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Hillary Said Not Accepting Election Results Was ‘Direct Threat To Democracy’

American Lookout ^ | November 26, 2016 | John Binder 

Hillary Clinton should probably tell her supporters and butt-hurt liberals what she said on the presidential campaign trail when she was railing against President-Elect Donald Trump.

Remember a couple months ago, Hillary attacked Trump for failing to say whether or not he would accept the election results, by claiming it was a “direct threat” to America and to democracy.

Except, now it’s Hillary’s supporters who won’t accept the election results.
Take a look:
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What happened to the October Surprise that was destined to finish the Trump Campaign?

The Coach's Team ^ | 11/26/16 | Doug Book 

Did anyone else notice the absence of an election-changing October surprise registered by the Clinton Campaign (or surrogates) against Donald Trump?
I don’t know about you, but I was a little concerned going into the last month of the election, having read claims by any number of self-described, former Trump “associates” who suggested they were in possession of THE damning audio/video which would effectively end the billionaire’s campaign. Not that Donald Trump is an evil guy, but it stands to reason that an individual so consistently in the public eye might have done or said something he would not want carried on page one of the New York Times. I’ve never committed murder but neither have I led a completely blameless life. How many of us have?
And one thing is certain—if Mr. Trump had at any time committed the slightest offense, the gravity of that behavior would have been magnified one hundred fold as the particulars were broadcast endlessly from coast to coast.
Yet the only organized assault against Trump consisted of the publication of some crude, locker room language from years ago. (The women who swore they had been sexually assaulted by Trump turned out to be paid operatives of the far left.)
Isn’t it extraordinary that political enemies who accused Donald Trump of racism, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia and anti-semitism were unable to produce—or it seems, even manufacture—the evidence necessary to support their claims?
Hundreds—perhaps thousands—of the best diggers of political dirt in the world were unable to discredit a 70 year old man who has spent the majority of his life in the public eye!
A pretty remarkable individual, our next president.

The Left’s Dead End

American Thinker ^ | November 26, 2016 | Andrew Solomon 

The Left has no alternatives anymore. When you buy a bag of hammers, it's just that, a bag of hammers with an occasional sickle thrown in.

The only reason chemotherapy is prescribed is because the oncologist still believes there is enough fight in the body to overcome the cancer. However, when the entire body has been taken over, there is little use for any further attempts in using the lethal medicine. It's over because there is more of the bad than the good.
So when the Left summons up the phrase Alt-Right perhaps we should take it as a compliment. They are at least admitting that the majority of the right is good, salvageable and moral. It's just that small percentage of whack jobs attached to the rest. A little chemo and voila!
But unfortunately the Left has no such luxury. The entirety of the Leftwing Movement has become a form of medium strength tyranny. They are no longer soft because they are rioting up in the streets, murdering police, blocking traffic and destroying private property. They are not yet hard because they haven't completely metastasized into the tumorous archipelago of gulag-building yet.
They are still somewhat loosely organized even though they do have the traditional media, colleges, entertainment and slightly less than half of the government on their side. But understand, if Hillary Clinton had won, those scales would have tipped radically the other way with an imperialist invasion of the courts.
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Why Did Obama Shut Down a Successful Aerial Surveillance Program along the U.S.-Mexican Border?

Frontpage ^ | November 25, 2016 | Ari Lieberman 

Obama is trying to make Trump's job more difficult!

President-elect Donald Trump has made the construction of physical barriers along the border with Mexico, immigration reform and the dissolution of sanctuary cities the cornerstone of his campaign but it appears that in its twilight weeks of office, the Obama administration is intent on making that lofty goal as difficult as possible. According to the government oversight group, the Department of Homeland Security has recently and inexplicably shut down Operation Phalanx, an aerial surveillance program established in 2010 which aimed to interdict drug trafficking and illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexican border.   Phalanx authorized the allocation of 1,200 soldiers and airmen from the U.S. Army’s National Guard to assist U.S. customs and border patrol agents along the border. The program also employed advanced UH-72 helicopters to supplement other aerial surveillance platforms.
"Operation Phalanx may have been too successful for the administration’s tastes. According to, in the Laredo sector alone, “Operation Phalanx accounted for 10,559 apprehensions and 4,007 ‘turnbacks’ from March 2012 to December 2015. Phalanx was credited with seizing 12,851 pounds of narcotics during the period.”"One of the few successful programs in the corrupt and dysfunctional Obama administration is shut down by Obama.
Obama wants no apprehension of illegals or seizure of drugs along the border.

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Why the GOP is now officially a Trump working class party!

The American Spectator ^ | Stephen Moore 

I stirred up some controversy last week, when I told a conference of several dozen House Republicans that the GOP is now officially a Trump working class party. For better or worse, I said at the gathering inside the Capitol Dome the baton has now officially been passed from the Reagan era to the new Trump era. The members didn’t quite faint over my apostasy, but the shock was palpable.

I emphasized that Republicans must prioritize delivering jobs and economic development to the regions of the country like the industrial Midwest — states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. These are places that, for the most part, never felt the meager Obama recovery and where blue-collar Reagan Democrats took a leap of faith and came back to the Republican Party for the first time since 1984. The GOP will be judged in 2018 and 2020 as to whether it delivers results for this part of the country and for the forgotten middle-class men and women (“the deplorables”) who Democrats abandoned economically and culturally. This is all simply a political truism.
What caught the ire of some of my conservative friends was my statement that “just as Reagan converted the GOP into a conservative party, with his victory this year, Trump has converted the GOP into a populist America First party.”
One friend lamented that I must have been drunk when I said this.
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Bannon rising (This is great) ^ | Tuesday, November 22, 2016 | Emmett Tyrrell 

History is not standing still. It did not stop with the Clinton era, which is now finally over. At least history did not stop for America. America is moving along and at a rapid pace.

For the Clintonistas and their millennial acolytes, however, I guess America did stop. In fact, it froze, locked into an eternal 1968, forever reliving all the demonstrations, the sit-ins and the sobbing, heaving hubbub of yesteryear. Yet America goes on riding the currents of history, and those currents are moving rapidly.

As for the Clintons themselves, they have been stopped dead in their tracks. There was Hillary’s meltdown on the evening of Nov. 8. She reverted to the form that all of us who have covered her for years have been reporting. She screamed, shouted some very unladylike epithets, threw some objects at her servitors’ heads, and availed herself to more adult beverages than was prudent. All the old scandals, improprieties and breaches of the law had finally caught up with her. She was captured by her past and is not likely to escape that past. Now she is scrambling to get a presidential pardon before Congress and various prosecutors move in. If President Obama does not grant her a pardon, history will truly stand still for the Clintons and their sidekicks for years.
Yet, as I say, for the rest of us history proceeds at a swift clip. One of history’s new players is Stephen K. Bannon. He has been a naval officer, a principal at Goldman Sachs, a media entrepreneur and the brains behind Breitbart news. Now he is senior counselor to President-elect Donald Trump. He also represents one of history’s latest editions, a new outreach for conservatism. Mr. Bannon was a Reagan Democrat, now he is a Trump Republican.
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Make America Great Again or Make America More Like Cuba

Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 11-26-2016 | MOTUS 

Is it bad form to dance in the streets and celebrate when an old Commie leader bites it?
celebrating castro death
I vote no:
JS114628975_EPA_Cubans-celebrate-Cuban-former-President-Fidel-Castro27s-death-large_trans  ZgEkZX3M936N5BQK4Va8RQJ6Ra64K3tAxfZq0dvIBJw
Not when the deceased is a ruthless murderer who single-handedly destroyed a beautiful island country, enslaved its people, ruined it’s economy, and imprisoned thousands of sweet vintage rides.
cuba car2
I note that just yesterday there was a bit of discussion regarding America’s dis-information media that your government doesn’t want you to participate in. How ironic that one of the world’s most pre-eminent ministers of mis-dis-information dropped dead last night.
Indeed Fidel Castro has been implementing the Progressive economic re-development plan since 1957:
cuban sugar mills
Cuba: practicing the Detroit model of urban development since 1957!
As I pointed out years ago in JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Fidel Castro was a former winner of the “Most Dubious Caribbean Island Economic Recovery” award. It was bestowed for his exemplary work in establishing “Promise Zones” to provide “aid in cutting through red tape to get access to existing resources.” Here are some of the results of his program:
havana has solved the traffic congestion problem 
Promise Zone 1: helping entrepreneurs set up food carts in downtown Havana
havana cuba urban farm
Promise Zone 2: helping urban gardeners grow food in Havana - Are you paying attention, Detroit?
Promise Zone 3: avoiding First World traffic congestion by outlawing any vehicle made after 1959
As I pointed out at the time, America was nipping at Cuba’s heels: “with 92 million [edit: 93 million now!] people out of the labor participation pool, nearly a third of all Americans are now unproductive! That means we may well be on the way to becoming a ‘One-Third’ World Country too!
It might be useful for the snowflakes, who will no doubt be mourning the death of one of their last remaining idols, to be reminded what life under a benevolent Communist dictator looks like. The realities are not quite as romantic as the fantasy. If they, like Barack Obama, consider our Constitution to be a charter of negative liberties I wonder how they would describe Cuba’s actual charter of negative liberties. Here are just a few of the many negative liberties Cubans endure enjoy:
Cubans are not allowed to access the Internet from their homes or on their cellphones.
No cable TV.
No public demonstrations allowed. (What?! No drum circles? No window breaking and police car incinerations?)
Can’t live in Havana (without a permit). (Don’t worry, if you can’t demonstrate anyway why bother moving to Portland?)
No Political Parties allowed (except the Partido Comunista de Cuba)
No inviting a foreigner to spend the night without a permit. (What?! No sanctuary cities!? No sanctuary college campuses!?!)
Selling lobster and shrimps is not allowed. (What?! No free enterprise in this Communist paradise!!!!)
Imagine the tears the snowflakes will shed should they ever wake up to find out that this was their lot in life. That might even be worse than discovering that their candidate – who they meant to vote for if only they had remembered what day the election was – lost. You might think they’d be very grateful that their president-elect is somebody who wants to Make America Great Again instead of someone who wants to Make America More Like Cuba.
Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald J. Trump doesn’t even make Cuba great again too. In his spare time.
Yes, I think this would look nice in Havana.
Posted from: Michelle Obama’s Mirror

Obamacare insurers stiffed again by feds

The Washington Examiner ^ | November 23, 2016 | Robert King 

Obamacare insurers will not receive any payments for the 2015 coverage year from a federal program designed to help them ease losses.

Insurers are asking for about $5.8 billion from the federal government for 2015 in Obamacare's risk corridor program, according to an estimate from Brian Blase of the right-leaning think tank Mercatus Center. However, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said last week that all payments would go toward paying off the money owed the insurers for 2014.
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Canada Free Press ^ | 11/26/16 | Jeffrey A. Friedberg 

Ignore them and watch their ratings evaporate. Defund them by not buying what they sell. And don’t believe a word they say. If this is bigotry, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, or red-necked ignorance—then I say, make the most of it!

SWARM:   “a very large number of insects moving together.”

Just like Wolf, Shep, Rachel, Jake, Chuck, and others in the Hate Stream Media, insects are not known for their brains or sentimentality. There is nothing less voracious, unfeeling, or machine-like than an insect or “mainstream” news liar.

With the advent of “social media,” instant mass communication, flash-mobs, and group-think—for the first time in human history—vast, violent, and aggressive hate legions can aggregate, swarm, and have the same exact lust, thoughts, or no thoughts.

Despondent Lefties Call for Trump-Hillary Recount

PoliZette ^ | 25 Nov 2016 | Jim Stinson 

Democrats, media indulge in conspiracy theories about GOP electioneering.

There is something about President-Elect Donald Trump bringing out the hypocrisy in his opponents.

He’s good at it.

Before the election, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pressed Trump on accepting the election results. Trump was coy, never suggesting he would accept defeat. This angered many Democrats and liberals, who were sure Trump was headed to a certain and bone-crushing defeat.

Clinton supporters demanded Trump accept this coming defeat, ostensibly to help make Clinton a more legitimate president in the eyes of the public. They also sneered at Trump’s suggestion that there is election fraud.

Defeat didn’t arrive for Trump on Nov. 8. Now the Left is calling for an audit. And they want this audit only in states that could throw the election back to Clinton.
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Hillary Clinton Decides to Undermine Democracy With Jill Stein

American Spectator ^ | November 26, 2016 | MELISSA MACKENZIE 

Today, Hillary Clinton announced that she would join Jill Stein’s challenge of the Wisconsin vote count.
Marc Elias, counsel to Hillary Clinton wrote this:
Beyond the post-election audit, Green Party candidate Jill Stein announced Friday that she will exercise her right as a candidate to pursue a recount in the state of Wisconsin. She has indicated plans to also seek recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.
Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides. If Jill Stein follows through as she has promised and pursues recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, we will take the same approach in those states as well. We do so fully aware that the number of votes separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the closest of these states:Michigan well exceeds the largest margin ever overcome in a recount. But regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is important, on principle, to ensure our campaign is legally represented in any court proceedings and represented on the ground in order to monitor the recount process itself.
So much for the fear of undermining the democratic process.
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No, white cops are not more likely to shoot black suspects!

Hot Air ^ | NOVEMBER 21, 2016 | JAZZ SHAW 

Here are just a few of the more revealing findings:

There is some evidence that black officers are more likely than white officers to shoot black suspects, but there is no evidence that the reverse is true.
This was something of a wildly unexpected data point. I can’t even fathom a guess as to what might account for this, but the actual difference in the number of cases is small enough that it may just be an expected statistical aberration. What’s more revealing here is the amount of work that John had to do to assemble these numbers. The reason is that the media is very quick to point out when an officer is white if a black suspect is shot, but it’s rarely mentioned if the officer is black. The team had to go and dig up department photos in many cases to ascertain the race of the officers involved. Similarly, when a white suspect is killed in a lethal force encounter, race is also rarely mentioned if the incident receives any media attention at all. (Another oddity, since the majority of suspects killed by the police are still white.)
The more police officers who are on the scene, the less likely that a shooting will occur. This could be because criminals are less likely to attack police when more police are present.
Their initial guess here sounds about right, but additional factors may be in play while being impossible to quantify. Yes, even an armed suspect may hesitate to engage in a gun battle when he’s outnumbered by a significant margin as opposed to a situation where he feels he may be able to take down one or two cops and have a chance of escaping. . . .
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What is to be done with Hillary Clinton and her crew?

  Indications are that President-Elect Trump is inclined to forgive her transgressions.  As expected, there is already substantial pushback from conservatives.  Thus, the story is still to be told.
All the evidence, thus far, is that Hillary has committed grave offenses with respect to national security.  Her lieutenants appear just as guilty of criminal acts. 
Moreover, while the president can pardon, he must not interfere with on-going Justice Department criminal investigations.  Neither may he interfere with congressional investigations and findings.  Regardless of President-Elect Trump's inclinations, the matter will likely remain unresolved for some time to come.
Let us explore this issue.  I propose a solution that should be satisfying to all.
Hillary, and her associates abused classified documents.  These range from the lowest level of Confidential to the highest level of Top Secret - Special Access Program.  In between are Secret and Top Secret.  It is important to recognize that these documents were removed, without authorization and without secure protection, from secure facilities.  Such removal is itself a crime.  An even greater crime is replicating and exposing Special Access information.  Replicating, or exposing, Special Access documents is espionage! 
Confidential documents usually do not contain information of great significance.  On the other hand, Secret, Top Secret, and especially Special Access documents could cause immediate, and irreparable, harm to America if their contents were to be discovered by adversaries.  Lives may depend on the security of these documents.  Sources of critical intelligence would likely dry up.  Even worse may happen.
Most of Hillary's hundreds of classified emails were marked (or unmarked) Confidential.  There apparently were only a scattering of higher-level documents, including Special Access.  So what?  What great harm would come from these documents?
Let us now enter the realm of speculation.  I hesitate to tread here because this is an area outside my expertise.  Nonetheless, let us engage in a "what-if."
Classified documents, at all classification levels, might become effective cribs for cracking our secure communication encryption systems.  The more cribs, the easier it is to break a crypto system.  If that were to happen, then the government's secure communication system would be broken and would need very expensive replacement.  If this speculation is correct, Hillary may be guilty of one of the great crimes of American history.
We don't know that this is the case.  It is very likely we will never find out, because this is a super-sensitive security issue.  Political calculation, as much as anything, will determine what happens next. 
The new President Trump should allow the justice system to work, for there is a solution that could increase his stature while affirming his conservative credentials.  The Justice Department should appoint an independent counsel to conduct a wide-ranging investigation of Hillary's activities.  Congress can do likewise.
In order to neutralize liberal attacks on the investigation, the independent counsel should be a well known liberal of impeccable honor, integrity, and patriotism.  He should be bulldog tenacious.  And he should be brilliant.  My choice would be Alan Dershowitz.
Let us assume that the independent counsel provides ample evidence of Hillary's criminal negligence, and other criminal activities, so that a trial would inevitably lead to conviction – conviction not only of Hillary, but also of many of those around her.  The president should pardon Hillary before trial – but fully release all unclassified information about her activities.  This pardon would be, in part, to protect possible encryption secrets and, in part, to relieve political tensions. 
To prison would go everyone else who had a part in her illegal activities – particularly those who actively engaged in the espionage.  These convictions would send a message to anyone, in the future, whose ambition inclines him to follow a scoundrel.
Any good leader protects his followers and shares their fate.  For a leader to abandon his followers to their doom is just about the most disgraceful act imaginable.  This would be one consequence of a presidential pardon, but the conviction of Hillary's followers.  The pardoned leader is condemned to slink away into personal obscurity.  But the disgrace lives on.
As for future followers?  Such would be well advised by this dénouement to stand well clear of leaders of dubious integrity and lack of honor.  Such leaders are dangerous to be around.  The lesson is an old one, but it must be periodically retaught.
This result would be politically devastating to the far left and would provide an exemplary lesson for all who are politically ambitious.  At last the mess would be behind us.  Best of all, the rule of law would be restored.

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Tensions rise at CNN as the network aims for Trump

Washington Examiner ^ | 11/25/16 | Eddie Scarry 

CNN is taking an increasingly negative approach toward its coverage of President-elect Trump, causing at least some tension wiLike any credible news outlet, CNN is expected to scrutinize Trump and his incoming administration. But some inside the network have pointed to recent examples of what they considered to be an excessively hostile stance toward the Republican and his supporters
CNN is taking an increasingly negative approach toward its coverage of President-elect Trump, causing at least some tension within the network, inside sources told the Washington Examiner.
Trump, according to a New York Post story, told the network he wasn't happy with their coverage during an off-the-record meeting at his headquarters in Trump Tower this week. Trump critiqued the news media at large during the meeting, but CNN was one of the top targets, according to the Post's report.
Though Trump's team has said the meeting wasn't as tense as the Post's report, two high-level sources at CNN confirmed that their network was a primary target of the president-elect.
"CNN has always pledged to hold Trump accountable and that's what we should be doing," another source told the Examiner. "Since the election, CNN has out MSNBCed MSNBC," the source said, referring to the liberal slant at CNN's competitor. "In the long term, that's a dangerous place to be." thin the network, inside sources told the Washington Examiner. ... "CNN has always pledged to hold Trump accountable and that's what we should be doing," another source told the Examiner. "Since the election, CNN has out MSNBCed MSNBC," the source said, referring to the liberal slant at CNN's competitor. "In the long term, that's a dangerous place to be."
Like any credible news outlet, CNN is expected to scrutinize Trump and his incoming administration. But some inside the network have pointed to recent examples of what they considered to be an excessively hostile stance toward the Republican and his supporters.
During an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday, Trump was asked about his supporters in the so-called "alt-right," a loosely defined nationalist movement in which there is some support for the white supremacy movement.
"I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn," Trump told the Times during the meeting. He also said he did not want to "energize" them.
But on Tuesday, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer why Trump hasn't disavowed them "more dramatically."
In addition, some of the on-air exchanges with paid CNN contributors who support Trump have left some personnel there feeling uncomfortable.

George Soros’ War on America: Time to Prosecute the Billionaire's Global Crime Spree

The New American ^ | 20 November 2016 | William F. Jasper 

“Not My President! Not My President!” Day after day, in cities from coast to coast, the chanting mobs of rioters have illegally blocked streets and freeways, set fires, thrown Molotov cocktails, injured police officers, destroyed property, and defaced public buildings with graffiti. Portland, Oregon, a bastion of “progressive” Democrats, has been the epicenter of much of the violent action aimed at president-elect Donald Trump. Of course, as we have previously reported, not only did most of the Portland rioters who were arrested fail to register to vote, a large percentage of them appear to be professional, paid protesters.
Many of them, no doubt, were hired in response to the advertisements for paid anti-Trump protesters that appeared on Craigslist and other media in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, New York, and elsewhere. Many of these “spontaneous” protests/riots would not have occurred without organized efforts involving hundreds of busses transporting thousands of protesters/rioters, many of whom appear to have travelled across state lines.
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