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Do 62 Million Lives Matter? ^ | February 17, 2017 | Wayne Allyn Root 

Don't look now, but it's time for "The 62 million." It's Donald Trump and his 62 million voters against the world. Everyone is against us.
It's clear that no one wants to risk offending "Black Lives Matter." We can all clearly see that companies and retailers bend over backwards not to offend Democrats, liberals, women, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, gays, even transsexuals.
Offend any of those groups and you are met with a national boycott. Or like Ivanka Trump, your clothing line is cancelled, kicked out of stores. You can lose your career, business or livelihood in a nanosecond.
But what if the shoe was on the other foot?
Do 62 million Trump voters count? Does anyone care if we’re offended?
Do any CEO’s or Board of Directors care if we stop buying? What if all 62 million Trump voters decided to boycott bleeding-heart liberal CEOs and their companies? Would that get anyone’s attention?
Because I think it’s time for a "62 Million Man and Women March." It doesn’t have to be a physical march on Washington DC. Because conservatives have busy lives- we have no time for “protest marches.” We’re too busy building careers, businesses and families.
Trump voters can create a much more effective “march” to payback liberal companies for their disrespect of President Trump. Our march won’t be a physical protest. It will be a financial protest.
A "62 Million Lives Boycott."
This is how we punish liberals- we boycott their products. We need to stop spending our money on their products. The CEOs will get the message real fast.
It’s time for Trump voters to stop getting mad, but instead get even. It’s time for 62 million Trump voters to vote with our wallets. It’s time to show “Conservative Lives Matter.” It’s time to inflict pain on those who choose to disrespect us, or President Donald Trump.
Let “Black Lives Matter” liberals protest, block roads, smash windows and set fires. It’s time for “Conservative Lives Matter” to shut down liberals where it matters- in the pocketbook!
Stop watching the Oscars…Grammys…Emmys. Let liberal actors, singers and artists scream and lie hysterically about Trump, curse Trump, threaten Trump all they want- but no one will be watching.
Stop going to movies of big mouthed liberal Trump-haters like Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, Sean Penn. When ticket sales are down 50% to their movies, when their latest movie bombs, they’ll get the message to shut the hell up and keep their liberal views to themselves.
Stop buying music from liberal singers like Madonna, Lady Gaga or Beyonce. When their CD sales are down 40%, they’ll get message Loud and clear.
Stop buying coffee at Starbucks. Those 10,000 refugees the Starbucks CEO wants to hire will have to make coffee for themselves and 5 aging hippies with “F-Trump” T-shirts. Good luck to the shareholders of Starbucks.
Stop riding Uber or Lyft. Maybe when their rideshares dramatically collapse over the next year, they’ll learn to stop donating millions to the ACLU, or legal defense funds of Muslim refugees. Maybe they’ll stop playing partisan politics. Maybe they’ll donate millions to U.S. military veterans in trouble instead.
The list is long. These companies have all made their beds. Let’s teach them who the boss it. Two can play the boycott game.
Liberal CEOs are so worried about offending illegal aliens, but not 62 million Trump voters.
They are worried about offending foreigners, but not American patriots.
They are worried about offending transsexuals, but not a hundred million moms and dads, with beautiful kids (who are future customers, by the way).
They are worried about offending about 5 million Muslims in the USA, but not over 100 million Christians.
They are worried about offending liberals, but not conservatives- even though conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 out of 50 states.
They are worried about offending everyone and anyone, other than 62 million Trump voters. We don’t seem to count. Offending us doesn’t concern anyone. It’s time to change that.
62 million Trump voters are “the Silent Majority.” We just elected the President of the United States. And we buy lots of goods and services. Some might argue we buy a majority of the goods and services (because conservatives are a majority of middle class and wealthy consumers).
It’s time to show our power. It’s time to reward companies who support President Trump, or just shut up and don’t take sides. We’re not asking CEOs to support Trump, or conservatives causes. The point of capitalism to sell to both Republicans and Democrats. Stay out of politics- or risk losing the buying power of 62 million Trump voters.
I’ve never heard Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, or Merrill Lynch weigh in on politics, or dedicate company time, money or decisions based on partisan politics. Let’s reward them.
But it’s high time to punish the “progressive” companies that openly take sides and disrespect our President (and his 62 million supporters).
If CEOs want to show their liberal support, great. Have at it. But from now on, understand you’ll risk losing 62 million customers. Because...
We're "The 62 Million."

Why the Media’s Trump Lie Machine is Failing

FrontPage ^ | February 17, 2017 | Daniel Greenfield 

Why the Media’s Trump Lie Machine is Failing No one believes the media anymore.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Every five minutes the many mouths of the media broadcast, type, post and shriek that President Donald J. Trump is a liar. After months of this treatment, more voters find him truthful than them.
49% of voters believe that Trump and his people are telling the truth. Only 39% believe that the media is.
The media’s war on President Trump isn’t hurting him. It is destroying the media’s own credibility.
After Trump’s win, the media came to the conclusion that its biased attacks on him had been too subtle and understated to connect with the “dumb” voters. So it decided to be far more overt about its smears.
The New York Times, which used to be the best at disguising its biases in the omnipotent voice of professional journalism, called President Trump a liar in its headlines. The media cheered this descent into naked partisanship by the paper of record. But it didn’t hurt Trump. It hurt the Times.
Headlines blasting President Trump as a “liar” are easy enough to find on the internet. The New York Times derives much of its influence from its appearance of serious professionalism. Calling Trump names made it hard to distinguish the New York Times from the Huffington Post.
The first time the New York Times called Trump a liar was during the election. Times editor Dean Baquet insisted that while Hillary Clinton might “obfuscate, exaggerate”, Trump was a liar. And when the Times printed lies about Trump, it too was no doubt merely obfuscating and exaggerating rather than lying.
The Times can’t call its own candidate who lied about landing “under sniper fire” in Bosnia, negotiating peace in Northern Ireland and being kept out of NASA and the Marine Corps by sexism, a liar. And yet it expects someone, anyone, to believe that calling Trump a liar is anything more than a partisan smear.
Before the first debate, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and Politico all ran stories accusing Trump of being a liar. The coordinated attack failed to accomplish anything at all.
“Our president is a pathological liar. Say it. Write it. Never become inured to it,” Times columnist Charles Blow ranted in January. By February, the Times was reduced to writing explainers to explain why its lies weren’t working. “Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying.”
The public had become inured to a partisan attack from a partisan press.
The more the media attacked Trump, the less effective those attacks became. To call anyone else a liar, you need to tell the truth. And truth requires objectivity. The media had discarded objectivity in pursuit of political goals, but still “identified” as objective. In the parlance of political correctness, you are what you “identify” as, but the real world has never brought into this lie masquerading as a delusion.
Truth is not who you pretend to be. It’s who you are.
The media wanted the authority to determining who was lying without the responsibility of telling the truth. As the media made its partisan bias more obvious, it lost the credibility it needed. The more the media called President Trump a liar, the more the public believed that the media was lying.
“I think we're in a remarkably partisan moment, where people who don't like Donald Trump feel like the media is not doing enough about him. I think that's just wrong,” Dean Baquet complained.
The media is doing more than ever. And it’s accomplishing less than ever.
Instead the media has become trapped in a cycle of impotence. The harder it attacks Trump, the more credibility it loses. And this makes its attacks on him even more spectacularly ineffective.
Its arrogance has become its own undoing.
There were two reasons for the media’s influence. It had the infrastructure and it had credibility. The internet has made infrastructure largely irrelevant. If you are sitting in an airport, you might be stuck in front of a monitor playing CNN. But it’s usually just as easy to punch up FOX News on your phone.
The billions of dollars in media infrastructure, printing presses, broadcast towers and licenses, are becoming more irrelevant every year. And the media’s credibility is becoming irrelevant even faster.
Without broadcasting infrastructure, the media’s reach depends on credibility. The majority of Democrats still believe the media. The vast majority of Republicans do not. The media is an echo chamber that reflects this partisan structure. And its echo doesn’t reach past the ranks of the left.
The media is baffled at the futility of its efforts against Trump. It still can’t conceive of a world in which it isn’t trusted or needed. But Americans already don’t trust the media. And they don’t need it either.
The existence of a professional class of men and women who write about events was a leftover from an era when communication speeds were rising, but distribution still required investing in infrastructure: whether it was a printing press or a broadcast tower. The internet makes distribution absurdly easy.
Even the old privileges of the press, like the press corps, can be easily stripped away from it, as the White House has demonstrated by expanding the press corps to include more conservative outlets.
The New York Times was once known as the paper of record because it set the agenda for smaller papers. As one editor declared, “We set the agenda for the country in that room.” But the Times doesn’t set the agenda anymore. The internet does. The media’s political content is driven by the talking points of left-wing Twitter and the rest of its national offerings consist of viral videos and trending topics.
The media bemoans the collapse of its influence as a “post-truth world” filled with “Fake News” and “alternative facts”. But it was the media that destroyed its hegemony of credibility. After unveiling its “Fake News” smear, it quickly pulled it back again because it was all too easy for conservatives to use it to expose the flood of media lies.
A post-truth world rejects objectivity. The media imagines that its fact checks, which spin and editorialize shamelessly, put it on the side of truth. But truth is more than finding a factoid you can use to make a lie seem more plausible or a truth more unlikely. It’s intellectual honesty for its own sake.
The media believes that its left-wing goals are more important than objectivity or truth. But by abandoning the principles it claimed to live by, it destroyed its ability to achieve those goals.

Boom: Wall would save taxpayers $64 billion in freebies for illegals!

Washington Examiner ^ | 2/16/17 | Paul Bedard 

Even if President Trump's border wall cost the highest estimation of $16 billion, it would save that amount in just the first three years of operation by eliminating the lifetime cost to taxpayers for letting 170,000 slip in every year, according to a new analysis.

The authoritative Center for Immigration Studies Thursday crunched the numbers in a new analysis and found that even if the wall failed to stop the bulk of illegals, it would still pay for itself in a decade by cutting welfare, education, and other associated lifetime costs to federal, state and local taxpayers to care for undocumented immigrants.
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Obama Left Leakers In The WH To Wreak Havoc For The Trump Admin.-Jason Chaffetz Will Get Them!

IWB ^ | Pamela Williams 

There is so much news on General Flynn’s resignation from the White House, it is difficult to sort it all. Several important facts that I have gathered from videos and articles are:

 1. General Flynn did not confide the whole story on his phone call with Russia to Pence, as he felt the only one he should be talking to about that was the President himself. This is understandable to me, and it is also understandable that he did not want to make it public, as it might offend Pence.

 2. Representative Jason Chaffetz is quite upset over Flynn’s resignation, but he is livid over the fact that classified information was easily leaked from the White House to the news media. He wants an investigation into the leaks to find the source, as he said it is criminal. He stresses he does not need an investigation into General Flynn or President Trump.
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NBC: 'No Indication Of Any Collusion' Between Trump, Russia! ^ | 2/17/2017 | Joseph Curl 

After Hillary Clinton’s monumental loss in the 2016 election, she and her team of sycophants, bent on casting blame anywhere but the failed candidate with a losing message, spit out one of the all-time fakest of all fake news stories: The Russians did it.

Team Clinton said that she’d lost to a reality show star because the Russians, spearheaded by President Vladimir Putin, had directly sought to influence the election — and succeeded. In their version of events, Putin masterminded the hacking, and subsequent release, of emails from the Democratic National Committee and top aides to Clinton.

While the emails showed that Hillary and her cronies used underhanded methods to defeat primary challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders, they said the very release of the emails proved the Russians were involved.

But Wikileaks, which poured out the documents, has repeatedly said that their source was not the Russians. And even the FBI under President Barack Obama said there was no evidence.
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Anti-Trump haters will be sorry to learn where their so-called boycott landed Ivanka’s sales

Biz Pac Review ^ | 2-17-17 | Samantha Chang 

Success is the best revenge.

Just ask Ivanka Trump, whose perfumes rocketed to the top of the Amazon Bestsellers list after leftist anti-Trumpers launched a boycott of her products. While department stores like Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Sears and Kmart have dropped Ivanka’s clothing line, shoes and accessories, Amazon is cashing in on the first daughter’s popular perfumes.

An Ivanka Trump fragrance is No. 1 in Amazon’s women’s eau de parfum category. Ivanka’s products beat out fragrances from pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, both of whom have had extremely successful perfume lines for years.

Ivanka Trump’s merchandise is being targeted in a boycott campaign called “Grab Your Wallet,” which was orchestrated by California marketing executive Shannon Coulter. A vicious backlash erupted after the boycott, as consumers slammed protesters for targeting Ivanka to retaliate against her dad.
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Study: Up to 2.1 Million Hispanics May Have Voted Illegally

Newsmax ^ 

An analysis of a little-known study concluded there may have been more than 2 million non-citizen Hispanics who illegally voted last year.
The Washington Times cites the 2013 study, which was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates. A separate, and more recent, analysis by research nonprofit Just Facts found there was potentially a large number of non-citizens who managed to cast a vote in last fall's presidential election.
Donald Trump won the election but lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton. He has said several times he believes voter fraud was rampant.
In the 2013 study, 13 percent of the non-citizen Hispanics said they were registered to vote.
According to the Times, James Agresti of Just Facts examined the results, applied it to 2013 U.S. Census data, and concluded that as many as 2.1 million Hispanics could have been illegally registered to vote.
"Contrary to the claims of many media outlets and so-called fact-checkers, this nationally representative scientific poll confirms that a sizable number of non-citizens in the U.S. are registered to vote," Agresti said.
SPECIAL: Cornell Student Discovers The Fastest Way To Lose Weight Learn More It is against the law for non-citizens to register to vote in U.S. elections.
During a lunch with a bipartisan group of senators last week, Trump brought new life to the issue of voter fraud by saying he and former Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte would have won in New Hampshire if not for voters being bused in from out of state.
Some Republican lawmakers agree with Trump that at least some level of voter fraud occurred during the November election, while others aren't on the board with the idea.
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Trump signs bill undoing Obama coal mining rule

The Hill ^ | 02/16/17 | Devin Henry 

President Trump on Thursday signed legislation ending a key Obama administration coal mining rule.   The bill quashes the Office of Surface Mining's Stream Protection Rule, a regulation to protect waterways from coal mining waste that officials finalized in December. The legislation is the second Trump has signed into law ending an Obama-era environmental regulation. On Tuesday, he signed a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution undoing a financial disclosure requirement for energy companies.
Both the mining and financial disclosure bills are the tip of a GOP push to undo a slate of regulations instituted in the closing days of the Obama administration. The House has passed several CRA resolutions, and the Senate has so far sent three of them to President Trump for his signature.
Regulators finalized the stream protection rule in December, but they spent most of Obama’s tenure writing it.
The rule is among the most controversial environment regulations the former administration put together. The coal mining industry said it would be costly to implement and lead to job losses across the sector, which is already suffering from a market-driven downturn in demand for its product.
At the signing, Trump called the regulation "another terrible job killing rule" and said ending it would save "many thousands American jobs, especially in the mines, which, I have been promising you — the mines are a big deal."
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Obama Appointees Preventing Mattis From Rebuilding The Military, Says Armed Services Chair

Daily Caller ^ 

Holdovers from the Obama administration in the Pentagon are hampering efforts to fix the military’s major readiness problem, leaving Secretary of Defense James Mattis alone in his efforts to properly equip U.S. forces, according to the chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services.

“I am concerned that … to fix these problems [it] is going to take a lot more money, and yet a lot of the folks who are coming up with the budget to fix them are the same people who have been fighting every step of the way against our efforts to fix these problems,” said Chairman Mac Thornberry during a Capitol Hill press gaggle Thursday.
Thornberry noted that Mattis is “alone” in his attempts to alleviate the readiness problem at the Pentagon. He added that there are some people, including “political appointees and others from the Obama administration,” who have been “trying to deny there was a problem.”
The Vice Joint Chiefs of Staff warned the armed services committee last week that the lack of military readiness across all branches was putting the military’s capabilities at risk. Their reports revealed, among other substantial problems, only three of 58 Army brigade combat teams are ready for combat, while fewer than half of the Air Force’s aging aircraft fleet is ready to fight.
Thornberry emphasized that Mattis can’t solve the problem by himself, and that the slow process of filling defense roles at the Pentagon is preventing the Trump administration from fulfilling its promise to rebuild the military. He also said the the issue goes beyond budgets, and that the U.S. has a moral obligation to support the troops.

Tom Bevan Warns Media: If Everything About Trump Is A Scandal, Nothing Is!

Real Clear Politics ^ | February 16, 2017 | Tim Hains 

On Fox News Channel's 'Special Report' panel, RCP co-founder Tom Bevan responded to Donald Trump's attack on the media today. "The public doesn't believe you people anymore," Trump said to the White House press corps.
Bevan warned the media that the public is tuning them out because they were in a state of constant outrage. "The problem we're having, to the earlier point about apolocalyptic language, is that if everything is a scandal, nothing is," he explained. "If every cabinet nominee has horns, none of them do. The public is tuning it out."
TOM BEVAN: Media reputation, trust, is at an all-time low, something like 14%, it is worse than Congress. It is terrible. And one of the things that is going on here; Trump supporters don't trust the media --the New York Tmes sent someone out about four weeks ago to Northeastern Iowa to ask them about what was going on, and their response was: 'Nowadays unless I see proof positive, I assume it is a lie.'
And the problem we're having, to the earlier point about apolocalyptic language, is that if everything is a scandal, nothing is. If every cabinet nominee has horns, none of them do. The public is tuning it out, and the media is suffering and they haven't picked that up yet.
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Are We Witnessing the Democratic Party transforming into the Whig Party?

 by Beave Meister

Have the Democrats turned working class middle America against them just like the Whig Party? I know many Trump supporters who are quietly going about their day-to-day business, working 40 - 50 hours a week, paying bills and trying to keep afloat and move their lives forward.

However, they are keenly aware of what is happening on the left. The violent (paid) protest, the stupid pussy hats, the suppression of free speech, and the all around anarchy that has happened in places like Berkeley, CA has not gone unnoticed.

These Trump voters would like nothing better than to send the Democrats/Liberals/Communist to the ash heap of political history.....Like what happened to the Whig Party 163 years ago.

CNN Chief: Antagonism Toward Trump ‘Boosting Morale’ of Network Employees [ CNN runs on Hate ] ^ | 2-16-17 | Warner Hudson 

Despite the slide in ratings and Trump’s characterization of the network as “fake news,” CNN President Jeff Zucker seems proud of his status.

“They wear those insults as a badge of honor, because it means they are doing their jobs,” Zucker said of his employees, according to Politico. “I would say that morale is incredibly high … They are not being intimidated, they are not backing down, they know they have my full support and it is a very exciting time, frankly, to be a journalist at CNN.”

Zucker went on to add that, if anything, his employees are working overtime. “If there is any issue, it is because they are exhausted. The pace has been nonstop, and it has not let up,” he said.
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Fox News' Shepard Smith Goes Off on President Trump: 'We Are Not Fools'

Yahoo! News ^ | February 16, 2017 | Andy Swift, TVLine 

Following President Donald Trump‘s press conference on Thursday, in which he referred to reports of his campaign’s contact with Russia as — you guessed it — “fake news,” Shepard Smith delivered a scathing response.
The Fox News anchor — one of the few voices at the conservative network willing to take Trump to task — began by defending rival CNN reporter Jim Acosta, whose attempts to ask Trump about the recent White House leaks turned into 10 minutes of the president attacking him, as well as the entire news organization.
“He’s an accomplished reporter — a guy I’ve never met, but a good reporter,” Smith said of Acosta. “[Trump was] treating him like … I’m not even going to use the word. I’m not going to give Twitter the love it needs. It’s crazy what we’re watching everyday, it’s absolutely crazy. He keeps repeating ridiculous throwaway lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia, as if we’re some kind of fools for asking the question.”
He continued: “Really? Your opposition was hacked, and the Russians were responsible for it, and your people were on the phone with Russia on the same day it was happening, and we’re fools for asking the questions? No, sir, we are not fools for asking this question, and we demand to know the answer to this question. You owe this to the American people.”(continued)
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Six Trump aides marched out of the White House for FAILING national security background check that asks about drugs, arrests and money woes

White House staff were escorted off the premises by security on Thursday 

  • They failed the standard national security background check expected of anyone whose government job requires a security clearance 
  • One of the unlucky is President Trump's director of scheduling
  • She is the daughter of his Florida campaign director, who was also chief of staff to the governor
  • A White House source says two of the rejected aides were set to work on the National Security Council staff
Six White House staffers were marched out of the building on Thursday after they failed national security background checks.
Politico reported that the unlucky half-dozen included one who was the president's director of scheduling.
Caroline Wiles is also the daughter of Susan Wiles, a former chief of staff to Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the Trump campaign's director in Florida.
Politico reported that Wiles has told friends she will be reassigned to a job in the Treasury Department.
Caroline Wiles, President Trump's director of scheduling, was reportedly escorted form the White House on Thursday after failing her background check
Caroline Wiles, President Trump's director of scheduling, was reportedly escorted form the White House on Thursday after failing her background check
Wiles had been Trump's campaign scheduling chief from July 2016 until his victory. She held the same position on Gov. Scott's 2010 gubernatorial campaign.
It's unknown who the other five dismissed aides are. One White House source told it's common knowledge that two of them were expected to take positions in the National Security Council staff.
Aides in the White House who need security clearances to do their jobs are required to complete a background check based on a lengthy questionnaire known as form SF86
The paperwork is used as a starting point for investigators to probe their finances, criminal records, ties to terrorism and foreign governments, past use of controlled substances, history of alcohol abuse, and other factors that could compromise their ability to serve the president.
Form SF86 includes questions about past abuse of prescription and illicit drugs, ties to terrorist activity and criminal records
Form SF86 includes questions about past abuse of prescription and illicit drugs, ties to terrorist activity and criminal records
It's more than 100 pages long. The FBI can take months to complete an investigation, but a law enforcement source said the typical turnaround time for 'uncomplicated' cases is 4 to 5 weeks.
The White House hasn't commented on the news. The aide who spoke with said the mood in the building was somber as word spread.
'I guess I'm one of the lucky ones,' he said. 'Nobody knows what happened with them. But this is the White House, and the feds make the rules.' 

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McDonald's chains shutter across US in support of 'A Day Without Immigrants' protest

CNBC ^ | February 16, 2017 | Sarah Whitten 

Mom-and-pop shops aren't the only ones closing their doors to support immigrants as part of the "A Day Without Immigrants" protests. Several McDonald's locations have also shuttered for the day.
The nationwide event is a combination of a protest and a strike. It is in response to President Donald Trump's immigration agenda, which has included a pledge to build a wall along the Mexican border and enact a travel ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries.
"The purpose of the protest is to show just how disruptive immigration changes by the government could impact consumers' everyday life," Darren Tristano, president of Technomic, told CNBC. "For McDonald's franchisees and company stores, it is likely best to close the restaurant versus trying to manage the restaurant with an inadequate service staff. Although many customers will see this is an inconvenience, many will understand."
McDonald's first quarter sales could be affected by these closures, as it already faces difficult comparisons with first quarter 2016, which benefited from an extra day on Feb. 29. Same-store sales were up 5.4 percent that quarter, fueled by value deals and all-day breakfast....
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‘Not My President’ children’s books and candy bars, Hollywood’s latest weapon

Bizpac Review ^ | February 16, 2017 | Myra Adams 

Nothing conveys anti-Trump angst better than a “Not My President” candy bar in a VIP gift bag at the Academy Awards!

Let Hollywood keep funding children’s books portraying Trump as Hitler and promoting “Not My President” candy bars while the media mercilessly attacks Trump, and the Soros-funded protests continue. But remember, Americans are increasingly more hopeful under “our president” then they were under “your president.”

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With One Tweet, Chuck Todd Reveals The Truth About The Mainstream Media ^ | February 17, 2017 4:00 am | Jay Caruso 

It’s always the people inside a bubble who think they’re the ones with an outsider’s perspective on things. The mainstream media fits this profile perfectly. The big name press continue to deny there is anything wrong with the way they do things, or the things they choose to do. NBC’s Chuck Todd, for example, is happy to blame Donald Trump for his profession’s problems and abdicate any responsibility. They all are.
Todd sent out this tweet when President Trump was going after the media during his press conference on Thursday:

The lack of self-awareness here is stunning. Gallup has a poll out about the press that asks:
In general, how much trust and confidence do you have in the mass media – such as newspapers, TV, and radio — when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately and fairly — a great deal, a fair amount or none at all?
The current numbers for “great deal/fair amount” currently sit at 32%. In 1976 it was 72%. From 1997 through 2003 it was in the mid 50’s. But since 2007, the numbers have been below a majority each year, and it just keeps getting worse.

This is what Chuck Todd and others like him fail to accept or comprehend: The mainstream media have delegitimized themselves. Republicans and independents watched for eight long years as Todd and others of his ilk did their best to help and support the last administration; not only refusing to hold President Obama to account (the way they are imploring each other to do with Trump) but providing cover for him. The media framed Obama as the reasonable one while Republicans were just “intransigent” jerks who didn’t want Obama to succeed. They packaged and delivered his preferred message every night and all day on the cable channels.
As for Trump, for all of their bellyaching over his habitually manhandling them or his refusal to call on them during press conferences, they utterly fail to consider that may they shouldn’t have tried to game the system to force Trump on Republicans because they thought it would help Hillary.
During the GOP primary people like Chuck Todd were happy to allow Trump to call into Sunday talk shows. They’d cover his rallies, ofte in their entirety, happily showing Trump’s plane landing at whatever designated spot he was going to speak. The figure given is Trump was given about $2 billion in free advertising. Billion, with a B. It was only when Trump got the nomination that the media realized, “Oh crap. Look what we’ve done!” Suddenly, speaking truth to power was important, again. The press called upon each other to be diligent with the Trump administration.
Journalism is back! If rusty.
And back from what, exactly?
Why would the media have to come back? Making the statement is an admission of guilt they’ve been doing it wrong (and they still are). It’s true. And they know it. But they’re standing there with their hands over their ears, screaming, “LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA!” pretending as though it hasn’t happened.
People like Todd have become so convinced of their importance; they forget what is they’re supposed to do. Reporters and news anchors have the duty to report the news. They need to gather the info, check facts, ask questions and then provide the information to the public who digest and make decisions based upon what they have seen or read.
Chuck Todd’s tweet is indicative of the condition he and other journalists suffer. They are no longer content to report. They believe it is their mission to tell people what to think.
Chuck Todd is not the arbiter of what is or what is not, un-American. That’s not for him to decide but he apparently thinks otherwise. He followed up that with another:___________________________________________________

See? Again, Todd is telling people what to think. This is not his role. He has not been appointed by anybody to make these calls, but this is how journalists behave. I wrote yesterday about members of the mainstream press, unable to withhold their contempt for Katie Pavlich and Townhall as well as the Christian Broadcasting Network. Donald Trump had the audacity to pick those people over “real” journalists.
As long as Chuck Todd, Katy Tur, Glenn Thrush, and others continue to behave not as reporters, but self-appointed seers of the political world who have final authority on who asks questions and what is “un-American” then they can continue to go down with the ship in a sea of sunken ratings.

Kudos to President Trump for calling out fake news!

Boston Herald ^ | February 17, 2017 | By Howie Carr 

Donald Trump is right — the alt-left fake news media are out of control.
“The press has become so dishonest,” he said today, “that if we don’t talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people.”
The pampered pukes have been lying for a long time — just ask the New England Patriots about their “BITTER END.” But this week’s deluge of fake news has just been totally over the top. Trump singled out Wednesday’s New York Times page-one story about the “repeated contacts” of Trump campaign aides with Russians.
That, he said, was “fake news.” And then there was yesterday’s Wall Street Journal front-page non-story, “Spies Keep Intelligence from Trump.”
“Almost as disgraceful,” the president said.
Let’s start with the Times story, which was a rehash of a story last month which was itself a rehash of a story in October.
Third paragraph: “The officials interviewed in recent weeks said that, so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.”
So Obama’s stooges were tapping the phones of Trump aides during the campaign — imagine Nixon doing that to McGovern! But they turned up nothing. “So far.” I like that, “so far.”
But wait, the FBI is “sifting through … troves of previous intercepted communications.”
Any conversations about Trump? “It is also unclear. . ."
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The Left's Once Mighty Echo Chamber Is Losing Power

American Thinker ^ | February 17, 2017 | David Prentice 

The left and its echo chamber are convinced they are taking out Trump. It's their "narrative" and they actually believe their own PR. They don’t see how they have driven themselves over the edge of reason and can no longer convince others. The only people they have convinced are themselves -- of their own righteousness. And they actually believe they have succeeded.
This echo chamber once held great power. They used to be able to form "narratives," ( activist storylines to decide and interpret news), persuade the powerful, and terrorize the right. They could make most Republicans quake just by pulling out the race card or the half dozen other narrative cards they have used for so long. The chamber was constructed over decades. Leftist educators and pols used this Alinskyite playbook to ascend to power, and damn, they were good at using it. One of their pols, or media stars would say something, often perfectly false, and voila! the media, and their fellow Democratic Party pols would echo it and repeat it so much, it would literally become true in the minds of the majority of the public. The ideas that Republicans were racist, or against science, or had brazenly ruined the environment, are great examples of what they accomplished.
Now, the echo chamber is losing its power. The tricks the left used to nominate and elect a man who literally had no business running for any office -- that's President Obama, who had no qualifications for the office - no longer work. These same tricks were used to try to elect Hillary, they even doubled and tripled their usage of the echo chamber. Yet Trump is now president instead of Clinton
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Leaky John Brennan

american spectator ^ | GEORGE NEUMAYR 

Nested within intelligence agencies, they have fed a series of criminal leaks to a press corps that functions like an anti-Trump dirty tricks operation.
Donald Trump has publicly speculated that former CIA director John Brennan is one of the criminal leakers. In January, he tweeted out, “Was this the leaker of Fake News?” Trump has now charged the Justice Department with investigating “low-life leakers” in the government.
Former CIA analyst Tony Shaffer also suspects Brennan as one of the leakers. He said on Fox Business Network that the leaks which forced Michael Flynn out can be laid “squarely at the feet of” Brennan, among other embittered Obama aides.
What we know is that intelligence agencies taped Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador, and we know that the contents of the call were leaked to the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, who is a de facto stenographer for political liberals at the CIA. We also know that Brennan has made no secret of his opposition to Trump and Flynn. By opposing Brennan’s overtures to the Muslim Brotherhood and his refusal to grapple with the spread of Islamic terrorism, Flynn became enemy number one in the eyes of Obama holdovers at the CIA.
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[2012 FLASHBACK] What If Oil and Natural Gas Are Renewable Resources?

American Thinker ^ | March 18, 2012 | Greg Lewis 

President Barack Obama and his green energy confederates are determined to scare the public about a declining supply of "fossil fuels." If we accept the idea that oil is produced by the conversion of organic matter -- from plants to dinosaurs -- under extreme pressure, we must also accept the idea that there is a limited supply of oil and that we've got to do everything we can to find a replacement for fossil fuels before we run out.
The evidence is mounting that not only do we have more than a century's worth of recoverable oil in the United States alone (even if there is a limit to the earth's oil supply), but that we also actually have a limitless supply of Texas tea because oil is in fact a renewable resource that is being constantly created deep under the earth's surface and which rises upward, where microscopic organisms that thrive in the intense pressure and heat miles below us interact with and alter it.
In other words, we have an unending supply of oil, some of which is constantly migrating upward from the depths at which it is created to refill existing oil deposits, and much more of which remains far below the surface. This oil can be recovered using existing technology.
Scientist Thomas Gold presents the decades-old theory of "abiotic" oil-creation, which supports these facts, in his book, The Deep Hot Biosphere.... 
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Lawmakers, After Meeting With ICE, Say All Undocumented Immigrants at Risk of Deportation

NBC ^ | 2/16/2017 

Members of Congress expressed alarm that all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are at risk of deportation. They said this was made clear to them in a meeting Thursday with a top Immigration and Customs Enforcement official.
There are approximately 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S.
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Michelle Lujan Grisham said that she and other lawmakers left a meeting with ICE Acting Director Tom Homan with a sense that with changes ordered by President Donald Trump through his executive orders, "all immigrant communities are at risk."
Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif., said in a statement that, "in effect, every undocumented person in America is now vulnerable to arrest and removal as a result of the president's orders."
Jennifer Elzea, an ICE spokeswoman, said in a statement that Homan emphasized in the meeting that ICE "does not conduct arrests indiscriminately" or use checkpoints. Instead, officers target preidentified individuals for arrest at specific locations based on law enforcement leads."
But he also said that when officers encounter individuals in the U.S. in violation of federal immigration laws, they make arrests. "Every arrest is made on a case by case basis," Elzea said.
Rep. Linda Sanchez, a vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus, said that "they said we can and should expect many more arrests and removals this year."
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The Russian Conspiracy Theory Boils Over

Canada Free Press ^ | 02/17/17 | Matthew Vadum 

The Left camouflages a “rolling coup attempt” as a righteous national security push.

The so-called scandal involving former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn is 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Iran-Contra, Watergate, proof of presidential fascism, a cynical money-making scheme, and a pro-Russian spy thriller all rolled into one, according to the increasingly deranged rants of howling left-wingers and their truth-adverse confederates in the mainstream media.

Despite this relentless barrage of fake news and smears, President Donald Trump pushed back against the orchestrated campaign against him yesterday at what is sure to go down in history as The Best Presidential Press Conference of All Time as he gave the mainstream media the beat-down it deserves. (See transcript.)







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