food prices would rise by 38 percent under a $15-an-hour minimum wage and cause a 36 percent drop in employment.
Sherk’s research comes after several cities and states across the country voted to raise their minimum wages, with increases typically phased in over the next five years.
Additionally, several Democrats have advocated a $15-an-hour minimum wage at the federal level, as does Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who spoke about the need for an increase to the federal minimum wage while campaigning for president last year.
In his paper, Sherk said that raising the minimum wage would lead to higher labor costs for fast-food restaurants. Restaurant owners operating on already slim profit margins would then need to raise their prices.
Those higher menu prices would have a direct impact on customers who frequent fast-food establishments.
Here’s how prices at some of the most popular fast-food restaurants would change with a $15-an-hour minimum wage.
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PBS, NEA, AmeriCorps on the chopping block in Trump’s first budget

Hotair ^ | 02/18/2017 | John Sexton 

The New York Times reported yesterday that the White House budget office has prepared a list of programs that could be eliminated in Trump’s first budget proposal. Among those programs are the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities and AmeriCorps. From the NY Times:
Work on the first Trump administration budget has been delayed as the budget office awaited Senate confirmation of former Representative Mick Mulvaney, a spending hard-liner, as budget director. Now that he is in place, his office is ready to move ahead with a list of nine programs to eliminate, an opening salvo in the Trump administration’s effort to reorder the government and increase spending on defense and infrastructure…
Many of those programs have been attacked by conservatives since the Republican “revolution” of 1994. Led by then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, the House of Representatives at the time repeatedly went after funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, whose supporters dragged Big Bird and Kermit the Frog to Capitol Hill to make their case…
Other agencies on the budget office’s list of cuts include the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the Corporation for National and Community Service, which finances programs run by AmeriCorps and SeniorCorps. The memo also proposed reducing funding for the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, a nonprofit organization focused on urban development.
You probably don’t have to guess where this is going. Every time someone threatens to cut PBS funding, progressives roll out Big Bird. In fact, Obama for America did this in 2012 after Mitt Romney said he would cut PBS funding. Here’s an ad they created which has been viewed more than 3 1/2 million times:


The real problem with zeroing out these programs isn’t that it will kill Big Bird. Sesame Street could make it in the free market without the $500 million a year CPB gets in taxpayer funds. The real problem is that these cuts, which together amount to $2.5 billion a year, won’t put a real dent in our growing debt.
As the debt clock approaches $20 trillion dollars, it’s important to remember that government spending is overwhelmingly dedicated to two big entitlement programs: Medicare and Social Security. We spend nearly $900 billion dollars a year on Social Security and over $900 billion a year on Medicare and associated programs (Medicaid, CHIP, etc). Since that is where the real money is, addressing our debt without touching these big programs is impossible.
But back when he was a candidate, Trump said a number of times that he would not be cutting Social Security or Medicare. This clip shows about four instances where he publicly promised no cuts to these programs.


Cutting funds to CPB and the NEA could be a symbolic victory for conservatives who have long argued these programs are wasteful. I get that. But unless this is just a first step, one which leads us to eventually addressing the real drivers of our debt, these cuts aren’t going to make much of a difference.

Turncoat: John McCain is a globalist shill, uses speech to the elite to attack Trump

Newz Sentinel | 2/18/2017 | Alex Thomas 

McCain attacks the tens of millions of Trump voters at globalist conference

During a speech at the globalist Munich Security Conference in Germany, noted neocon and deep state puppet John McCain attacked the Trump “worldview” in a point by point argument now being hailed in the corporate controlled media.
Trump and McCain already have a long history of being at odds and McCain’s speech Friday is sure to continue the feud between the president and a high ranking Republican Senator after McCain essentially attacked each and every position that the tens of millions of Trump voters support.
As the Washington Post so happily reported, “In his speech, McCain suggested the Western world is uniquely imperiled this year — even more so than when Barack Obama was president — and proceeded to question whether it will even survive.”
That’s right, according to John McCain, we are worse off this year then we ever were with Barack Obama, a claim that once again confirms that McCain is not a conservative but rather a puppet of the globalist elite.
McCain continued, “In recent years, this question would invite accusations of hyperbole and alarmism; not this year. If ever there were a time to treat this question with a deadly seriousness, it is now.”
A point by point breakdown of McCain’s speech was included in the Post report:
“[The founders of the Munich conference] would be alarmed by an increasing turn away from universal values and toward old ties of blood and race and sectarianism.”
“They would be alarmed by the hardening resentment we see towards immigrants and refugees and minority groups — especially Muslims.”
“They would be alarmed by the growing inability — and even unwillingness — to separate truth from lies.”
“They would be alarmed that more and more of our fellow citizens seem to be flirting with authoritarianism and romanticizing it as our moral equivalent.”
McCain continued: “But what would alarm them most, I think, is a sense that many of our peoples, including in my own country, are giving up on the West, that they see it as a bad deal that we may be better off without, and that while Western nations still have the power to maintain our world order, it’s unclear whether we have the will.”
Then McCain invoked some of those close to Trump and emphasized that his message won’t square with theirs:
I know there is profound concern across Europe and the world that America is laying down the mantle of global leadership. I can only speak for myself, but I do not believe that that is the message you will hear from all of the American leaders who cared enough to travel here to Munich this weekend. That’s not the message you heard today from Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. That is not the message you will hear from Vice President Mike Pence. That’s not the message you will hear from Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly. And that is certainly not the message you will hear tomorrow from our bipartisan congressional delegation.
McCain then concluded with another direct shot at Trump.
“I refuse to accept that our values are morally equivalent to those of our adversaries,” he said. “I am a proud, unapologetic believer in the West, and I believe we must always, always stand up for it. For if we do not, who will?
So there you have it. John McCain has made publicly clear to not only the globalist elite but to the entire world that he is 100% against the populist wave that swept Trump into office and is working directly against the idea of America first.
This disgusting attack by McCain should really come as no surprise as he has a long history of attacking Donald Trump, even going as far as to personally hand a disinformation dossier on the president-elect to leaders at the FBI.
“In the wake of the release of a disinformation dossier on President-elect Donald Trump, it has been revealed that none other than establishment Republican John McCain was responsible for passing the document to the highest reaches of the FBI, I reported at the time.
“McCain, of the apparent belief that this information was extremely important, actually passed the documents to FBI director James Comey last month, according to a report by The Guardian.”
“The Guardian can confirm that the documents reached the top of the FBI by December. Senator John McCain, who was informed about the existence of the documents separately by an intermediary from a western allied state, dispatched an emissary overseas to meet the source and then decided to present the material to Comey in a one-on-one meeting on 9 December, according to a source aware of the meeting,” the Guardian report reads.
There are a startling number of powerful people and organizations openly working against the new president and John McCain is certainly one of them. His speech to the globalists only confirms what many already knew.
John McCain is a traitor to both his party and the country as a whole.

Obama’s Welfare Leeches PISSED After Trump Stops Their Favorite FREEBIE

Angry Patriot Movement ^ | 2/18/2017 | Staff 

It’s not a secret that many people in America were able to slack off and not put in any effort when Obama was in the White House, but that’s all over now.
Ajit Pai is the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and he is telling these lazy Americans that enough is enough. Pai is going to be cutting fraud out of the abused Obamaphone program. The liberals, like this woman, are sure to lose their minds.
(Watch video at link)
Fraud was a beast that ran wild in Obama’s America. Welfare, food stamps, and healthcare were vastly overdrawn and taken advantage of by those who refused to get a job and go out and pay for the things they needed.
This has pushed our economy into the gutter and burdened our taxpayers, but with Trump as president and with a Republican dominated government, that is no longer acceptable.
The Obamaphone, for those who don’t know, was a program that gave free phones to Americans with low incomes.
This makes a lot of sense — phones are a necessary part of our society to receive calls for job interviews and in the case of emergencies, especially since pay phones have all but vanished. It was supposed to be a great boost up for people who are out of work, not a permanent free phone.
But the problem with this program, like many Obama programs, was that it was sloppy. Too many people were able to cheat the system, costing the government and taxpayers millions of dollars. These people in need were not getting simple flip phones but smart phones hot off the presses.
These people don’t need the latest iPhone 7 or Galaxy 8 if they can’t afford to buy it themselves. They don’t need internet access either — that is a luxury. If you need internet, go to the library. If you need to print something off, go to Staples.
Chairman Pai has decided to give the program a set budget of $1.5 billion. What a wild idea, right? These expenses should not threaten responsible use of money in the United States.
This is not the only program that was managed poorly under Obama’s administration, not even close. Obamacare, which everyone is aware of, was abused by the those who were sick or poor, who got cheap or free healthcare. But it was up to the rest of America to pay for it, and that’s why Trump is going to be repealing it.
These systems are abused too much. If you have a problem with these changes, it’s probably because you are a freeloader!

Sweden Accepted 162k Refugees in 2015. Guess How Many Have Jobs

Daily Sheeple ^ | 2/17/2017 | Daniel Lang 

When it comes to the migrant crisis in Europe, the two most important questions that need to be asked is, will these refugees ever return to their homelands, and if not, will they ever be able to function in European societies? So far, the answer to the latter of those two questions is a hard no.
Take Sweden for instance; a country that on a per capita basis, has probably taken in more refugees than any other European nation. In 2015 alone, they brought in 162,000 refugees. Now if these people were making assimilating into Sweden, you would see thousands of them finding jobs, finding homes, and learning the language. But by at least one of those metrics they are utterly failing. Out of those 162,000 refugees, guess how many have found a job since they reached Swedish shores?
Only 494 have jobs now!  A majority of the refugees are qualified to receive work permits in Sweden. So far, roughly a third of them have received work permits (more would have them, but there are so many refugees that the government is struggling to issue them). And of those with permits, less than one out every hundred migrants has a job.
This has been a widespread problem across Europe with no real end in sight. Only Germany has managed to alleviate the problem somewhat, by making migrants exempt from minimum wage laws. Either way, the odds of these people ever assimilating into Western society is slim.
Either they’re going to be jobless and a chronic strain on the welfare systems of Europe, or they’re going to be resentful of the societies that welcomed them when they realize that they’re only ever going to be working for pennies on the dollar. They will become a permanent underclass, always dependent on the government, and with no motivation to ever accept Western values.